Shedding the Old

When I look back on this year, I can say that I have grown tremendously in my awareness and behavior around my relationship.  It has been anything but easy.  I have been upset, confused, frustrated, angry and broken hearted.  I have experienced both love and loneliness, faith and insecurity, self doubt, complete certainty; deep joy and great sadness....more

A Vegan and Raw Food Experience | Never a Dull Date

When The Naked Sprout – our neighbourhood’s first vegan and raw foods restaurant – opened, I knew it would make for a creative date idea. As my husband and I are trying to eat healthier, this date idea wasn’t a hard sell. I also knew that this week we’d be pressed for time so a quick lunch at a cafe seemed like a fun date idea for the two of us....more

Acceptance and Change: The Evolution of Family Holiday Traditions

It's Christmas time. The holiday season. I get it. But what's sometimes forgotten is that this includes Chanukah. Or as some know it, "the festival of lights." Or, as kids, we in the tribe knew it as eight guaranteed presents! It's such a cliche but, compared to the pomp and pageantry of Christmas, the festival of lights kind of blew. However, as an adult, I've come to dig the ceremonial candle lighting, now that I finally understand the meaning of Chanukah. (It was pretty lost on me until I had to explain it to my boyfriend's son.) And now, as the Girlfriend Mom, I spread the guaranteed eight presents tradition to the kids....more
Hi Jory, thanks for stopping by. I love that you're exposing your daughter to both traditions ...more

Sex or sushi? A moral dilemma…

I met with Dog-Guy the other morning and he was doing surprisingly well considering first undergoing a vivisection, then a steam-rolling due to last Wednesdays's break-up. They had  been living together for just 2 months . He had moved 6 hours south to be with her and spent over 3000 euros in equipment in order to continue his pedigree breeding business. She was 43, had a 7 year old child, looked like Glenn Close with a bad haircut, and spent 2 thousand euros-a-month of his money on shopping, all the while simultaneously receiving texts on her cel....more

Beyond the Crazy Cat Lady: Is My Son Happy with a Single Mom?

I think I have proven to myself and the world that I don't need anyone. I split with my ex-husband four-and-a-half years ago and in that time, I have been in an actual established monogamous relationship for exactly 10 months...combined. The rest of the time I was single. Did I mind? Not particularly. Even after seeing several friends get married, and attending their weddings dateless and single....more
wow - I hear ya sister I'm not divorced but I am a 34 year old single mother of a 2 year old and ...more

A Single Girl's Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are a notoriously difficult time for many singles. Invites to parties are rolling in and dates are scarce, the weather is getting crisper and you're sans a snuggle partner, and the impending familial gatherings often come with a grande relationship status inquisition. It is the season to be merry, but the reality is that many are not when faced with circumstances that veer far from your (or other's) expectations. ...more
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Do you want to know a secret, readers? It's true, I write a book and a blog about living with depression. I over analyze every aspect of my life and beat it to death in my head. I can't take advice because I seem to learn better by falling flat on my face and having to be forced to climb back up again. In the midst of all of that however, in real life......more

12 Dates of Christmas

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, everyone is starting to feel crunched for time. Between the last minute shopping and holiday parties we can start to feel wiped out before Christmas even arrives. To help you survive this busy time, I’ve compiled the 12 Dates of Christmas – 12 date ideas that are designed to help you and your partner steal a few moments with one another other before Christmas Eve....more

Quasi-futility and NOT being the Rebound-girl

It's ironic really, I post a profile on a web-dating site and despite the interest, I still never end up  leaving the house (especially to go on dates) or do much of anything for that matter. My apartment is currently in a state reminiscent of a frat-house, and the small human head-size dust bunnies scurrying over my ugly ceramic floors consisting of about 80% dog hair -  I believe will morph any day now and start growing eyes and teeth. I can only imagine what biological nightmares are breeding in my bathroom as my toilet looks cleaner than my sink....more

I'm Not Meant to be Tied Down (Lesson from Reed Between the Lines)

Reed Between the Lines. My new favorite African-American sitcom airing on television right now. The show follows a modern-day blended family, starring veteran actor Malcolm Jamal Warner and actress Tracy Ellis Ross, as they go through life's ups and downs with wit and humor. The show encompasses tons of underlying messages that requires viewers to literally "read between the lines" in order to decipher the true meaning that is conveyed to us. I watch this show faithfully every Tuesday night (10/9pm eastern time on BET). However, last night in particular, one of their back to back episodes really caught my attention and I just had to share my thoughts......more