“Bag lady, you gone hurt your backDraggin all them bags like thatI guess nobody ever told youAll you must hold on toIs youIs youIs you”- Erykah BaduI’m not gone tell y'all how I old I was before I realized she wasn’t talking about actual bags.Any who,...more

A Recovering Hair Weave Addict Falls Off the Wagon

Ok. So I Love Big hair, Bright lips, and white teeth. Don't judge me....more

Ghosting: The Dating Disappearing Act (Who Ya Gonna Call?)

 Ghosting is a term used to describe the action of a person who disappears from another person’s life without so much as an explanation. This kind of behavior can haunt the jilted person for a very long time, making him or her obsess about what he or she may or may not have done to deserve the silent treatment.With the all-female version of the Ghostbusters movie about to be released, let me be the first woman to bust this new breed of Cowardly Ghosts....more

About break-ups and importance of staying yourself

 Wish to change yourself never comes to us because we have a good life. We never think the following way: “Oh my gosh, life is awesome! I want to change everything!” It comes mostly like this: “Life sucks, I should change something…”  In most of the cases it starts from the usual break up. Maybe at the age of 18, maybe 30, maybe later, it doesn’t matter. But usually earlier because we don’t have enough of practical wisdom for understanding real reasons. Or maybe we are just silly all our life, it depends on person and particular circumstances....more

How a Crop Top Ended My Relationship

In all seriousness, my ex-boyfriend and I were going to break up eventually. I think my cheap $3 crop top from Forever 21 just sped up the inevitable. We had been living together for over a year and I was at my breaking point. ( I would try to estimate how he was feeling around that time but this isn’t his blog)Also if you think this post will be about how he made me feel insecure the night I wore a crop top, prepare to be disappointed. I bought the top about a month before I wore it out. I thought the sales associate neglected to put it in my bag....more

Opening Up a Relationship, Keeping it Special

A lot of people think that it is impossible to have a ‘special’ romantic relationship with someone if you are free to see other people sexually (and particularly romantically/emotionally). I find that similar to saying that none of your ‘regular’ friendships with your female friends are special for the sole reason that you have more than one friend. Or that your relationships with each of your children are not unique either – and there is nothing further from the truth. Every relationship that you have with any given person in your life is unique....more

Dating an Addict

Dating someone for years is something most people are proud of.  People look at that as some sort of accomplishment, like they were able to achieve something others couldn't or haven't yet.  Especially when you are high school sweethearts.  You spend years with this person thinking you know everything about them, thinking you would do anything for them.  You are also thinking it would be the same if it were vice versa. ...more

Dr. Romance asks: Are you addicted to your smart phone?

Recently, clients have been coming in to Dr. Romance's office with questions about their cell phone use: either it is creating a problem in their relationship, or with getting work done, or even health problems.  Here's how to tell if you have cell phone addiction; and what to do about it....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Should I give up on her?

Dear Dr. RomanceA question for you: I have a female friend that I dated for 7 months - she dumped me - and is, I think, dating some other guy.The question is: I have tried to ask her for 5 or 6 different events - and have gotten turned down for each one - with some excuse - the excuse sounds good - but I think its just that an excuse. So, the other day Ipoint blank asked her -  do you want me to stop asking you out - and be honest" . Her reply was "NO"....more

If you are middle-aged and dating, avoid this guy.

You’d think men and women connecting as grown adults, with some life experience and wisdom behind them, would result in better experiences than what we all went through in our twenties.But you’d be wrong.As John Hughes once so brilliantly wrote, “People don’t mature anymore. They stay jackasses all their lives.”Strong, independent, emotionally secure women hitting their forties in this era are often surprised to find our hearts break just as easily as they did in the 90s. Unfortunately, we can’t just lose ourselves in ice cream and Cure albums anymore....more