So, dating the blue-eyed Irish man was intoxicating, however I think that we are afraid to go fast based on his 2 divorces in a Catholic family and my recent sad experiences with potential Mr. Rights. So having only spoken by phone several times and eagerly anticipating our next Sunday afternoon into the world of exploration into the possibilities of a future. I look forward to the singing to one another, Yea, really romantic, and the many little flirtations that made the last date so exciting, however, now I realize that in order to attract "Mr....more

What’s Your Pseudo Action Hero Moment?

We’re all called to action at some point, right? Whether it be assisting someone with car trouble, helping an old lady cross the street, or performing the Heimlich maneuver on a stranger (e.g. Bill Murray Groundhog’s Day style), most of us hope to be ready to help when crises arise.Regardless of the 70s or 80s-inspired efforts, let's dance  Right? :)Farrah Fawcett would celebrate the intention here....more

Ellie's Guide To Theoretical Dating, Volume One: Bad First Impressions

Before I get into actual dating again, I've decided that I need - as Dolores Umbridge would so heartily endorse -  a more practical, theoretical approach. In other words, I'm going to think about it and talk about it a lot before I actually get out there and really, you it.So here's the first part of my theoretical approach to dating: There will be second chances.Let me explain....more

Dr. Romance on Love Styles: How to Celebrate Your Differences

Dr. Romance writes:It was one of those magical encounters with a personal truth—you know how it feels. I was fifteen, in ninth-grade English. The teacher, Mr. Rizzutto, read us a poem, and it had such a profound effect on me that even five decades later, I’m still using it as a guide. The poem, “Outwitted,” by Edwin Markham, is simple: He drew a circle that shut me out; Heretic; rebel; a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in....more

Trying to Understand and Heal

Single? Say Yes!

We hosted a fantastic Single’s Happy Hour last night for our clients and members.  It was a huge success and a lot of fun.  We had a great turn out and we were able to make a lot of quality matches amongst the attendees.  The responses today are amazing.  People had a lot of fun and are excited at the possibility of going out on dates with the people they met.  That for us equates to a successful  event.  So how come these people got so lucky?  The reason is simple and should be part of every single person’s vocabulary…they said “yes” to the invitatio...more

Dear "Nice Guy," You May Not Be As Nice As You Think You Are

Dear "Nice Guy", Hi! Yes, I see you there. You've made a point of being around me, and like lots of nice guys I've known through the years, you're interested in being more than just the nice guy who's hanging around me. Maybe you've watched me dating guys who are, in your opinion, vastly inferior in what they can offer me compared to you. Maybe I've been dumped, heartbroken, even possibly abused by guys like that, and there you are, so nice, so perfect for me if I'd only open my eyes and see it, waiting in the wings for me to notice you. ...more
funkyzoom I have to disagree. While there are plenty of guys out there who prioritize sex over ...more

Why One of These Boyz is Not Like the Others.

I don’t even know how to begin talking about that time and that guy…when I first went back on and met BMX, my hit and run lover....more

the Perfect Man

I was an addict. I was addicted to the way Woo made me feel. There was no room in my heart for another man and it was my own fault. I needed to really give the next guy I date a chance. I needed to cut back how much I talked to Woo; a few times a week, how often we texted; almost daily....more