Getting a Tattoo

SO I DID IT.  I got a tattoo, went for the rebellion.  and it was fun. ...more

Gay? Straight? Bi? Why?

Allena Gabosch (the co-founder and Executive Director of The Center For Sex Positive Culture) and I enjoyed a Slutty Redhead and a Moscow Mule as we discussed fomenting sexual revolution. There are worse ways to spend an evening – but not many better ways....more

Are you Willing to be Unhappy, just so you're not Alone?

As friends around you begin to settle down, buy houses and have children, many women find themselves standing at the crossroads of Start Over and He's Good Enough. Having invested so many years into the wrong man, bad boyfriend or all around ugly person they begin to wonder what's worse - starting over as a single women, or stay in a loveless relationship?...more

My favourite teas (who you calling a tease?!)

Hey Anita - thanks for the suggestions! I've never had aryuverdic tea. I no longer take sugar ...more

How To Keep It Hot & Interesting

Tomorrow is promised to no one and what little time we have on this earth shared with someone we love and adore is precious. ...more


The LOOK Single women have perfected a way to attract men.  They call it the look.  And it goes something like this.  She spots you a...more

Would You Marry You?

You love Valentine’s Day, it’s such a blissful thing, to celebrate your love. But somehow, the reality of Valentine’s Day rarely lives up to your fantasy of it. The restaurant was crowded, he didn’t comment (or comment enough) on your new outfit, the five pounds you lost or the perfect way your special sparkly make-up turned out, and the love-making was, well, perfunctory, instead of the blast your socks off you had dreamed of. Or perhaps, you’re single. And not just single, by yourself. On Valentine’s Day. Alone....more

Woman with the foreign Latin accent

Sofia Vergara said what she liked the most about her boyfriend was the fact that he doesn’t care that her English is broken, what I think she meant was that she speaks with an accent. Well hey, she comes from Colombia, her native language is Spanish not English. It is okay to have an accent, it’s not a requirement to speak like “white American” and what does that mean anyway? ...more