I have known this guy for 26+ years. We became bestfriends when we were in our early 20's. We ended up falling in love with each other and always wanting to be around each other. Although we were in love, we didn't have sex for 2 years after. It was good for about a year until some else interfered. It broke my heart and it wasn't true. We eventually talked again and the feelings seemed dim. To make a long story short, 16 years later we are still friends. Now in our late 30's, we have became closer. The problem is we have a strong physical attraction for one another that is almost ridiculous....more

Dilemma: Old Flames in Family Photos

Significant others come and go throughout life, occasionally creating a problem with special event photos that include them.You want to display the cherished photo, but you don’t want to gaze at the face of the ex who broke your heart or got on your last nerve. ...more


I was having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who wanted to break things off with a girl he had been “talking two” for a few weeks. He wanted my advice on how she should approach this situation. In order to give accurate advice, I needed to assess the situation, so I asked him what he had done so far? After he listed the different ways he’s attempted to let this young lady go, I was baffled as to how she hadn’t gotten the point already....more

Dating and "The Silent Treatment": How Do You Deal?

The dreaded silent treatment.Is there anything worse or more uncomfortable than the morning after an amazing date? Your phone hasn't rung or buzzed once with a cute message or a quick "good morning". It just sits on your nightstand mocking you.  You check it like grandma used to check her kettle on the stove. And we all know what they say about a watched kettle...UGGGH!...more
Adelewishnot Don't get frustrated. Have fun with online dating until it's not fun anymore. ...more

When Should You Send a Text vs. a "Sext"?

Here's a newsflash for those of us who first dated in the last century: decoding texts or emails in this digital dating age can be brutal.Make no mistake, because of online dating, you are intimately connected to your gadgets. You think it was bad way back in the day to wait at home for a call? Now you carry the damn instrument of your fate everywhere with you to maybe not get an email or text either. You have added opportunities to obsess over “did he/ didn’t he?” and “will he/ won’t he?” Sigh. An electronic maelstrom of self-doubt and dating angst. Good times....more
Adelewishnot Isn't it sooo weird to "know/ not know" someone?? It's just a whole new world o' ...more

More Than My Vagina!

3 Tips for Online Dating Newbies

Gone are the days where you have to physically place yourself in a position to meet the man of your dreams. Online dating has become one of the primary ways of meeting new prospects for singles on the go....more

4 Red Flags to Never Ignore in a Potential Partner

Dating can be a stressful process, especially if you’re looking for something long term. In the beginning your time is spent getting to know your potential partner....more

Coming to terms

Everyone has their own way of getting over relationships.  Sometimes the way a person chooses to do this can seem strange to other people.  It doesn't matter what others think because it is the person's own logic and really if it works for them that is what matters.  Maybe my way of getting over relationships might seem strange or maybe it seems perfectly logical.  Who knows what people will think and really who cares.  The way I tend to get over a guy is I am friends with them after we break up....more