Night Time is the Wrong Time

Check out for more!Happy Friday y’all! First, can I just say when I was looking for a picture of “lonely Black woman” it kept giving me photos of Black women at church?!!? That made me laugh and cry all at the same time....more


The one thing I wish my mother taught me

As I'm aging I'm slowly learning I'm not very good at dating.  Or at least I'm not very good at staying away from the wrong guys....more

If Only People Came with Warning Labels

Editor’s Note: Can you imagine how much easier dating would be if people came with warning labels attached? Would you pay attention to the label or give people the benefit of the doubt? What about your own warning labels -- what would they say? Would you be disappointed if someone turned you down based only on the label or would the benefits of these outweigh the risks? Photo by Jose C. Silva. ...more

The Shadow over My Happiness

Happiness is relative. Happiness can be determined by other people’s happiness. Happiness can be momentary. Happiness can be fleeting. Happiness can be…overpowered. Yes, it can be overpowered by loneliness, insecurity, mistrust, frustration, doubt—essentially any negativity.  Recently, I’ve been letting those things affect my happiness. I’ve been letting these outside forces affect my mood, affect my view on life, affect how I operate. I’m not happy right now and I need to be....more
It sounds trite, and I'm sure you aren't looking for aphorisms, but here it is anyway: You ...more

Doubting a Good Thing?

Is it natural to doubt your relationship or is it a caution flag of something to avoid in the future? I find myself wanting to live in the same city as my long-distance boyfriend, but doubting it will actually ever happen. We’ve dated off and on for four-and-a-half years and during that time, we’ve always lived in different cities. I just don’t know what it would have to take before he or I would transport our lives to a different city.  If it hasn’t happened yet, why should I expect it to ever happen?...more

Faith vs. Foolishness


Stepping Out: The Top 5 Reasons Women Cheat

I had a conversation with a male friend recently, and he asked me what are some of the signs that a woman might be cheating. I thought to myself, "You dare ask me to divulge ancient SistaGirl secrets to your kind?" So, I deflected the question and turned it back around on him asking, "The real question you need to ask yourself is: Does she have reason to cheat?" ...more


As I mentioned before I was in an abusive relationship. There are many things that happend during that time, things I wasn't allowed to talk about. Now that I'm free, I need to get them off my chest. Here are my secrets. For about a month after the move to Denver I wasn't allowed to say anything online about it because Mel might see and know that I'm living with you.You used to say you would boink me in a closet right before you married Mel. You slapped me across the face because I didn't want to give you head....more