Learn to stand up for yourself.....

....and go after what you want. It’s important in life to seize opportunities in a timely manner. Like they say, feel the fear and do it anyways. That’s exactly what I did this week, for better or worse. And as I anxiously await the result(s), I rest assured knowing that it is now out of my hands. How does this vague reference to my own life apply to yours? Learn to stand up for yourself. If you know that you want something, let people know....more

Why you should never date anyone you meet watching the Olympics

It was about 2 years ago today that I had my cab door slammed shut with complete disinterest in me by a bearded, albinoish, Canadian twenty six year old who looked like a past or future contestant of “Survivor”.  How did this happen to me?Please take this quiz....more

Freaks, Geeks and Douche Bags - Profile 008

The names have been changed to protect the innocentProfile 009. Nickname: Backpack baby daddyDistinguishing feature: 2 children...more

Cross Post: From Happiness to Grief

“For everything there is a season…A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance.” -Ecclesiastes (NLT version)...more
 @Isabel_Anders Oh my! I'm sorry I am just responding to this Isabel, thank you so much!! :-Dmore

Should You Answer A Booty Call?

 Absolutely.As long as you both know that it's a relationship that's based on casual sex and nothing else, answer that late-night text and enjoy yourself.But what if you've got the feeling that you and he might be good as a couple, both in and out of the sack?Can a booty call turn into a committed relationship?Most skeptics (and your mother) are going to say no....more

Amiably "Surviving" Singlehood

 I think most people by now are aware of recent figures published by the U.S. Census and the Pew Institute about the growing number of singles in the U.S., so I won't belabor that point. Being single is "hot." Yet, when I hear a woman complain that she's miserable being single, I wonder what's really bugging her. Oh sure, like marriage, being single can be a challenge sometimes, but is it miserable? If everything else in your life is pretty good, I can't see how being single could be anything more than an occasional frustration. ...more

Doing The Love Dare: Day 6

"Love is Not Irritable"6/28/12...more

Doing The Love Dare: Day 5

"Love is Not Rude"6/27/12...more

Doing The Love Dare: Day 4

"Love is Thoughful"6/26/2012...more

Doing The Love Dare: Day 3

"Love Is Not Selfish"6/25/1012I am sitting on the fence right now about having faith this will work or believing that this is an impossible task. However tonight since I came home we have mutually managed not to fight....and me not be negative and nit pick but rather thank him for actually putting a good effort into cleaning the room. Sometimes it's hard to have faith in much but I keep remembering that through God anything is possible....more