Dr. Romance on Attitude Adjustment

Dr. Romance writes:I have blogged before about emotional hygiene, and doing the necessary maintenance on feelings as well as your physical body and household. Health reminders tell us to wash our hands frequently to prevent transmittal of diseases. Did you know you can “wash” your mood, too, and give yourself an attitude adjustment whenever you want to?...more

Your Sex Life Should Be Free of Regrets

“I just wanna fuck.”How often has this though crossed your mind, when you’re sitting next to someone who seems like a pretty wild ride in the sack?...more
Are you trying to read on an android? If so, you can try closing the browser and coming back. ...more

All The Single Ladies


Letting go of the bull and the horns. My top ten dont’s for online dating…

This week its a year since I sold my wedding dress and my wedding rings. Both cost a small fortune, so I’m glad they went to a good home. The reason I know such a random fact is because of my diary. ...more

You make me happy yet mad.

This guy I have been dating sine March (we are not official quite yet) is such a lover, yet teaser. You see.....he fought for us to meet. I liked this other guy at the time and did not know this other guy would have truly broken my heart, but he did. Then, I gave the guy I am with now a chance. His name is Bryan and he is so so wonderful. We texted for a week before we met and we sent each other sweet videos and texts. But, the thing is he does not like over attachment or to text too much. I have anxiety as the girl I am and I freak out very easily....more

Dear Dr. Romance: It's as if something turned out bad

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

The Truth About Online Dating

After my wife and I untied the knot, I had to put myself back on the market. If you thought adolescence was awkward, try posting pictures of yourself online so people can instantly judge and dismiss you.I’d rather be back in high school and go up to a girl sweating through my Lynryd Skynrd T-shirt with a face full of acne and take my chances.Women say guys rarely look like their picture, but I can assure you it goes both ways. Whoever said the camera doesn’t lie never went on a match.com date....more
I would like a dating app with live chat so you can really see who are you talking to. Just like ...more

12 Signs You’re In an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

The dating game always starts out innocently enough, doesn’t it? A movie date here, a bouquet of flowers there. You’re excited; there has been a lot of flirting, laughter and belly butterflies since you met this person a little while ago. You think this could be the start of something serious.The lies we tell ourselves when we meet someone new are extraordinary.It was Maya Angelou who said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”In my case, I experienced a type of abuse I never even knew existed....more
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What Playing the Low to No Stakes Game Taught Me.

Now I'm going to reminisce more recently about my five month stint on a cougar site. Yup. I was that 52 year old woman on a date with a 21 year old cutie and we had no idea whether you noticed or not because we were too busy checking each other out while talking, talking, talking. And YUP, he was too young for me as I told him in my first reply but as he told me judging someone by their age is really a dickhead move so then we ended up meeting twice. And more. ...more
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5 Relationship Survival Tips for Travelers

When my partner and I first met, we did the best we could when it came to “dating” because we both had very hectic schedules and we lived in different states. The long distance was hard enough, but adding the fact that we both traveled for work only added more challenges. A couple of years later, he moved to a closer state and became more stationary, but my travel increased a great deal. ...more
One time when I was traveling, I picked a time (maybe noon), and every day I texted my husband a ...more