Who Cares About Him, Anyway?

This is something that I often see with my clients and that has definitely happened in my own life.We go through a breakup, usually not being the one to end it, and are left feeling like something was wrong with us....more

I Followed Princeton Mom's "Marry Smart" Advice and It Was The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did

“Princeton Mom” Susan Patton’s new book Marry Smart offers dumb advice for women. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing your story, Pauline. I am frankly not a fan of her advice or ...more

Finding Love Online

Finding love online used to be taboo ... but not anymore.  According to a recent study by the University of Chicago, 35% of people who were married within the past 7 years actually met online!...more

What do you think? Have you ever done it?

Have you ever given someone a hicky in order to "leave your mark on them" so others will know he/she is "taken"????What do you think about those who do this?...more
No, that is as bad as peeing on someone, like a dog would.  They are not your property and this ...more

Getting To Yes

The average person pays more attention to what she’s saying or thinking about than what she is hearing, or how her words are “landing” on the other person. This self-involvement gets worse during an argument. You can become a much more effective communicator by using “attentive speaking” a simple and highly effective technique that will help you pay attention to how well you’re communicating, whether it’s with your partner, your children, or extended family, or co-workers. ...more

Do you think men expect anything from a lady if he takes her on a date and pays for everything?

What do you think?Do you think men expect anything from a lady if he takes her on a date and pays for everything?...more

The Art of Surviving A Break-Up

No two break-ups are exactly alike.  It then follows that no two heartbreaks will ever be exactly the same.  Our uniqueness as individuals creates for us distinct ways of experiencing and dealing with pain, much like having a ‘heartbreak fingerprint’, if you will.  The intensity, the length of time spent in this grieving process, our coping mechanisms, all depend not only on the quality of the just-ended-relationship, but also on what our personalities are like.  I’m an intense person who leans towa...more
Jeana  So true Jeana.  And that's a really positive way of looking at it and defining it. ...more

Dr. Romance: Does your relationship need a spring cleaning?

 Dr. Romance: tips on spring cleaning your marriage:Over an extended period of time, dust and detritus can accumulate in even the best marriage. Spring cleaning, to clear out the cobwebs and re-energize your connection, is a great idea. Just like a regular housework schedule, regular weekly talks (I call them State of the Union discussions) keep the problems minor, the resentment level down, and the communication open, so that there is time and space for intimacy....more