Is Playing "Hard to Get" A Losing Game?

Women's magazines have made a tidy profit telling us how to behave to capture the attention of the man we want. While most of it inspires fits of rage, some studies relating to patterns of attraction are quite interesting. Here, Susan Walsh summarizes a study that found why playing hard to get is not all it's cracked up to be. ...more
The guys that I ignored and was mean to because I didn't like them seemed to love that treatment ...more

Can You Smell "The One"?

There’s a whole lot of interesting research out there about pheromones.I’ve read that folks are making perfumes with pheromones in them to help you attract the right partner…crazy!  Then again, I’ve also heard that all you have to do is wear the smell of vanilla or chocolate chip cookies and a parade of men will follow you down the street. LOL…wouldn’t it be fun if it were that easy? ...more

There Will Be No Wine but plenty of Cheese

Here it comes... that gale of disappointment... and down like the Titanic. This time I am not being over-critical. It was too much information, and a red-light the size of a lighthouse beacon...Just when you think you haven't met the uber level of cheese from someone you think could be a decent candiate to know better.......more

Don't Tell Me I Got Married Too Young

While at a birthday party in a crowded and loud pub, a woman I had met just twenty minutes earlier shouted at me, “WOW! You got married young!”Dumbfounded, I didn’t quite know what to say, which is why the dreaded words pour out of my mouth, “Well, when you know, you know!” The fact was I hated when people told me this while I was engaged. It seemed to be the most cliche explanation that gives no guidance as to how to decide whether to get married....more
I won't tell you got married to young - a lot of my friends got married around the same age. I ...more

Return of the EX

What are you supposed to do when the ex who broke your heart contacts you after months of silence?My last contact with Mr Ex was 3 months ago – he broke my heart then wrote me a text message telling me to ‘delete my number’. So I got the point, deleted his number and eventually got over him via the rule ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Last Friday night I received an email from him that had ONE WORD in it......”HI”. Seriously, could he not have written anything more?This one little word has brought back a rush of emotions....more
So - I want an answer. I am far too curious! Its one of those things that when it reappears, it ...more

A Woman and Her Six Husbands

The other day, I saw a guy on TV who was promoting his new book, "The Six Husbands Every Woman Should Have."  I stopped what I was doing to have a look and listen.  Geez, if I'd known I should have six husbands, marriage might have been more appealing to me.  It was the whole finding-one-and-till-death-do-us-part thing that tripped me up. ...more

Dating Advice: Know Your Strengths

I'm currently participating in a one-on-one dating advice coaching program, Fit4Love and Sheila Paxton is my personal coach. The goal of the program is to prepare me to start dating, for me to feel confident about dating and to enjoy dating. We're not even halfway through the program and I'm already feeling much more comfortable about dating. My work this past week was about knowing my strengths. ...more

Dating Boys. How Young Can You Go?

So Demi and Ashton are finished.  They hung in there for six years which is about 4 more than I thought they would.  She's 16 years older than he is.  I wish I had faith in these kinds of relationships, but I don't.  Not for marriage.  I think she should have kept him for a Boy Toy for a year or two and then let it go.  Marrying him made him think he was her equal…and he's not.  And, well, you see how he behaved once he got comfortable.   I'm all for dating younger men, but I think there should be a few rules. ...more

Jealousy...what is it good for?

Last night after my main squeeze went “night-night” I was having my daily dose of zoned out, do nothing, don’t think, don’t move time and let me just tell you how glorious that was. During this moment of my day I flipped through my overly full DVR list of “mommy shows” that I need to catch up on....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Why Am I Intimidating?

Dear Dr. Romance: Why am I intimidating? After I start talking to guys and I've hooked up with them, some have told me I am intimidating and they become shy in person. I'm not like scary or creepy or anything. (I'm tall, skinny, blonde hair and blue eyes.) But is there anything I can do to fix that?...more