The Boy Who Thought He Had Game

Matt was the fourth guy I went on a date with and after the first 3 winners, I decided to take things really slow and be more selective about my time and energy. Here's a bit of a background story; Matt works with my friend and is known as a womanizer. I've heard all these stories about how he moves from woman to woman and never wants to settle down.So when word got out that he thought I was cute my friend was totally against it....more

I Would Rather Grow Old Alone Than Settle for Less

"You must learn to love yourself before you can truly love another."We've all heard these words of wisdom, but that never made any sense to me.  Love myself? Sure, I'm great. I dig me. So why did I suck at dating? What was it I wasn't getting? I was never a big dater when I was drinking.  I was terrified of having my heart broken again like it had been in 2005 from a boyfriend who didn’t turn out to be what he advertised.  And as my disease manifested itself, I lost all interest in men.  ...more

Not All About Judd & A Little About....

When I started dating I thought it'd be easy. I had no idea how much had changed, as I have stated before, I was in a relationship from the age of 16 until the year of my 22nd birthday. We had broken up once during that time but we talked the entire time so I never took it serious....more

And so it begins....

For years I wanted to have a blog but I never knew what I would write about. Then it hit me, I can write about my dating life. I know, sounds cliché right? Let me explain why my dating blog will be different. I am 22 years old and up until February of 2015, I had been dating the same guy since I was 16 years old. Now I'm single and learning that guys my age are possibly the worse guys to take seriously....more

4 Tips to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk

As I was swimming last week, a young couple came into the pool. Instead of doing laps or walking, like most of the gym members, they were just enjoying themselves. He started splashing her, and she said “Joey, stop it!” but she said it in a placating, whiney voice. He just kept splashing her. I bit my tongue, because what I wanted to do was tell her she was teaching him to ignore her and push past her boundaries....more
It's my huge problem....I always fall in love with jerks!( Even via internet on hinge ...more

Falling In Love After The First Kiss

Cheryl Rick Klein ...more

This Ramadan, I'm Fasting With My Muslim Boyfriend

We "met" on Twitter, but we MET during Ramadan....more
thats a great article, congrats, you did very challenge pray beauty :)more

5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Romantic Dates

Just because you and your sweetheart don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t have a great date. Check out these ideas for a great date night without breaking the bank....more
RowenaHasan Glad you liked it! They are all really memorable dates. Thanks for reading!more

Do I Like White Men or Just One White Guy?

 Lately, I find myself in a conundrum of sorts. When you're playing the game called "dating", to be a good player you need to know what you want. That's where my quandary begins. I'm no longer sure what I want, or maybe I should say, I'm no longer sure what I'm attracted to....more
I love your post! I grew up in the south side of Chicago in an all-black neighborhood. If you ...more

Dating Advice: Don't Skip the Background Checks

So you have tried the conventional routes of friends and family fixing you up with no prospects in sight. What next? There are many ways to meet people to get that elusive date. Lingering in the grocery store hoping a single hunk or hunket will help you find the perfect melon or chatting up at bars and clubs are just a couple. Get involved in a favorite charity or an activity that you truly enjoy to meet a like minded individual.And of course there are the many online dating sites as well for you to search endlessly at your own leisure. ...more