Schrodinger's Pregnancy

In the last seven months, I've discovered something that millions of other women already know about. The two week wait between ovulation and your period's due date absolutely suck when you're trying to get pregnant. ...more

Blessings in Disguise

We know the quote from St. Paul that assures us that everything works out for the good for those who trust in God from the book of Romans....more

Baby Showers for Twins

You just found out that you are pregnant. You go into your doctor’s office to see the ultrasound and realize something: there is not just one heartbeat on the monitor or even just one body; there are two! You are expecting twins, but you do not know the genders yet, and all the excitement floods over you as you go through and tell the family that it is expecting two little ones in the world.Here are three suggestions for what to remember to have at your twins’ baby shower!...more

Postpartum depression is badly named

I am one of those women who tells mothers-to-be about about all the wonderful things to look forward to in their pregnancies. You won't hear any horror stories from me about childbirth. Funny? Yes. Mundane? Sure. But not scary. (There's no need to scare pregnant women, people, they have enough worries/fears already zipping through their heads.)But there is one area where I am always serious. And that is about postpartum depression. This is because most people don't understand what it really is....more

On Photographing My Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with DS (now 3), I took a similar pictures of my belly in the same outfit every week to capture the progression of the belly. Here is a sampling:I really loved this project, but decided I would do a better job of it if I did it again. I thought it would be cool to be able to put together something like this:...more

Tick tock!

Well friends, we are about a week away from sweet Charlie's arrival and CANNOT WAIT! Everything seems ready and we are praying for a safe delivery/arrival with no surprises :) We have been so blessed by our friends and family who have provided for and prayed for every single one of our needs. Below are some pictures from family gatherings and showers that document our preparation for Charlie. Enjoy!    ...more

the good, the weird and the rude: 7 things people do to you when you're pregnant.

in my limited experience as a pregnant person, i've started to notice some recurring patterns in the things people do to me since i started growing a person inside of me. and naturally, i started to realize how hysterical some of them were (at least to me, they might not be funny to you at all, now that i think about it)....more

The fear of the unknown.

Suddenly, I was very nervous.  I wanted to laugh at myself but my gut instinct told me to listen. I had never needed any medical tests before.  I was extremely healthy.  This ultrasound was my first ever.  As was this pregnancy.  ...more
melanie jean juneau The Prose monster has been addressed! ;)more

Due with #2?

 Do you have a toddler at home and are expecting #2?  Congrats!  Having 2 is amazing!  No denying its a lot of work, but so much fun!  My son was 9 days shy o...more