Premonitions and the One I Would Do Over.

I’ve stated many a time I believe in sacred contracts – who, when and how long – and I stand by that. That means I also don’t spend much time looking back or wishing things worked out differently because I believe they work out exactly as they were supposed to. I may not be particularly fucking HAPPY about it. But....more

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Keep Secrets in Relationships

According to a recent research one out of five people keep a significant secret from their partner, such as money troubles, adultery, dark family secrets or certain evens from their past.  What’s even more surprising, a good quarter of the respondents claimed they’ve been keeping their secret for over 25 years!...more

Dr. Romance on The Right Way to Love

Dr. Romance writes:There’s a pervasive myth in our society that there is a right and a wrong way to love. However, there’s not much clarity about what the right might be. We all have difficulty with relationships and difficulty with love. Therefore, we’re liable to draw the uncomfortable conclusion: “Everyone knows how to love correctly except me.”...more

Watch Out for Bad Relationship Habits

I often write about good relationship habits, so this month, I thought I’d explore some of the bad habits I see in my counseling practice that lead to strife and struggle in relationships. Hopefully, if you recognize any of these habits in your own relationship, you’ll work together to fix them. 1) You place social media above real communication; ...more

I'm jealous of my boyfriends daughter.

It wasn't to long ago that i met my first boyfriend, i knew  he had a daughter i just never knew it would be this hard to accept all of it....more

Online Dating Is Way More Complicated for Women

If we're all honest with ourselves, online dating is the option of the future. It is niche and it is available, as we know so many people aren't. It is like going to a buffet where everything is laid out pretty and delicious for our choosing. ...more
Good read. You're right to say that online dating is a very real option today. It's a valid one, ...more

'Smart Love' - Love Secret #1: Ditch the Crazy Falling And Climb Intelligently Into Love

Everyone wants to fall in love. It is portrayed as an uncontrolled plummet into a spectrum of emotions that make us do crazy things – both good and bad. It is a cruel situation, for, if falling in love is uncontrollable then the one thing that everyone wants can’t be bought, won or even charmed with a magic potion....more

Why a 5 yr Marriage Plan Could Benefit Your Relationship

I remember telling my boyfriend, now fiance (and father to our child) that he had 5 years to propose. See, we were only 23 and 24 years old when we met, so there was no rush to get married anytime before that....more

Who's really writing the story? The fiction you or the non fiction you..

Can writers have relationships too? Of course they can. We see many writers who maintain healthy relationships that have become lifelong commitments with an added value of experience as well as excitement because of their creative abilities. At the same time, the trials that the writers face in relationships seem to be much of the same across the board. Not so much with regard to their need to stay up late and write during the times that everyone else is asleep or the mental/physical spaces that they need to go to in order to focus on their next masterpiece....more