A Match Made In Heaven...Despite The Circumstances

I’m so in love! I feel so content, so settled, so happy! My boyfriend is in town and it is wonderful—wonderful because we are able to express our love through actions and gestures. As I’ve mentioned before, because we are in a long-distance relationship, we sometimes feel like our love is limited, stifled. But the moment he got in town, the door of our love was opened. We were free to explore the depths of our love. We were free to delve into the crevices of our desire. ...more

Money talk


No Young Hair Here

My blog (24 In My Mind)  is about how the over-40 woman can still remain 'youthful' looking, and one of the things I talk alot about is getting the right haircut, a 'young' (with limits, of course) hairstyle.  I offer some rules for signs that a hair salon is NOT one where you will get a 'young' hairstyle. Here are those signs: 1. The name of the salon has the word “Beauty” in it.  Bad sign.  (One-word name salons are typically your best bet, followed by salons named for a guy.)   2....more

Fashion Rule for the (All) Ages

Fashion Rule for all ages: Just because it comes in your size doesn't mean you have to wear it. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more

Out of Forehead Experience: The Dark Side of Botox

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve had Botox - once.  I had it done to the lines on my forehead.  The shots were basically painless, which is a good thing (but, we’re women, pain is irrelevant) And, the Botox did work in pretty much eliminating the lines.  Temporarily, of course.  The results lasted maybe 6 weeks.  But, here’s the kicker: I could not raise my eyebrows, at all, period.  It was like my forehead no longer belonged to me.  It wasn’t really numb to the touch, but I had absolutely no muscle control of the area.  It freaked me out!...more

Fashion Tip for the Over-40 Crowd

Fashion Rule: If you were around to wear it the first time it was in, you have no business wearing it now. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more
lol this is great advice for those over 40 and single.  Do you think it applies to places to ...more

Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

It is a foreign and unwelcome feeling to be separated from the one you love.  Not separated in terms of emotion and circumstance, but separated in terms of proximity. Emotionally our relationship is strong, but our feelings and emotions are forced to overcompensate for what may be lacking physically. ...more

Jackie or Marilyn?

This is an old post (Sept. 22, 2010) from my column on Sexandthe405 that seemed right at home here on BlogHer. Enjoy! ...more

The Super-Friend, a.k.a. Sexual Jedi

I spent a lovely evening with the inestimable DoctorRabbit tonight.  There was no sex to be had, but like my time with FutureHusband, I was supremely satisfied at the end....more

Love Lessons From ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’

By Erika Vujnovich...more