Dear Dr. Romance: I loved her then and I love her today

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

His Name was Devin Part 2 ( Love Gone Wrong Story)

So let me stop here. What conversation did Devin and I have on the plane you ask? Ladies, we talked about his music and my writing. Relationships came up and first thing he said he was formerly married when he was young. That he had no kids. We both had lost our moms within a year of each other which is how we bonded I believe. He was just too good to be true and ladies it came to be truth on all accounts.  ...more

Relationship Patterns & Soulful Truth Telling

“As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.”  Henry Van Dyke If you want to know what your love life will look like in the coming year, you only need to know the answer to one question: “Are you willing to do something differently in 2015 than you have in years past?”...more

What About Confident Men Turns You On?

I love a confident man!!! Who doesn’t?Not arrogant.Not self-important.NOT a fucking douche....more


Have you ever been with someone but you were confused as to whether they truly loved you or not? They may say it, they may even show it at times, but their words and actions are not consistent with a person who has chosen to love you. Well no need to be confused any longer. He/She does NOT love you. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say that he/she doesn’t have any idea what love is, much less what it entails....more
love to me : te days I dont love my self (PMS DAYS) when I am in rare form and my husband still ...more

Debra "Debbie" Lee Bochicchio's and Richard Antolino Geraci's Fairy Tale

I have a story to tell however there is not enought space here for it:Debra "Debbie" Lee Bochicchio's Fairy Tale"The basic premise for the story is your typical tragic love story, man (Mico) is true to his woman (Debra Bochicchio), and woman deceives him with another who is married. The married man (Richard Antolino Geraci) deceives his woman, yada, yada, yada. The devil is in the details. I had more information about Debra's new "friend" then she did (sassy wink)."...more

His Name was Devin Part 1 ( Love gone wrong story)

March 17, 2014 was a Sunday; I was flying to Kansas to see my best friend. It was my first trip since my father’s successful heart surgery.  I checked into Southwest. Found my gate and was watching television. Cnn was on and a very good looking man sat next to me. We both laughed at something that was amusing on the television. I looked over and smiled. We started making small talk. He introduced himself as Devin, a musician specifically a drummer....more

Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Cat Cafe

So this weekend I headed over to the “Cat Café and Spa”, in hopes of meeting similar minded people who love the meow.My cat and I sat at a great table by the window, the views were fabulous. The cat was thrilled to be there, you could really see the joy in his face.The waitress came to take our order.The “Cat” special for the day was Filet Mignon or a Salmon Fillet. (This special includes a half hour cat massage and a cat facial)“Mr. Whiskers, do you want the Steak or Salmon?Tap your paw once for steak, twice for salmon....more

So You Want to Love a Writer

I stopped writing for a moment to get a drink, which lead to me seeing that the trash was overflowing so I took out the trash and discovered that it is very sunny and 65 degrees outside. So, I sat down to soak up some vitamin D and feel the warmth!...more

A Guide to HIV Dating

Living with HIV is tough, as many positive people around the world will tell you. However, things become more bearable when dealing with them as a couple. But what can the singles do? How do they get around meeting someone new when living with the HIV stigma on their head? How to tell a new partner that you are HIV positive? Should you date someone in the same situation? Here are a few things you should know about dating with HIV:Online dating...more