Is Your Love Style Holding You Back?

It may be difficult to determine if your lovestyle is holding you back if you don't know what a love style is. Take a minute to read this article and get familiar.For those who are like me and just didn't feel like clicking the link, I'll offer a brief explanation. Lovestyles are the six manners in which human beings prefer to love and be loved developed and designed by John Lee in 1973 and 1988. ...more

Flirting Update

Initiating a conversation ...more

Making Valentine's Day Your Friend

Lots of single women dread Valentine’s Day. I would like to change that. For too many single women, Valentine’s Day is a loud reminder that they have no man (or woman, in some cases) to love. It’s a loud reminder of their sad, lonely lives…even though most days their lives are not very sad and not that lonely. On Valentine’s Day it is. And the lead-up to it is fraught with anxiety because “whatever will she do” on this day when couples all over the country are celebrating? (Even though that isn’t really happening). When I was a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Should I Date My Girlfriend's Best Friend?

Dear Dr. Romance: I need relationship advice!!!? I have been with my girlfriend for 4 months now and her best friend who's a girl is also my best friend and I'm very close with the best friend. Me and my girlfriend do fight a lot but there are times where I'm in love with her. And me and the friend have talked about a few times what it would be like if we went out and know it would be good because we have similar interests and sense of humor and trust each other so much....more

Can You Smell The Desperation?

I used to work with a woman years ago who had the men in the office scared out of their wits. It wasn’t because she was a tough boss or a demanding coworker…it was because she was totally desperate to land a man....more

Love in the Time of Baked Beans

Let St. Anthony Find Your True Love (A Valentine Day Ritual from Mexico)

 (Last year, while I was traveling in Mexico, I posted this blog post about a ritual and a restaurant I encountered in Morelia.  The restaurant owners claim that thousands of women have found their soul-mates thanks to their "shrine" to St. Anthony....more

Cup O' Amazing

Dear Ray,

I just tried to do a video blog of a letter to Ray my ex but I couldn't do it I started crying damn why do I love him so much so I'll do it as a written: Dear Ray, ...more

How I Met Your Father

My husband will hate that I’ve shared our story. I love him, but mostly I don’t care if this bothers him or not. It’s my story too. It’s the story of how we met.When you are in high school, everyone wants to know when you will get your driver’s license.  When you are in college, everyone wants to know what you are majoring in. When you finish college, everyone wants to know where you are working. When you are working, everyone wants to know if you are dating anyone....more