Breaking Through the Barricade

You finally got through. You finally were able to pierce through the protective barricade around my heart and find the love. The love was swelling, pounding, throbbing against the walls of the barricade--looking, searching for any weakness in the fortress in order to break through. The love wanted so desperately to get out and reunite with you, but it was being held in, guarded so tightly that as much as it wanted to come out, it couldn’t penetrate the hold…...more

True Love

Hi, friends!! I missed you all. Sorry for the long pause in our posts. I was gone for more than two weeks for my new job. I had a fantastic time. I love the fact that I now work for a company that offers huge opportunity, growth, challenge, creativity, innovation, passion, value and a path to success. I am reveling in what I do, and have never been happier or more content. I had the opportunity to jump in feet first with a high-energy, intense couple of weeks....more

SexIs Magazine Highlights for the Week of January 15th!

It’s time again to take a look at what’s been going on at SexIs Magazine this week… ”I Quit” Kendra Holliday says goodbye to life as a hooker and looks forward to starting a new chapter in her life, with a new romance and travel plans. The Man Project: Eon Mckai...more

i carry your heart

N.A., my sweet man: There is something comforting about the fact that you had a nightmare about me last night. You told me that you woke up from a horrible dream in which I died; you cried. I'm sorry I laughed at you when you asked me multiple times if I was okay, as if speaking wasn't enough of a confirmation that yes, baby, I am breathing. I am happy to report that I am not only living, I am alive. ...more

Refreshing, Awakening Love

This love I feel for you is new—it’s refreshing. Your love brings me joy. It’s hard to have a wall up with you, because your love does not tolerate that. Your love does not compromise. Your love does not come in second place and does not settle for consolation prizes. Your love is unapologetic and does not make excuses. Your love is thick and tangible; it is unavoidable.  ...more

Major rose action

Major rose action While shopping at your neighborhood grocery store you bump up against the floral display, and with thoughts of the lad...more

Dating Over 40: Why He's Not Asking You Out (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday, it's important to make yourself memorable when you are dating. There are tons of women out there; you want to be the one he wants to know.When you follow this advice and get your story out in the right way, the guys who are good matches will take notice. They are getting to know you (sometimes) in one conversation…so make it count!   1. Get out that shiny stuff....more
This advice works well for the online dating scene as well as in real life!more

Dating Over 40: Why He’s Not Asking You Out (Part 1)

I can answer this in three words: You’re not memorable.That’s it.Whether it’s the hot man you had a nice chat with at the local coffee shop or the guy you had a great first date with, getting him to ask you out can take some skill.Yep, I said skill.You’re not 18 anymore, and the men you are interested in (or should be) are mature men of depth. They have busy lives (like you) and would probably rather be single than in a bad relationship (like you)....more

Standoffish? Doesn't seem so. Seems you figure they aren't right for you and you move on. It ...more

The Veil of Anger

Why is it that the people you love the most make you the angriest?!I could hear it in his tone—he was angry with me…again. We were on the phone talking about our days:“What did you do today?""Not much." "What are you doing right now?""Nothing." "What are your plans for the weekend?""Don’t know yet.” He was clearly avoiding whatever it was that was really wrong....more

I aint sayin' she a gold digger...But if the shoe fits...Well...

Money, as the saying goes, is the root of all evil.For me, it's also the root of all happiness.Yep, I'm a (designer) flag-waving, (platinum) card-carrying Gold Digger. And proud of it....more