Online Dating: Some People are Still Single for a Reason

Confession time: I am a former member of, I feel you judging me. Give me a break. Right after my annulment, I was feeling like a washed-up ex-wife who nobody would ever want to bang again. And even if they did, I would probably cry on them....more

Yes! I've got a date with Geroge Clooney! (or do I?)

Last summer I was receiving semi-regular emails from a site I had not subscribed to. I initially thought it was updates of friends' online flicker updates or similar, so without looking I deleted them. However one noted that 'someone is looking for you' .... which which I didn't quite understand, but piqued my interest. Upon closer inspection I had indeed been duped. It was actually from an online dating website. In the body of the email were 2 photos of people I recognized, and knew from Salerno....more

It's a Humpin & Leapin kinda day!!!

I've done this before but haven't done it in a long time.  The blog I started is lost somewhere in the world wide web because I forgot my password.  If you knew me, this is where you would say, "Imagine that!"  LOL Anywho......I am a single mom of a very beautiful and smart 10 year old (going on 20) daughter.  I absolutely do not know what I would do if she wasn't in my life.  I'd be bored for sure.  ;-)  As I said, I'm single.....AGAIN!  UGH!!!  2nd marriage down the drain....or at least on it's way.......separated nearly 11...more

Celebrate Leap Day

Today is February 29th - Leap Day! I have never done anything to celebrate this 'holiday' but since I feel the need to romance and date my husband, I decided I would surprise him with a Leap-ful day after he gets home from work. This will be our very first leap year officially together. We actually started dating about a week after the last leap year in 2008!  Image: serenitbee via Flickr ...more
 @2sisters2cities    Super cute indeed

Raving lunatic of the dating world seeking significant other...

 What's the deal, really? Has my karmatic invoice arrived? Have I accumulated bad dating karma because I have killed roughly 30 house flies during the course of one Sunday? Did I break several mirrors? Is it because I keep riding the bus for free without buying a ticket? Is it the handfulls Splenda packs that my homeboy Ivan and I used to steal from Starbucks?...more

Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go I used to love to watch him drive. Something about handing over the keys to my Jeep and settling in to the passenger seat, the chance to study his profile unabashedly, made me  deeply, profoundly content. I dove into those moments when they came, absorbing their flavor and texture, memorizing every contour, because I knew they would be fleeting, and few. I was right....more

Making Single Sexy and Fun

Helen Gurley Brown turned 90 this past February 18.  I discovered her when I was a teenager and became an instant fan. She was a woman ahead of her time; I hadn't heard another woman with her message. I was certainly familiar with (and appreciative of) feminists who were trying to empower us, but Helen was coming at it from a whole 'nother angle:  it's okay for a woman to be single, and really ok for her to have and enjoy sex, to have fun, to have a full life.  I didn't know anybody else who was saying this quite that way.    ...more


A crowd of gray-haired parents of single adults negotiates with one another along a stretch of Beijing’s Zhongshan Park. These confabs occur on a strip of pavement lined on one side with rainbows of tulips and, on the other side, with the moat of the Forbidden City.A woman, whose son was born in 1982, asks whether I have a daughter. Yes, I tell her, one that is the same age as her son. But then she decides she cannot consider a match, because her son isn’t good enough for my family.My Chinese friend tells me it’s because I am Caucasian....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Do I Tell Him I Can't Be His Friend or Let Silence Speak for Itself?

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm in need of some serious advice, and I hope you can help.  I've been in an extremely long distance relationship with someone for the past year and a half off and on. I live in the US, he lives in Central America.  I am 6 years older than he is.  I'm studying to be a nurse and he unfortunately doesn't have the funds to do anything.  When we started dating I can admit that I was a bit guarded because I didn't want to get my feelings hurt and often put him down....more

How Do You Know When It's Really Over

My boyfriend and I have lived and been together for twelve months. He's a bit older than me and he's at the point in his life where he's ready to settle down, and have kids, etc. After the honey moon phase when we first started dating it got kind of tough and I ended up cheating on him. I broke up with him, using a bullshit excuse as a reason, and moved out. After a few days I realized what a terrible mistake I had made, and went back to him, and he accepted me back into my life....more
Any advise is welcome!more