New Concept in Wedding Planning: Georgia Bridal Tours

Diva's Day Out Presents the Georgia Bridal Tours.  A new concept in wedding planning where brides are whisked away on a tour of some of the areas hottest wedding venues.  Each tour consist of several stops at premier wedding venues around town where caterers will prepare food for the brides to sample.  Brides will be able to take advantage of pre-negotiated discounts for services.  This will be a fun fill day of wedding planning!  ...more

date night... just me, michael and the local police

My Mom works for a surgeon's office and has been there for years. To make some extra money, my sister and her husband clean the office once a week. That's important to know for this story. ...more

Dating: Mating Season Theory

A friend of mine asked me to put some of my theories in writing because it may help someone so here goes....more

Let's Agree to Face Our Fear


Great success story on Cord Blood!

Here is an amazing story about the success of umbilical cord blood transplantation....more

Loving Our Love Story

The story of how JDubbs and I fell in love in Ocean Beach is getting some love of its own!    ...more

What's the Advantages and Disadvantages of Falling in Love with My Colleague?

There is an old saying in China "distance and time is the killer of love" I still remember the first time when I heard of this sentence when I was a middle-school student, I can't understand it thoroughly until I fell in love with a boy when I was sophomore student in my college....more

Are you talking to me??

There you are, in line at the grocery store when a very attractive person brushes up against you accidentally…or so you think. How can you be sure?...more

How to Turn Fear of Dating into Fun Dates


Why I'm Fussy About Both Men and Food

Fussy? I have two things to say about this: 1. The last time she asked me this question, I happened to be dating someone. When I told her this, she took me aside and whispered in my ear, "Play the field." Huh. 2. Yes, indeed, I am fussy. Here's why. ...more

Loved your food, loved the pie, loved your attitude. Thanks for the good read and the ...more