Chivalry Man

Chivalry Man In this day and age when women are working in roles that were once exclusive to men, men are just a little confused when it comes to such things as opening doors, standing when she enters a room or excuses herself from the table.  Countless times I've had men express this confusion by saying something like, When I reached for the door she gave me a look that I took to mean, 'I'm not helpless.  I'm a lawyer for God's sake.  I think I can open a door all by myself.' Read more ...more

The Perfect Gift For Him

        In my opinion women scratch their heads just as much as men do when Christmas rolls around.  I actually think girls are easier to buy for than men.  When you walk in a mall the majority of the stores you find are for females so the options are endless… For men things get a little tricky.  They don’t only get tricky; they get expensive too!...more

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Lie, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

   Lately I have been noticing a disturbing pattern with certain people in my life. There seems to be an outbreak of “lying.” First, I am just insulted that those around me feel the need to lie to me. Second, I am insulted that they think they can get away with such deception. The severity of these lies range vastly some of the lies are pretty small and insignificant I believe they are called “white lies,” and others are much bigger and just downright hurtful.  I would be a hypocrite if at this point I did not admit that YES I have lied in the past....more

Venturing Into the Unknown

I’m confused. Seriously. I have all these feelings and emotions, and I don’t know which way they are pulling me. For every feeling and thought telling me to go in one direction, there is an equal and opposite feeling telling me to go another (I think I’ve finally figured out what Isaac Newton was talking about!). I truly don’t know what to do. Should I get back together with my ex or should I stay single?...more

The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) April 23, 2010 -- Alan (part 1)

     Hello, girlfriend... How are ya? Been looking forward to writing you, but I only write letters on my days off. Each chapter of my book takes about five days. Mostly editing. I can type a 30,000 character chapter out in maybe 4 hours. Then it takes 5 days (a draft a day) to polish and edit it into something I feel is presentable. Of course I understand it can always use some more professional editing, but I have to let it go somewhere and move on to the next chapter....more

Hey Big Spender

Hey Big Spender At a time when the economy is spiraling down at a dizzying pace the topic of money is on the tongues of nearly everyone.  And now, more than ever, people are keeping an eye out for good deals, stretching their hard-earned dollars.  Saving money on purchases has become the in thing to do, while  flashing wealth is   well, so 1980s. ...more

My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 2

Black Box Disclaimer: You really need to read my first post on this subject, "Life on the Internet," written on December 11. That one was followed by "My Fake Life on the Internet, Part 1," in which I detailed my relationship with "Bob." This post will be the killer, so read on if you dare!!...more

Five Fantastic Personal Lubricants That Are Condom And Sex Toy Safe

When you are shopping for a personal lubricant, there are a few factors to consider.  Will you be using your personal lubricant with a sex toy?  If you plan on using a personal lubricant with your sex toy, it is important to purchase a lubricant that will not potentially damage the sex toy material....more

duck fat fries and a bacon popsicle

My sweet boyfriend wanted to take me out somewhere special for dinner for my birthday. I love that we go on dates. I hope we still go on dates after we have been married for 57 years. Last Friday night, he picked me up and drove me to a surprise restaurant called Salt Air. ...more

The Hook Up

The Hook Up It's no secret that twenty-something singles are into hooking up.  In current vernacular the term is used when two people meet at a nightclub or party and end up in bed at the end of the night.  The question that I've been mulling over is, Is it possible to begin a relationship after having sex with a partner within hours after meeting?...more