Watch a Home Birth -- Live!

Talina of Harvest of Daily Life (@TalinaN on twitter) is a member of our BlogHer Network and she is currently live-streaming her home birth. That's right! Labor has officially started and Talina notified her followers that they were turning on their live video in their bedroom. Be sure to click through to watch the miracle of life take place. Right now they're just folding laundry and dealing with contractions, but soon there will be a baby. Baby! SQUEE!...more
Just to update, if you missed the live streaming event the full recording is up now for viewing ...more

I Regret Not Spending More Time with My Son

I wept openly as I read through the regrets Crystal is sorting through since the stillbirth of her son Calvin. It's not an easy read by any stretch, but it's one that I hope all moms who are facing the death of a baby get to read before they say goodbye. Calvin's story is also a hard read, but shares information about Amniotic Band Syndrome. If you've lost a child to stillbirth, did you take those pictures or spend time with your little one? ...more

I have the same regret. And a laundry list more. Losing a child is just about the worst pain one ...more

"When's the Baby Due?" It's Not: The Gestation Accusation

I never, ever ask anyone if they're pregnant. Not even the lady breathing heavily in the corner, cursing her husband for "doing this to her." I've endured a "gestation accusation" like Jen of Maybe If You Just Relax, and I never want to make someone else feel that way. That said, Jen handled it much better than I did, that's for certain. Have you ever endured a gestation accusation?...more

This has happened to me. I'm not obese but could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. Tried on ...more

Would It Bother You to See Dead Baby Pictures on My Wall?

The death of a baby is a sad, life-changing event. No question there. However, Ashley at A Ruby Family was recently asked why she still hangs up photos of her son Nolan, two years after he died. Her post addresses the question and is a good look at how mothers of child loss deal with grief. ...more
I say yes -- hang pictures of sweet Nolan on your wall for as long as you want to.  My first ...more

Loving Those Stretchmarks -- and Yourself

I only had a few stretchmarks after my first pregnancy. The pregnancies that followed made their own maps upon my belly, and as Hillary at The Sassy One said, upon my soul. Her post talks about her various thoughts about those marks and scars... and might just be what an expectant mom finding her first stretchmarks needs to read. ...more

Parenthood, Actually: Journey Through Endometriosis

Another all-too-appropriate post in our Mother's Day series as April is Infertility Awareness Month. The journeys that some of us embark on to achieve motherhood can be hard ones. This post celebrates Daffodil Campbell's journey....more

Parenthood, Actually: Parenting Is Never Finished

To launch our Mother's Day celebration series, I am pleased to bring you this post by Bethany at SaneMoms. The points she made about parenting never being done and being forever changed by our children hit me. ...more

That's a gorgeous poem, I'd never read it before. "You are the bows from which your children as ...more