10 Reasons Why Interracial Relationships Are The New Black

With racial tensions rising on a global scale, from antisemitism, to the war on black youth, to ISIS and the rise of extreme fundamentalism, never has there been a more important time to celebrate the beauty and importance of sharing in our differences.  So, we decided to put together a list of the top 10 reasons, why interracial relationships are all the rage:...more

Have You Been a Victim of Love?

Star-crossed lovers we were. Or so I thought. Now I’m only faced with a barrage of endless questions, wondering if what we shared, what I thought we shared on and off for the past nine years was a facade — an idealized figment of my imagination. He was my Mr. Big-- A fleeting love, a love I couldn’t encapsulate as hard as I tried. A love which, the closer I felt myself inching towards completion and falling into him, the further he danced away from me. A love that was never quite within reach. ...more

Cheap and Free Summer Date Ideas

Coming up with unique yet affordable date ideas can be difficult. Often couples will find themselves in the rut of only doing dinner/movie dates, and getting bored of them. Maybe you can’t think of any other unique date ideas, or maybe you think fun and unique has to equal expensive. But it doesn’t! Summer is the perfect time to mix it up, head outside, and try something new with your significant other. Today I’m sharing some cheap and free summer date ideas that we should all be trying!...more

Infidelity and Hoarding

Countless books have been written about it.  Radio talk show hosts shame us about it every day.  Life coaches challenge us to implement it.  “Let the man chase you!”  They say....more

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Celibacy When Tasting the Rainbow Wasn’t Enough

I am an attractive black woman and I have been celibate for about two years now.  Why do you ask?  I got tired of wasting my pretty on liars and losers…plain and simple.  I understand that not everyone is ready for celibacy as a lifestyle, but for me it has been most empowering.  I have to admit that for me it wasn’t as hard of a decision as it might be for others, as ...more

Stuck Inside the Box

I was accompanying my parents in a gathering with their friends, whom I knew since middle school. The first thing one of their friends said to me was “Wow, your hair is so short now. Just like a boy. Why don’t you keep your long hair?” She continues, “Oh you don’t usually wear a dress right? Maybe should start to wear dresses more often!” As the conversation continues, “You are doing a masters’ degree? That’s great! Though it’s more important to find a good man who can provide for you.” For a second, I thought I was in 1953....more

Netflix, We're Going To Have To Stop Seeing Each Other For A While. It's Not You, It's Me...

 Hey, Netflix. How are you?Miss you, boo....more

Prince Charming Doesn't Exist

Some people fall in love at a coffee shop, their eyes meeting and instantaneously telling them that they have found their match. Others meet while passing each other on the street or at the library. Love reveals itself at the mall, at work, in the produce aisle of a grocery store. It can come all at once, or it can languidly reveal itself between mutual friends. Love can transpire between two acquaintances thrown together by mutual friends or a dating website. It can come when we are young, when we are old, or anytime in between....more

Rosie oh Rosie Project

It has been sitting in my pile of books for some time now, don't ask why I didn't get to it earlier, because you probably already know some of the reasons. The least of which is, I don't like reading a book while it's being hooted and tooted...more

Hey! Are You Awake?

2:00AMPhone Rings.....Man: "Hey! Are you awake"?Woman: "No, I'm flying a rocket ship".Man: "What are you up to"?...more