And Then There Were Two.

Now we’re at the beginning of my one and only POF summer o’ love which is so irritating because who doesn’t look better dating tanned, flip flopped and tiny dressed? Hello. I was hanging out with B and having FUN for the first time since I went on the fucking site, literally, but oc my profile was still up and I was still active. OC. And that’s when Daniel messaged me. ...more

My Worst Date Ever!

Flipping through the radio stations in my car, I came across a morning-show DJ taking calls about people's worst dates.  I chuckled at some of the ridiculous scenarios and reminisced about my own wacky worst date, which in my case, had a silver lining....more

Just a Touch of Grace

In today’s society, young people are very much in that “gimme gimme” frame of mind. It’s all about what others can do for them and what they will get out of a situation. It didn’t always used to be like this. Not too long ago people had manners and a sense of decorum. Men opened doors for women, they’d pull out chairs for a woman or child to sit, or they put their jacket down so a lady could cross the street without getting her shoes wet or muddy....more

Making Room for Love

“No makes way for yes.” Danielle LaPorte, #TRUTHBOMBCamille is an incredibly successful corporate executive. To meet her, you might immediately see that she’s pretty confident, pretty adventurous and pretty fabulous. ...more

To Everything There is a Season: I've Had My Turn

I’m often asked,“Don’t you get jealous?”“Don’t you want what others have?”“Don’t you want to be like that couple walking down the street hand in hand?“Don’t you want to be like THEM?”With that I say, “I’ve had my season. I’ve had my turn….”I don’t consider myself a religious person. After nearly 13 years of Catholic education and countless Sundays at 10:30am mass, I like so many in the Catholic faith fell off the wagon once I reached adulthood....more

What It's Like to Be Alone In a Laundromat With a Guy

My dryer is dead.It happened over a week ago, in the middle of the plague that hit my house and an accompanying snowstorm, so the timing was far less than optimal. By the time the kids left for their father's house last weekend, I was standing on a mountain of dirty laundry and it needed to get done....more
Amen. Glad it didn't get ugly because like the post says you just never know.more

Couplelizer – Come to Momma

Gone are the days of talking online for a year (why talk for a year, when I can buy you a beer?) Gone are the days of lying about your age and weight! Gone are the days!!!Couplelizer is here!!! Thank goodness for that.  Couplelizer – Promotional Videos...more

When Should You Talk to Your Children About Pornography?

When I was eight years old, my friend Annie told me about a movie she saw at home. She described scenes of a naked woman riding a horse and a man peeing in a woman's mouth. Many (many) years later, I realized Annie had watched one of her father's porn videos. (Is this a "Sorry, Mom" moment? I don't know.) As countless comedians have pointed out, porn is so much easier to come across these days—both for adults and children. So, because of that, we need to be able to talk to our children about it....more
I started watching softcore porn in kindergarten. It's because I had a TV in my bedroom. I ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I feel like such a damned freak.

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Dr. Romance on How to Write a Love Letter: put your relationship in perspective

Dr Romance adapted this from an Alcoholics Anonymous handout:We often get out of touch or out of sorts with people – sometimes they leave or pass on, sometimes we quarrel, sometimes we just grow apart. If your connection, or lack of one, with someone is troubling you, here’s a simple way to ease your mind and your heart.HOW TO WRITE A LOVE LETTER...more