Rebound women

It's been said that when your heart has been broken, the best way to heal is to get back out there and start dating again.  While this seems a good way to begin the mending process - taking your mind away from the hurt, feeling wanted again, regaining your pride - there's one important thing that you should keep in mind.  Regardless of how determined you are to move on, you're on the rebound. Read more Rachael R. Lorenz She Should have It...more

Why Married Men Adore You (Yet You're Not Getting Dates)

I've had three clients this week tell me how they tend to be buddies with men and gets no dates. It goes something like this:1. She talks to a lot of men and they seem to like her; but none ask her out.2. While she doesn't connect with single men, the married and attached men adore her. In fact, they tell her they can't figure out why she hasn't met a fantastic man yet....more

After Widowhood: Hot or Not?

So, I started to wonder, was my husband really telling me the truth? It's not that I never saw myself as sexy or interesting or smart. I just never saw myself as that person for anybody but him. It's been a strange journey reframing my vision of myself as this person independent of another. I like her, this whole, sexy, smart, fully-formed me. She's kinda awesome. ...more
Hi, thanks for that, I lost my hubby. He said I looked good too. I wished I believed him at the ...more


My first lesbian experience was about 15 years ago with a co-worker from my job as a hospital switchboard operator. Tiffany was a really smart and funny ex-stripper from Southern Calif who asked me to join her for a girl's night out. She showed up at my apartment early while I still had hot rollers in my hair and was running around in my bra and panties under an open short robe....more

Reflections of You

It’s days like this that I want to be near you. It’s days like this that I want to be close to you, in your arms, holding you close. It’s days like this that I can hardly bear our current situation and wish we lived near each other. Days like this… Days like today—cold, rainy, dreary, quiet—are days that you want to cuddle up to the one you love; cuddled up, under a blank, the only sounds being the pitter patters of your heartbeats and of the rain hitting the ground....more

Men & there needs in relationships

Hello I am Daisy and this is my first blog, I decided this morning that maybe I needed some feedback on men and there relationships or better yet boys depending on what you consider men. Ages 18-24. I guess my question is just this: Do men get bored with relationships? It being either sex, maybe the fact that the couple is together 24/7. Do men need space?  ...more

Beautiful women


? Dates from Frog to my Prince Charming

  3/8/2011    Today I am going to blog about my first date with a guy I will refer to as, Sky Soldier, since he has the dreamiest blue/green eyes and is a soldier who just came back from fighting in Afganistan. He is the second guy I have been on a date with after joining the online dating website. Here's the details on before and after my date with him.   Perconceived Notions:...more

Two good dates with normal people already? Not a bad track record. Maybe there is something to ...more

I haven't forgotten the caption competition by the way

Greetings! This is just a quick post to let you know that I haven't forgotten about announcing a winner for my sick caption competition. ...more