Birthday Shuffle V - Day 3 - Cold Hearted

It's always sad to lose a friendship, and worse when it's over something stupid like a man.   I went to college in San Diego, and I had a close circle of friends;  in particular, two friends that I had made while living in the residence halls....more
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10 Tips When Dating A Single Mom

I know as single moms, we tend to get a lot of advice and majority of the time it’s unsolicited. But how often do you hear about men getting good, solid advice when it comes to dating single moms. Well, I’m here to speak on behalf of the mothers....more
What a great post and helpful tips for many men out there who need this advice.  I know some ...more

I Wonder Wednesday: Why Do Men Feel the Need to Send Unsolicited Pictures?

I wonder why men feel the need to send pictures as soon as they start talking you?I may have been off  this dating scene for a minute, so perhaps the rules have changed a bit, but these unsolicited photos have got to stop!...more


For months I have pride myself in not falling for guys' tricks. I have remained celibate and two steps ahead every time. I have not allowed myself to be distracted from my goals and have refused to skip the gym for a guy. Then Karma came along. Karma was my coworkers friend. My coworker of course told Karma that I was mean and suspected I would crush him....more

I Randomly Bumped into My "EX"

I bumped into one of my ex’s (well technically I just saw him) because we didn’t speak. But you know the moment you feel someone staring a hole right through you, you turn, and lock eyes? Well when I turned I locked eyes with my "EX"....more

The Price for Love

I spent about a months time as an Escort, yes I know, scandalous right? Not really. A lot of people don't know that there is a difference between escorting and prostitution. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Can short guys date?

Dear Dr. Romance :...more

Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

It is pretty safe to say that having to part with your loved one is not fun. Not one bit. Those who have experienced this will know all about that heavy, achy feeling of longing for someone and just how harsh it can be....more

Wild Alien Mystic Seeks Same

I wrote this profile for a dating website last year, but took it down because I was getting too much attention from guys who, I think, were focusing on one paragraph towards the end.  You'll know which one when you get there.  Now I post it here as a note to the Universe:  "This is what I want.  Thank you for bringing it to me." Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read what I have to say about myself and the relationship I intend to co-create with some awesome man in the immediate future. ...more