The Imaginary Boyfriend

A week or so back, Jezebel posted an article on how to lose your imaginary boyfriend.  You can see it here
katjexia Pretty sure you're most men's dream come truemore

You're Dating a Chef? Please Read This!

If you just googled, “Dating a chef” and arrived here, welcome.  Welcome to this crazy life of being involved with someone in the culinary industry....more

Unlucky In Love On Valentine's Day? Here's To Your Happy Ending

Disclaimer.   As a single person for more days, months, and ahem years than I’d like to count, Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday.  After recovering from the Thanksgiving and Christmas shenanigans sans a partner, little time is given to exhale before the New Year’s cards are steamrolled off the shelves replaced by pink and red Valentine cards, some the size of people.     ...more
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What does it mean to be obedient?

Valentine's Day play book

In no special order, I've presented my Top 5 Valentine’s Day gift, recommendations titled: Special Order. In the past, the gifts that I’ve recommended, attributed to great last minute gift ideas for men to present to the lady in his life. They have also made great surprise gift ideas that were a part of a more planned surprise, for the ladies. As these list of recommendations became a more popular guide in the hands of men who were trying to determine that perfect gift, they circulated and ended up on the ladies desk....more

An open letter to my married mommy friends on Valentines Day

As a single woman in her 30’s, I appreciate you all worrying about my well-being on this day.  I’m sure you must think that not having a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is going to send me spiraling into an abyss of deep depression but I promise you, I’M FINE....more
That Shameless Hussy  HAHAHAHA "fix your own damn lives" hahaha #preachitmore

The 5 Covert Sexists You Meet Online

Any online dating profile containing the word “feminist” is bound to elicit some unsettling reactions, some merely misinformed – “I’m not a feminist; I believe in equality” – and some outright adversarial – “I guess you don’t want a man with balls” (that’s an actual OKCupid message). You probably won’t give these people* a second glance. But some are less upfront about their sexism. They may even make it through a few dates before you come face-to-face with their covert but insidious beliefs.1. Mr. Nice Guy...more
So whose left?  I'm Mr.Crawl into your chequing book. You can't resist.more

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

It’s just about that time of year. It seems that people get into more panic attacks over Valentine's gifts than when they’re shopping for Christmas....more
I actually have that little shower speaker, and I wouldn't say anything if it was a negligible ...more

Inside the Barber shop with Marvin Church

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Many of you are looking for original gift ideas and sentiments to express Happy Valentines, to the love of your life. Whether it's for your husband, significant other or the important man in your life, and it may be your goal to top what you did last year.Many people will flood the seasonal isle at Walmart, looking for that box of chocolates, teddy bear, maybe even a bottle of wine; before making dinner reservations at your fancy restaurant of choice. Perhaps all of the above along with jewelry and a heartfelt card....more