5 Weekend Conversation Starters!

It's busy here today already, soooo, here are 5 quick things to start your weekend out with a bang! ...more

Dating across class divides: Piggy roasts a social climber...and a pheasant!

The gardener here at Nun Far - Sir Geoffrey's gardener, not mine - has kindly donated two pheasants for me to cook and write about in my blog. Dad appears to have bonded quite closely with the gardener and in concert they arranged it so that two beautifully dressed pheasant carcases arrived at our door in a pot. The condition was that after cooking one of the pheasants be returned to the Nun Far manor house, where Sir Geoffrey lives, for his family's consumption....more

Submission, On These Conditions...

                                             The big controversial S word, No not sex; ‘Submission’! I know this term make some women squirm, but we have to put things into perspective here. Submission serves a purpose in the male and female dynamic, and I have often heard that there’s power in submission. A man definitely wants feel like a man, and wants to be king of his castle, which is understandable. I can definitely fall back and let a man be a man, but is he even worth it? ...more

Catfish Invades Football


Dating Across the Generations

I like men and I like dating and I have an equal opportunity policy in place, in most cases. In other words, I date guys of different ethnicities, religions, political persuasions, and ages. In so many ways, a guy is a guy is a guy and some of the details that I thought would matter often don't....more

Date Smarter - Not Harder!

I agree with your advice.  I was widowed when I turned 40. I had to re-learn how to "date". It ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: How Can I Stop a Stalker?

Dear Dr. Romance: ...more


 Today, I thought I would “pay it forward” by sharing some of the smart, often humbling, advice given to me by dear friends, both old and new, during the past seven months of my strange and twisted journey that brought me to where I am today....more

Tell Us About Your Online Dating Experiences!

For our second poll in the love and relationship series, we are turning to the Internet for inspiration. We want to know about your experiences with online dating. Have you ever tried it? Did you have a positive outcome? Did you meet the love of your life or was it more like a late night horror show? Those online singles' sites are in our faces the second we flip the power button on an electronic device, but have you ever clicked on one to find that "special someone"?...more
With all the online dating and social sites, is it possible to find true love there? It was a ...more

Back to life!

Well! Where to begin... I've been divorced for 10 years. During that time, I have taken the occasional foray into the dating world, and have very hastily retreated back to my dateless, sexless mom life. I've been very good at convincing myself that it was for my child, too. I am exceptional at acting like a loveless martyr, paying my own way, FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHILDREN! It couldn't possibly be because I'm terrified of getting hurt again. Of course not. Anything but that....more