Blindly, Patiently

What I'm about to tell you doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It's one of those rare things that happens to you and that's so much bigger than you -- it's difficult to put it into words. And the reason I have waited to tell you is because I haven't really known the right way to go about it. But this space has always been as much about my life as it is about food, and if we never talked about any of this I probably wouldn't blog again for a very, very long time. Because this is, now, my focus. ...more

Al_Pal, thanks for sharing YOUR story, too. You and your fiancé never fail to make me smile -- ...more

Which is more powerful, an apology or forgiveness?

 Say you’ve been hurt, and on a scale of 1-10, it’s a solid 11. Some time has passed, and now, due to its magnitude, this hurt has turned into a wound – possibly even a debilitating one replete with anxiety, depression; the works. Maybe at one point you didn’t even know how you would survive the pain; just the thought of it could take you down. But then eventually you moved on, you had to....more

"I Kissed a Girl"

The latest installment of my blog on is up!  Check it out and leave some love - the story is getting good! Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

And now Jill Sobule is gonna run through my head all day.

Guess I'd better read the rest ...more

Not my type

Though she's not my type, I find myself texting her once or twice a day. Things like, How's your day going?...more

"A condom doesn't protect against cancer"

A condom doesn't protect against cancer....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Do you feel that she is wanting out and doesn't want to tell me or hurt me?

Dear Dr. Romance:I have a question for you. I normally don't ask questions like this. But I was looking at your Facebook page and reading some of your responses. Here goes....more

On Being Single Yet Not Being Alone

I read through a friend’s blog about ...more

All in a Date's Work

The internet has generously provided many ways for us to get our geek on and here’s one more. Follow these five steps when online dating and you’ll be well on your way to hooking a hottie....more

Dealing with Reality

Don’t let what you see be all that you perceive. People have layers, even when they have Photoshop layer masks....more


Those that know me, know that I have been hanging out with/dating/seeing someone/insert whatever the appropriate title is here. Those that know me also know he’s being deployed for a year starting in about two weeks. Those that know me are also asking what are you guys going to do? Have you talked about it yet? When are you going to? You’re running out of time. Time…I love and hate time right now. Time…I know that I have enjoyed the past month or so. Time…I wish there was more of it before this deployment. Time is taking away the one thing I want more of…more time....more