Turnaround Time

Solstice is the day near year end when the sun is furthest away from the Earth, and immediately begins to come closer again. Solstice marks a celestial turning point, and it’s no coincidence that we celebrate the end of the old year, and begin a new year of birth and renewal at this time. It’s a time of new beginnings, of letting go of the old and generating the new. Many of my clients come in looking for a new way to see or do things, or a way to let go and refocus. What kind of renewal do you want to generate in your own life? ...more

Problem Solving for Couples

In a previous article “From Struggling to Solving” I discussed how to get from arguing to solving problems. Getting into the right frame of mind is a great start, but many of my clients also need steps for how to solve problems. Here are three of my most effective tips. How to Have a State of the Union Meeting:...more

Five Sure Fire Ways to Get the Passion Back

The most dangerous myth about marriage is the commonly held belief that it’s natural for the “spark” to fade over time.  Most people believe that littlesomething, something, that was so juicy and delicious in the beginning will fade.  It’s natural....more

Bat Shit Crazy - The Road to Healing

When was the last time you went "bat shit" crazy for someone? What did you do? Go into stalker mode? (Not hard to do with social media.) Key someone's car? Pee on your ex's personal belongings?...more
Those are wise advice, I agree with you.more

You're Pretty For a Dark-Skinned Chick

"Excuse me miss, can I have a second of your time?"...more

How To Handle A Break Up

As they say, “breaking up is hard to do!” Well just as hard as the act itself is, so is surviving the first few weeks following a devastating break up.  It is easy to fall into a dark place and unless you take steps to move forward you could remain there for a while.  Here are some tips on what to do and also what not to do following a heartbreak.5 things you should do for yourself....more

Why Women Choose Bad Boys (10 Possible Explanations)

Why women choose bad boys over nice guys has been a mystery since time immemorial....more

When Being Single Is Really Awesome

When is being single really awesome? (1) While most people I know have their schedules and decisions tied up and dependent on their partner's/spouse's/kids' schedules, I am  totally free to decide for myself....more
myfemalepersuasion good for you for knowing what you want and being clear with it. yes, i ...more

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face in life is choosing to walk away or try harder.” Ziad K. Abdelnour ...more

The Single Girl Rant: 5 Guys We've All Dated At Least Once

Sometimes, being single gets old.When you hit your late twenties, if you’re not in a relationship, people seem to think something is actually wrong with you. Like the fact that you haven’t settled down yet indicates you’re damaged, or completely insane.I haven’t been in a serious relationship for over two years. In those two years, I have had the pleasure (and horror) of dating all kinds of kinds. There’s been good and the bad. The healing and the hurtful. I even got to experience the first breakup after the heartbreak of my ex....more
I fortunately have only dated 3 out of the 5 these type of guys. My favorite is the OKJoke guy ...more