Leading Infidelity Dating Site, Ashley Madison, Was Hacked

According to The Guardian, Ashley Madison, the popular dating site for people looking to have extramarital affairs, was hacked by people claiming they want the site shut down completely. It is believed to be an inside job, but that has not yet been confirmed....more
Well if there is one website I don't mind getting hacked is THIS ONE!more

Dating: It Just Took Two “Weird” Experiences to Figure Out What the Most Potent Red Flag Is! And it’s not what you think!

I am a 28 year woman and I discuss dating (or rather the possibilities of it in my life) with my best friend. And she does the same. We have been friends since nursery and have discussed love, intimacy, dating and flirting with each other—quite naturally without feeling the need for censorship. I haven’t been in a serious relationship all my life while she has had two of them. However, we do discuss “men” in our lives and every time we do so, it’s me who comes up with the right prediction while discussing her relationships and vice versa....more

I Like Being a Single-And-Not-Looking Mom

I'm a single mother. You would think that if anyone could avoid holding stereotypes about single moms, it would be me. Nonetheless, when I hear the term "single mom" thrown around as shorthand by politicians or journalists, I follow them right to the stereotypes they're abusing....more
Great post Sadia! I totally agree that the term "single mother" automatically makes you think of ...more

I wonder where?

Its seems that's now and days dating just ......sucks. You never know rather its true love or as if they are trying to hit it and leave it. Its like men now and days are mostly all the same. Different faces and different voices but all the same intensions. Its hard to see under the mask they so well wear upon there faces. Their words make you feel loved and wanted and make you feel as if you may actually be important and exist in the world or to them. The first date its the best well at least in most cases....more


Since my friends got a kick out of my "LIST" that I wrote when I was 22, I decided to  write a new list for my single girls to follow. Now I am a 30 year old, so my friends are over 27. This is the list you should follow.  Because THE QUEEN said so....more

Is It a Bad Idea to Date a Younger Man?

Cougar. Usually, the word first brings to mind a large mountain cat. However, in the dating world, a cougar is something very different. Women who look to date younger men are often thought of as “on the prowl” by society. But is that really an accurate description? Is it really a bad idea to go for someone much younger than you? Is age just a number, or is it something that should be a large factor in choosing a life partner?...more

An Exposition of the Fallacy that "Hooking Up" Dominates Today's Dating Culture.

The common perception about today's dating culture is that it is dominated by "hooking up", or for those less informed on today's slang, sexual encounters that are non-committal, non-emotional, and often-times random. I won't deny that this has become much more frequent in today's age.  However, I take issue with the sentiment that it dominates how men and women interact in the dating realm. I'm sure in college you probably had your share of one-night stands or friends with benefits. I'm sure that your friends have also, and your friend's friends, and so on....more


I go to a singles bible study every now and then and an acquaintance, let’s call him Franco, started attending as a result of me telling him how much I enjoy the studies.  One day Franco informed me that he didn’t really need singles bible study because he already knew who he was going to marry and after a couple of minutes of going back and forth he revealed that his wife to be was me...more
Thank you for this! After reading this, I know my worth. Right now, I am in a questionable ...more

DOs and DON'Ts of Senior Dating Conversations

You need a certain amount of energy, patience and tenacity for navigating the dating world. There is no doubt that this is very challenging, especially when you have crossed into your forties. But, the important thing to remember is that it isn’t impossible thanks to online dating. This is a modern way of finding love where you can introduce yourself to people who appeal to you. These websites allow you to build profiles where you can enter personal information about yourself to find someone suitable for you....more

Dating for Hoarders

I went into hoarder mode shopping for men on "OK Cupid” and “Plenty of Fish.”  I answered messages from anyone who seemed interesting and reached out to anyone who had “liked my profile” whose profile I also liked.  I was averaging about two dates or initial “meet ups” a day three or four days a week for several months.  It was kind of like clearance shopping....more