Online Dating After 50 - Are You Kidding Me?

About five years ago, I abruptly ended a 10 year relationship with a man I loved and trusted. Being 54 at the time made it that much harder as the prospect of finding someone else I was so compatible with at my age seemed grim at best....more

How Tinder Plus Encourages Age Discrimination in Online Dating

If you haven’t heard the news about Tinder Plus, brace yourselves.The free dating app is going to be offering a new premium paid service. If you’re 18-29, you’re in luck! The service will cost a mere $9.99. But those of you about to celebrate the big 3-0? Well, you can kiss more of your hard-earned cash goodbye. You see, you’ll be paying $19.99 per month for the premium service....more

Why I Don't Believe In "The One"

It’s cliche to say that I have found “the one” – so I won’t. As a matter of fact, Eric, my fiance, isn’t “the one” for me. He is the one who chose me and who I chose back.Right now in this honeymoon phase of our relationship I feel like he is the one and only guy for me, however, I know that life happens and 10 years down the road from now I may have a baby on my hip, a completely different personality, and a husband that I no longer view as “the one.” Sadly, I may wonder at times why I ever thought he was “the one.”...more

"Mommy Issues" and Overcoming Sexual Shame

Sex is enjoyable, pleasurable, exciting, gratifying, and soul-shaking. That is often how we describe healthy sexual relationships between consenting partners. Words that are rarely used to describe them are "guilt" or "shame", yet that is how I felt for many years after becoming sexually active....more

Thriving & Surviving in the Modern Day Village

So it begins, once again. My two children, ages 13 and 10, and I have recently moved back in with my parents. Our little village, currently happens to have a busy household of 10  human members (even then, it sometimes is 12, depending on what time of the year it is), two older than dirt ghosts, four dogs, and four cats. I don't think my two sisters and I ever imagined we would still be living at home in 2015, but yet, here we are, Modern Day villagers in one family dwelling. ...more

Dr. Romance: You Are a Gift

Dr. Romance writes: Each of us is individual, special and different for a reason: You are a gift to the planet.Anthropology tells us we are different because we survive better that way – the recombining of genes in sexual reproduction makes us a stronger species than cloning would....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Everyone has been trying to reunite me with my exes.

Dear Dr. Romance:EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE has been TRYING and FAILING at having me reunite with one of my exes…or Something like that. My asinine brother took out pictures of my ex-husband of 9 years and started guilt-tripping me. The funny thing is this: I remained on good terms with ALL of my exes for reasons. I have NO Interest in running into anyone who I shared even a short period of my life with and having drama. It serves no good. Hence…the good term theory....more

Guidelines for Being Better Understood

1. Seek first to understand. If you know your partner's frame of reference, you can speak to him/her within it. 2. Pay attention to how your words are landing. If your companion's response looks off the mark for what you said, check out what he/she is hearing.... 3. Focus on the solution that would work for everyone, rather than who's right or wrong. Only focus on the problem long enough to understand, then switch to what will fix it. ...more

Let’s Have That Sex Talk Now, Kids.

I’m writing about sex today because it’s on my mind. And not in a good way. And it’s SEX, dude. If I’m thinking about it or you’re thinking about it, it SHOULD BE in a fucking good way, amiright? But it’s me here so let’s get real. Sigh. ...more
DatewithLucy haha!  Lucy you are the best!  Thanks for your POV.  Yeah---hit the gym last night ...more