Myth Five: Fat is Asexual

Dr. Pattie Thomas wrote a book called Taking Up Space: How Eating Well and Exercising Regularly Changed My Life that is just really awesome. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth investing in....more

To Sex or Not To Sex

As I’m writing this, I’m a little amused that my girlfriends and I are still discussing when to have sex with a new guy. But the other night, I had a long conversation with a good friend who was near tears because the man she slept with a couple of weeks ago has not called since. Yep, at this age we’re still having this conversation. ...more

omg. I freakin love this chart. lol

being recently singled, im had some discussions with my ...more

What men most appreciate in a woman?

The Sparks Fly at the Summer Concert

The latest installment of my weekly blog is up on - another chapter in "our story."  Check it out and leave some love! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

The sensitive man

While the single lady is playing the hard-to-get game, the sensitive man wonders if she's even remotely interested in pursuing a dating relationship - Keep him wondering is the advice given in most dating books for women.   Not being available at your beck and call is one thing, however, taking on the guise of the unattainable woman in order to win your attention is quite another. Read more ...more

Not an Ideal Match

The first stage of grief when a long-term relationship ends is giddiness. Or maybe that's me. I became single and ready to mingle. Take me out! Buy me a drink! Set me up, people! Except, it then struck me how difficult it would be to meet anyone when you never leave the house and am needed by three children who are much more important.So I signed up for a free trial with

Here One Day, Gone the Next: Why do men disappear and how do you stop it?

Q: Hey Note to you Lil Sister! I have a question I've always wanted answered, and of course it has to do with men and relationships. Why do men act like they're interested one week and then disappear. How can I get a guy to be interested in me and stay that way? Any advice on how to attract a guy that really works?...more

Roasted Chicken & No-Bake Casserole ...more

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Pressures on Single Christian Women

In society in general, an insurmountable amount of pressure is placed on women to get in relationships, fall in love and get married. This pressure can seem even greater in the Christian community. While marriage is a wonderful thing, some people in the church place an unnecessary amount of pressure on women to hurry up and settle down and get married, as if that is the only purpose of a Christian woman’s life....more

Falling In Love Again

I fell in love with you all over again last night. You never cease to surprise and amaze me. And it’s not the big things that impress me, but the little things. The little things you do that show you care or show you remember are what really tell me you love me. It was something as little as me not having to remind you to pick something up for me that threw me over the edge. I fell over the edge in love with you just because you remembered to do something!  But that’s the way love works—love celebrates the finest of details. ...more