You Attract What You Are...

I don’t know how usual or unusual this is, but I had instant, strong chemistry with the very first man I met in person after I posted my profile on a dating website.  I couldn’t believe it.  Could it really be this easy?  I, very painfully, over the next several months, found that the answer was no, it wasn’t that easy.  But I learned volumes from the experience....more

My Relationships are Nations You Want to Leave

Keep on truckin’!”  I say, in a telephone conversation where my friend has asked me how I felt about a boy I had broken up with, who was neither a friends with benefits or a real relationship....more

Sex, Lies, and Pictures of Sick Cats. (Part 1)

The story that started It was 2008, I was six months out of my first serious relationship, and the closest thing to “dating” I was doing was two coffee gatherings with a writer (shocking) 14 years my senior, who never called again but did send me adorable slash mildly exploitative photos of his hospitalized cat (see: image here: On top of this, word on the street (ie: facebook) was my ex was dating someone seriously, and I thought: well these times, they are getting pretty desperate....more

Get me outta this carpet!

I would like to bring it to your attention that I have in the SAME month, had two different guys online write to me and say that they would like to ‘roll me up in a carpet and take me to Persia where we would fly over the pyramids and I would be treated like a princess.’...more

Dating as a Metaphor

I teach Rhetoric & Composition to 18 year old college freshman, but to keep things interesting (for them; for me) I also think of the class as Life 101.Today’s lesson involved How to Evaluate the Appropriateness of a Source for Your Research Paper.  And half way through, things started to devolve....more

Goodbye Bad Love, It's Been Real!

Originally published on As We Write It. I've sort of been sitting on this for awhile. I have wanted to write this entry since a day or so after it happened, but I couldn't find the words. It's been a trying six months....more

Why Single Women Should Break "The Rules" From Dating Experts

Recently a friend of mine and I started talking about her feelings for her best friend. She likes him, but she feels incredibly shy telling him how she feels. She feels like he should be the one to pursue her and ask her out.Yet, he doesn't know that she has feelings for him.She's afraid of rejection, and understandably so. Any time you put yourself out there, you risk rejection. What women don't always understand is that some men fear rejection too....more

Long Distance Romances: How I made a stranger cry on my flight home

Yep.  Hard hearted me handled the situation really badly.  It started well, as we shared a 3-person row, on the plane, with the middle seat between us remaining empty.  She was friendly and we developed an immediate bond by agreeing to not look anyone in the eye who was walking by, during the boarding, to avoid having anyone connect and then sit.   We waited and then the plane door closed and we knew we had accomplished our goal of having an empty middle seat for the almost 4-hour flight.  After such a harrowing experience, we bonded and began chatting....more
Re-reading your post, I realize that she cried not because YOU said anything wrong or improper. ...more

"Houston, we have contact."

Contact, that is, with another man courtesy of the on-line dating thing. Mr Paramedic didn't work out for me, or him it turns out. He text and said he'd rather leave it, even though he thought "long and hard and then some" about it. He didn't quite specify why but he did say he suspected I felt the same. I replied and agreed. I didn't say there were no sparks for me just that I felt the same. But he was very nice and told me I was "lovely and witty too." That's nice, isn't it? ...more

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