And The Beat Goes On

I’ve always felt a sincere connection to my ...more

Breakup Café

I met a guy at a cute little café in the city when I was 21 and we immediately hit it off – it wasn’t my normal place to go, so it became a little special to me after that night; I thought it was for both of us. We had an incredible couple of months together. Everything between us clicked perfectly – intellectually, physically and everything in between. I was so happy and loved every second we spent together. Sometimes, I even thought that he could have been “the one”.After about 3 months, he changed a little bit....more

A Walk Down Memory Lane: "As We Mature, The Relationship Matures"*

Another blast from the past!  From May 24, 2009......more

Date Night Ideas

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Louie Doesn't Lead the Way

While the last few weeks have been ...more

The Shift

There seems to come a point after you get married when you stop being boyfriend and girlfriend and start being husband and wife. And it's not when you say, "I do." Shortly after we married, everyone would ask A.P. and I if it felt different. "It" being that we were married now, and no longer living in sin. For the most part, I always responded with the joke, "No, it feels like the same boring sh*t." And I meant it, because at the time, it did feel like the same boring sh*t. But it feels different....more

I agree with you completely, Patty. Sadly, I'm an analyzer. It's what I do for a living, and ...more

Emotions: Helpers or Control-Freaks?

Recently my husband and I received some “great” news. In fact, it was so “great” it had a rock plummeting to the bottom of my stomach, and made me wonder if I needed to make a run to the bathroom. The news was so “lovely” the only thing we could do in those first few minutes was fixate on how we were being meddled, okay screwed, over by someone who has attacked something dear to us _____ (you may fill in the blank here). After the initial onslaught of emotions—I woke up....more

Not At All Wordless Wednesday! (Engagement entry!)

Ignore my gross hand, ya'll. Focus on the ring!...more

Men Feel The Pain Too

Men Feel The Pain Too One of the biggest obstacles singles encounter when they become serious about finding the right partner for a long term relationship is rejection.  With this in mind it becomes nearly impossible to make things happen; it's a bitter ingredient in the recipe for failure.  Read more   Rachael R. Lorenz...more