And the Honourary "Creep of the Week" Award goes out to...

While scanning random online dating profiles I recently came across this treasure worth sharing, and an honourable mention in the Online Dating Honorary 'Hall of Shame.'Creep of the Week Profile: Cutting to the chaseThe six things I could never do without 1. SEX WITH A REDHEAD2. SEX WITH A STRAWBERRY BLONDE3. SEX WITH A BLONDE...more

Being Wise in Dating - Starting at the beginning with a plan. Will it work??

Being wise in dating may require us following a 'model' like we would if we were analysing a financial security.. Well, that is the reality though....more

Reflections of A WiseGirl

I love the holidays!! I find that during these holidays (whichever one it is), is the best time for me to catch up with loved ones, and maybe get some rest from the hustle and bustle… This year, I thought it would be a great time for me to reflect on my Journey model, the path that I have chosen to find love…....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Do I Surprise Her with a Gift?

Dear Dr. Romance: I know I feel strongly about a certain someone. Do I surprise her with a gift or e-mail her with my recent feelings through a tough time?  Dear Reader: It sounds like you're way ahead of yourself and her. I think a gift would be completely out of line at this point. If she's responded well, have you had a date yet? Asked her out for coffee? You're right to be scared about overdoing it. You can't force a relationship by declaring your love....more

Change as Discomfort: I Gotta Have What I Want

I am dumping today. This is totally a mental trip. It is the season-- a time of rebirth, renewal, resurrection whether you believe in the Christ story, Passover or change in seasons.  Don't get mad at me for that sentence. This morning I am feeling the pain of change and rebirth. Because change never seems to be effortless....more

Where Bruno Mars Got it Wrong: If You Leave, It Will *Not* Rain Everyday.

I like Bruno Mars. There's something about his style -- the voice, not the hair-- that really speaks to me. In fact, I love crooners so much that I produce an internet radio show (Wednesdays at 9 pm EST) complete with ridiculously sappy love songs. Because we all need a good cry during the middle of week and no one has 14 hours to spare for a Lifetime movie marathon....more

Rewriting History

There's two sides to every story...This is mine ...more

Making Time For Dating

I read a dating advice article recently that basically said dating after divorce is about time, that is knowing when the time is right to start dating and having the time to date. I know I'm on track with the first part but it's the second element that's been testing me. ...more

i need advice on how to tell a guy my true feelings for him....

I have been seeing this guy for two and a half months. Recently he started calling me more often just to talk. I really enjoy his company and just listening to him talk about his life. He also listens to me and has shown that he has concerns for me as a friend. He has told me a few times that he doesn't think that I am ready for a relationship but at the same time he already acts like my boyfriend. I know that I am falling for him more and more everytime we talk or spend time together....more

First Post

This is my first post. In case the tags weren't obvious to you, I recently suffered a pretty bad break up for the first time. Having no idea what to do, I bought a book on how to get through break ups which recommended journaling for 15 minutes a day. After about a week of doing this I thought it might be nice to take some of my favorite posts and share them....more