#OnlineDating: If You Ever Forget You’re 30, a 20-Something is Happy to Remind You

One of the many joys of online dating is being reminded of your age. Here are a couple fantastic reminders I've received over the years....more

The Time Two Guys Tried to Switch During Sex

 A friend of mine told me a horrifying story last week that put many of my bad dates to shame. Every time I thought my jaw couldn’t drop any further, a new detail shocked me again.Back in freshman year of college, Ellie, a really pretty, petite girl, had her eye on a hot junior, John, who lived down the hall in her co-ed dorm. The two started making out at a party in his room, and before she knew it, everyone was gone and it was just the two of them. Things got hot and heavy, and they ended up naked on his bed with the lights off. That’s when he got up to get a condom.When he got back on top of her with the condom, she opened her eyes to a terrifying sight — the naked guy sitting on her WAS NOT JOHN. ...more
tpexiaojie I agree with you! Except my ass would have been out of there the first time! I would ...more

I'm Bisexual, Polyamorous, and... Single

“So when are you gonna get a boyfriend?”“How do you really know you’re bi if you’ve never been with a girl?”“You still a virgin.”“Threesome?”“Why hasn’t it ever worked out for you?”“At least you have twice the chance of finding a date on a Saturday night.”...more
codenamepercy Thank you so much for reading and sharing! This is why I write -- to reach people. ...more

Top 5 Fall Date Ideas in Toronto

Fall is one of our favourite seasons: the leaves start to change colours, the days get shorter, and the weather gets crisp and cool. It’s easy to give in and want to just stay in and hibernate, but in reality there are so many fun activities that you don’t get to partake in any other time of the year. In celebration of the fall season, we’ve come up with the top 5 fall date ideas in Toronto that are both affordable and fun!Go for a Walk...more

Make the Most of Your First Date Conversations

Soooo…what do you talk about on a first date? Well, wouldn’t it be a perfect world if they all had conversation that flowed like a chocolate fountain over cream puffs and strawberries? Hello! But we all know that, unless you hit the first date jackpot, you’re going to have to put some thought and effort into getting that verbal rapport started. I’m not saying you should sweat it like an Oompa Loompa at the chocolate factory; if it’s THAT hard, remember to breathe! However, while playing it by ear, a few bon mots/ clever questions up your sleeve are always a “do”....more

Asking for What you Want


The Time I Canceled eHarmony and Got Jinxed by ePhil

I re-subscribed to my eHarmony account one optimistic (a.k.a. frustrated with dating and at the gates of Jadesville) Sunday evening. I have never had luck on this particular site… too few matches, very little attraction to them, overly restrictive communication, yada yada. However, I was willing to try it again if I could retake my personality test and give it another go!...more

What is the Loneliness of the Long Term Dater.

Girlies, there’s just no way to say this easily so I’m just going to blurt it out: I’M STILL ONLINE.I’ll spare you the actual date I’m writing this; just be aware my blog is chronological and I’m only at the very beginning of my trials and tribulations in writing but in life did I mention I’M STILL ONLINE??...more

Workin' for a Lovin'

From the Twitterverse @MartinQuinn66 asks:...more

Is Chivalry Dead?

   We hear this question all the time:  Is Chivalry Dead?I often teeter the line on being a full-blown feminist, and feminists believe in equal rights and equal treatment of both sexes.  Right?  So does that make me a hypocrite if I still want to be treated a certain way because I’m a female?  Ya know; nice, old-fashioned, polite gestures from men?  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!...more