Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

It is pretty safe to say that having to part with your loved one is not fun. Not one bit. Those who have experienced this will know all about that heavy, achy feeling of longing for someone and just how harsh it can be....more

Wild Alien Mystic Seeks Same

I wrote this profile for a dating website last year, but took it down because I was getting too much attention from guys who, I think, were focusing on one paragraph towards the end.  You'll know which one when you get there.  Now I post it here as a note to the Universe:  "This is what I want.  Thank you for bringing it to me." Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say about myself and the relationship I intend to co-create with some awesome man in the immediate future. ...more

Don't Dumb Down for Dating: 6 Tips for Intelligent Online Dating

I am a sapiosexual. To me, there is nothing sexier than someone smart. B told me last night, “No wonder you get off so hard when I go down on you. That's as close as you can get to having sex with my brain.” It’s absolutely true. I get turned on when he beats me at trivia and completely hot when we start talking about books. His library is one of the reasons I fell in love with him....more
I have experience meeting creeps and meeting someone absolutely wonderful. My best advice is be ...more

Rejection: A Dish Best Served at a Short But Intense Pity Party.

I’ll be very honest with you: when Daniel disappeared, I did not take it well. I was a fucking mess, a shit show of sadness, confusion and self condemnation. Man a fucking live. I was all like: “What happened? What did I DOOOO??” I was lightly but definitely devastated. Fyi. ...more
DatewithLucy yes--super sexist and all for the best.more

Dating a Dad

I would love to say that I believe lovers meetings are fated but most days I admit to the existentialist belief that the universe is random and chaotic.  So here I am randomly, in the universe, a single mom, dating. Here I am, here we are, my own little all girl family....more
dakenn04  Thanks for the heads up I will check this out!more

What Women Want

I believe that in the heart of every woman is a profound desire to trust a man so deeply that she can surrender completely to him.  Not being a man, I can’t be sure that a man wants that, but don’t they?  Doesn’t every man want a woman who will surrender completely to him?  It’s a perfect setup really.  Both genders play different roles in order to end up on opposite sides of the same situation....more

10 things to do for your girlfriend/wife daily.

10 Things you should be doing for your girlfriend/wife daily ...more

Where did we go wrong?

Where did we go wrong? Is it all my fault? Did I do something wrong?  ...more

Love Chemistry: Why the Hottest Relationships Might Not Have What It Takes To Last

 by Chana Goldstein and Danielle Miller#TrueLoveChemistry...more

Dating for the Cheerfully Bereaved

I sort of quit drinking because I was in the pit of despair.   Up until about seven weeks ago, I used to have a couple glasses of wine with dinner every night.  I really like my tapered, crystal Reidel wine glasses. Just because I live alone doesn’t mean I should live any differently than I used to when I was married.  My husband and I had wine with dinner every night before he got too sick.  He died of cancer in 2013....more