You Got a Problem with My Pregnancy?!

I’m married.  I’m employed.  And I’m pregnant.  I consider myself pretty fortunate to have a husband to help me, and a job to assist us financially, but let me tell you, I’m one of the lucky ones.   ...more

Pregnancy Dreams

Erikka has been having weird dreams, she says, every night since she became pregnant....complete with night sweats and everything.  Most of the time she can't remember the dreams to relay to me, which I think is typical.  But I would love to hear what's going on in her slumbering brain sometimes, especially with the noises that she makes while she's dreaming! ...more

Good for you for looking at other options. I know you'll find what you're both comfortable with.more

Breastfeeding is Easy, Right?

Umm whoever says breastfeeding is easy has no idea what they are talking about. One of my goals is to exclusively breastfeed my doll baby for at least six months. While I took a breastfeeding class prior to her birth I had no idea just how hard it would be during her first weeks....more

Been there done that... twice. It is not as easy as one would think. You might find the story ...more

Want to Go to Paris? Don't Have a Kid.

Commericials are so ridiculous in general that the one I saw last night hardly even bears mention, but it stuck with me, not only for it's blatant exclusionary tactics (which, in a commercial, where your audience is women, and a large percentage of that audience, would, by nature of things, have children, can't be a particularly clever thing to do), but also for its sheer length.So, after my babies were tucked away in their beds, most definitely not sleeping, laughter and shouts erupting from the room every few minutes, and every few minutes more, a plantiff plea: "Mommy?  Mooo...more

Supermom: A story of post-partum depression

I thought I could be a supermom.  When I envisioned my post pregnancy life I envisioned myself doing it all...taking care of baby, cloth diapering, laundry put away, house clean, breastfeeding, exercising, babywearing, hair & make up did, smile on my face.  Yes, my vision was basically that of a 1950's housewife except without the high heels, dress, and apron (okay, an apron might be cool, but the dress and heels might be pushing it).  What I didn't envision was the overwhelming feelings of failure that I would have when I couldn't do it all.  My labor and de...more

I've been where you are. You have all these expectations of parenting, and then you become so ...more

A Life in Motion

I first wrote this post as part of a stream of consciousness exercise. The response I received inspired me to share it on a bigger platform. Thank you for reading. At 5am, as I hear the cats doing whatever annoying thing they do and then feel the Dude in my belly roll and kick I’m made mindful of the fact that life is about motion.Did I meet my husband the dance floor? No, but on our first date (at a bar where there may have dancing) when his hand touched my lower back I felt this energy race up and down my spine.  Love followed....more

The Club That No One Wants To Join

I have found myself a part of a very exclusive club. It's a secret club that you only find out about once you're invited to join. The price of membership is very high and there are no refunds. Once you become a member, you are a member for life. No matter where you go or what you do, you will always belong to this club. It is an all-inclusive group of men and women from around the world. This club does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. It is one of the most diverse clubs around. Equal opportunity reigns free here. ...more

You write movingly and I am very sorry for your loss. You point out the importance of grieving ...more

finding my time for sanity

I'm beginning to feel a little better over here, hunkered down at home. I made a point to shower and get dressed yesterday; the last couple of weeks have seen me mainly in sweats, rarely freshly showered. I've spent every free (and not so free) moment working and am beginning to feel a little more on top of things in that department.  ...more


The numbers are ugly, if not hideous. I wake up every morning and dredge into the bathroom and peer down at that glowing blue screen....more

Ahhh! You made me tear up. :)more

Being the Support Staff

It is so odd to be going through this whole process and experience on this side of the coin.  I mean, I've had two babies and remember all too well all of the ins and outs of pregnancy - but this is wild!  I'm getting something that a great deal of women will never experience.  I'm getting a glimpse of what it must be like for men who are in the role of expectant father!  I think the only difference is that because I AM a woman, with the same hormones as my lovely, expectant wife, I have been experiencing many of the same symptoms as her!  Sympathetic or PMS, I don'...more

Surreal indeed. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes!more