Love is a Verb; Snoopy gave me proof.

Because I have too much time on my hands these days I can now return to my regularly scheduled over thinking and self-analysis. And because relationships, connections, and what defines love and friendship have been on my mind, I can feel when the wheels are turning and some writing is in order. When this happens I usually like to discuss a topic with friends to get their insight or further prodding before I actually begin writing anything. There are several different threads tied around relationships in my life that are asking for my attention....more

I'm Single Because . . .

My 'Purity Ring' Helped Me Feel Empowered by Sex

I have a purity ring.I got it when I was nearly fifteen years old, accompanied by a lovely ceremony for which I wore a fluffy, beautiful white dress. After waltzing with my father and performing a dance as my talent, I, along with nine other girls, made a promise to not have sex until I was married.When I turned twenty, that promise was broken. I cried right after the “deed” was done, and my bewildered boyfriend had to console me. I felt like I had failed.  That feeling continued, along with the pleasure from having sex, and I felt conflicted....more
This is a very interesting perspective. I definitely understand the guilt that comes along with ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I think she is really scared to go to therapy

Dear Dr. Romance:To be honest I think she is really scared to go to therapyI have been many timesAnd I know it worksAnd I really want her and I to learn how to communicatestumpedDear Reader:...more

I want to Say I Do, Until I Don't.

This past July my boyfriend declared he was ready to take the next step in our relationship by moving in to my house. Cohabiting was a topic we had tap danced around; the dance includes sessions of stomping on the idea and running from it at full speed. Other times it might be a slow dance that seems dreamy and in sync with our longterm goals. The man, however, lives directly across the street so it's not as though the idea of us moving in with the other screams louder than the convenience of things staying exactly as they are....more

How Do You Come Back From Nowhere?

The title is a rhetorical question and refers to dates or even non date connections that have that unfortunate rubber ball quality. I say unfortunate because it’s never someone you WANT coming back to you or you wouldn’t have thrown the fucking thing in the first place, am I right? ...more

Men’s Cologne – A Love Story

So the young guy in my building just showered and put on nice cologne. I’m about to claw through his door to bite him.What is it about nice cologne that makes women (just me?) crazy? I know what the guy looks like, he’s not attractive. He has a girlfriend and he’s younger than my children. None of this matters.Must. Bite. Punk.Naw, he’s not a punk and he tastes like bananas. (Probably the ones his mom mushed up for his breakfast. Visit me at:

Happy New Year from Dr. Romance!

 Dr. Romance on creating a Happy New YearMost of us are infused with good will and joy over the holidays, getting together with loved ones and friends, spreaking kindness, and being surrounded by reminders of holiday spirit.  The holidays happen around this time of year for a reason: it's the time when the old year ends, and the new one begins. We have yet another chance to start again.  Here are some ways to keep that happiness going....more

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Happy New Year! May you be filled with renewed energy for life, and the wisdom to put it to effective use. The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus—the god of beginnings and transitions. If you have seen depictions of him, you know he had two faces which looked both backward and forward. Thus, the transition month of the year bears his name. ...more

4 Reasons to Table Tough Conversations with Your Partner

In a perfect world, no one would ever need to put off a difficult conversation with a significant other. We would be zen-like all the time, speaking from our hearts, steering clear of accusations, and crystal clear on what we want to have happen next. We would be stellar listeners and paraphrasers and eager to make things right with the people we love the most....more
My sister does this all the time. Sometimes it is the time to table it; other times it is not.more