Give First

Most men and people for that matter are focused on what they will be able to get from a person. If they meet them they only see the value in it for what they can receive. Whether it is a romantic relationship, business relationship, or even just a friendship, focus on giving first.When you give first to the other person with no attachment to receiving, you are far more likely to get what you want. Your relationships will thrive much better when you don’t have to receive but can give....more

When Your STD Interrupts Your Sex Life: Tips and Advice

A knowing glance across the room. A certain sigh before bedtime. The perfect music on the stereo. There are many clear signs that your partner is ready for a romantic evening together. Anticipation of intimacy is often a cause for excitement and delight in a relationship. But, what if you are unable to be intimate with your partner when they would like to have sex due to symptoms or pain caused by your STD? ...more

I'm Grateful for the Relationship I (Almost) Had

Before I say anything further, I will be honest with you: it hurt. Yes, it hurt big time the moment I realized the relationship would never be what I wish it could be and he was never going to feel for me the way I felt for him. All I had was something that was "almost".I blamed myself. I traced back to every second we were together, asking myself what I did wrong that ruined my chance of something more, something solid. Since we were never in a relationship, there was no break up or any closure; only me left with a broken heart and millions of what-ifs....more
Thanks a lot for reading :)more

Double Date

Dinner with just you and your spouse are important and necessary if you ask me, but dinners for four are just as important.  According to a study at Wayne State University bonding with other couples actually strengthens your own relationship.  ...more

I Wonder Wednesday: Can A Minimum Wage Boo Make You Happy?

 Can someone who makes minimum wage, or anywhere near, make you happy if you’re making considerably more money? Does money matter? I was listening to the radio and that question was raised. And it made me wonder, is it actually possible? Can you be happy if your significant other does not bring home mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money?...more

How To Make A Soul Mate: Love Secret #2 The tricks to making rather than meeting your soul mate

#MakingMySoulMateDo you believe in soul-mates? Well I don't - at least not in the classic sense. I firmly believe that the chance of meeting your soulmate is about as likely as Santa coming down my chimney. Given that I'm Jewish and have no chimney that would be very unlikely indeed....more
Your action points are spot on. However, being single I will have to say that finding those ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I have never put up with any crap until this one came along

Dear Dr. RomanceI met a girl about three years ago at work. We both saw a connection, but neither one of us followed up on it. We were both in relationships, she was married. Several months later she told me things weren't good at home and we had started talking. She and I became inseparable. She worked with me all of the time and we spent tons of time together. We did everything like we were a couple, best friends as well as lovers. She said I am the love of her life....more

Premonitions and the One I Would Do Over.

I’ve stated many a time I believe in sacred contracts – who, when and how long – and I stand by that. That means I also don’t spend much time looking back or wishing things worked out differently because I believe they work out exactly as they were supposed to. I may not be particularly fucking HAPPY about it. But....more

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Keep Secrets in Relationships

According to a recent research one out of five people keep a significant secret from their partner, such as money troubles, adultery, dark family secrets or certain evens from their past.  What’s even more surprising, a good quarter of the respondents claimed they’ve been keeping their secret for over 25 years!...more

Dr. Romance on The Right Way to Love

Dr. Romance writes:There’s a pervasive myth in our society that there is a right and a wrong way to love. However, there’s not much clarity about what the right might be. We all have difficulty with relationships and difficulty with love. Therefore, we’re liable to draw the uncomfortable conclusion: “Everyone knows how to love correctly except me.”...more