My Online Dating Profile

Well, hello. Nice to e-meet you!I am a 32 female seeking a man who is capable of telling the truth at all times. Must be willing to answer straightforward questions and remember what I do for a living.A little more about me: - I am a vegetarian. - I think people who take buggy rides in Central Park should be forced to carry the same horse on their back for an hour. - The quickest way to escalate my temper is to tell me to “relax.” Similarly, suggesting that I smile makes me frown....more
LOL! It's a definite deal breaker if he wears any Ed Hardy whatsoever and drives hummer! All I ...more

...if I built this fortress around my heart...

I think sometimes that I have the ability to drive myself completely crazy....more

Dating Online as a Boomer

    Here is the scoop. After years sitting on my ass alone and not having enough fun, even after all the segments of  Hulu have passed my sleepy eyes and lulled me to sleep, my friends and family have finally convinced me to accept the fact that I am getting older and not having enough sex. I really didn't miss it much for the longest time. I told my brother in law, that the  cave has grown cobwebs and anyone entering would have to have the magic sword that brandished all evil spells from past relationships to get in....more
@Kim Pearson Thanks for the comment. Dating is hard at my age but it still has some attraction. ...more

I Am No Longer Giving it Away for Free

I have made it no secret around here that I love me some Carrie Bradshaw.  I own Seasons 1-4 of Sex and the City, oh and The Movie. (Not SatC 2, nobodyowns SatC 2). I love Carrie and the girls....more
I totally agree. I have blogged for years in the Occult field and have written much content for ...more

Dating Advice: Getting to Unconditional Self-Acceptance

The Fit4Love dating coaching program I'm participating in is a combination of practical and online assignments. I've been having fun with the flirting assignment; this online one is more serious and more emotional. ...more

He wasn't just after sex

You know I was really worried that C was just after my ass and was not interested in being my friend after I told him about the Christian thing but he is coming over today to just hang out – and all I can think about is getting his dick inside me it’s awful.  I hope god isn’t mad at me for having these thoughts I can’t help them I know they are carnal I know they are bad but they are automatic I can’t like stop them they pop in I love sex I can’t wait to get a vibrator can anyone please comment if a vibrator is as bad as sex please idk if it is or not?!   I just wante...more

I have to give it up to be a good Christian

So my friends as much of a horny bitch that I am I’ve decided to give it up and buy a vibrator.  I went to church today and the pastor touched on the subject of sex out of wedlock and all I’ve been doing is planning this big sexual experience with C and now I have to give it up to be a good Christian so that’s what I’m going to do I think he is mad bc when I told him he laughed out loud at me so idk I hope he remains my friend bc I have fun with him he respects me I hope he doesn’t hate me I’ve been tired again from me meds I have it that’s y I don’t post I’m just always tired so I’m s...more

A Had-to-Happen Love Story? -OR- The Ultimate Betrayal?

The title of this post sounds like it belongs to a romantic drama on the Lifetime Channel, doesn't it?  And it kinda is, except it's not a movie, it's real life...and Lordy, I sure hope the woman I'm writing about doesn't know about my blog. (Could be awkward).  Anyway, my (distant) cousin is happily married to a man she calls the man of her dreams.  I believe her. They're really cute together and they seem to be very much in love.  ...more

The spy that likes me...

No, I am not dead, in a coma, or in a body cast without the use of my digits...  just simply sliding in and out from under the bell-jar these days (incase you were wondering.)Today my girl Tani called me fron her work gig up north with my quasi-scheduled dose of reality: "You keep saying you want to meet people, but how can you meet anyone when you NEVER leave the house? You are turning into a monk."...more

Women Are Lazy Daters

I happened upon an article at where a guy broke down the reasons why he stops calling women.While reading, I thought about how we women may have the same exact feelings as this guy about who we’re dating... we got what we wanted... no return on investment... lost interest... but we choose to stick around for some reason....more
@JayelleHughes this was a good read! I gotta take heedmore