Love, Renewed

My boyfriend and I are riding the gravy train of love!  That’s right—we are extremely happy, and I’m loving it! I want to shout it in the streets so everyone can know, I’M IN LOVE! I feel like I’m Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America”!  “…To be loved, to be loved, O what a feeling; to be love!”...more

When is a Single Mum no Longer a Single Mum?

I have been asking myself the question in the title of this post for the last week or so and I am still not sure of the answer. I guess I am technically still a single mum? I think at least, but for a while now I have stopped feeling that way. ...more

Introducing Nosy Neighbor

M.C. Nugget and I woke up one Saturday morning to what I initially interpreted as a sweet note from our otherwise nosey, busy-body neighbor. It read something like this,“Hey guys!  I just wanted to let you know that I am a very light sleeper, so because of this, I sleep mostly in the living room!  Anyway, I will be away at my boyfriend’s through Sunday, so if MC (me – Ms Cheevious) would like to park in my space, that would be fine!”...more
@Peroxidedesigns: that would be funny! I'll have to put my thinking cap on for that one!more

Still Waiting ... to be Engaged!

They've talked about marriage. They both agree this is where their four-year relationship is going. But when is he going to ask? Being his wife and starting a family is all that she can think about and it doesn't feel like he's getting any closer to popping the question. What's a woman to do? ...more
I completely agree with you.  Relationships are such a double edged sword..  How do we, as ...more

Deciding to Follow My Dreams or My Heart

I’m sad.  I don’t know what to do.  I have the opportunity to follow a dream, a passion of mine but that would mean being separated from my boyfriend for as long as a year....more

Got A Case of Emotional Horniness?

 You know the feeling: It's not quite about sex...more the need to feel emotionally connected/bonded/attracted to someone. The single life can be nothing short of outstanding if you own it and take advantage of all your freedom has to offer. However, living even the most fabulous of single lives does not exempt you from yearning for intimacy. You miss hugs, cuddles, slow kisses, having a guy look at you and smile, and the feeling of knowing that he is really into you.  ...more

Adventures in Online Dating

The first adventure in online dating was actually setting up a profile.The next adventure was actually going on a date.But the best part of online dating?Making fun of people. For real....more

Online dating


Think You're Ready to Love Again? Answer These 6 Questions Before Taking the Leap

Maybe you've taken a break from dating for a while because you've been hurt. Maybe you're a recovering bum magnet who has taken the necessary time to heal your wounds so that you can be the best version of yourself when you begin a new relationship. Whatever your situation, your time off must include some time to assess whether you're really get back in the game....more

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Its straight out of Twilight or a show on HBO. Just like the sexy vampire of fiction, the narcissist is alluring, devastatingly attractive, and deadly.  Cue scary music. You spot him across the crowded room. He’s hard to miss because he’s good looking and a bevy of beautiful women surround him, hanging on his every word. You work up the courage to approach him and you barely have to speak a word before he takes the lead in the conversation, letting you know of his many accomplishments and world experiences....more