4 Red Flags to Never Ignore in a Potential Partner

Dating can be a stressful process, especially if you’re looking for something long term. In the beginning your time is spent getting to know your potential partner....more

Coming to terms

Everyone has their own way of getting over relationships.  Sometimes the way a person chooses to do this can seem strange to other people.  It doesn't matter what others think because it is the person's own logic and really if it works for them that is what matters.  Maybe my way of getting over relationships might seem strange or maybe it seems perfectly logical.  Who knows what people will think and really who cares.  The way I tend to get over a guy is I am friends with them after we break up....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am allowing my narcissistic ex to run circles around me

Dear Dr. RomanceI am mindful that I am allowing my soon to be controlling, narcissist ex ( civil law attorney) to run circles around me, just as we did when we were married. After attending a divorce group session at my local church, they recommend that I set up some specific boundaries and rules of engagement with him. He texts me hours a day, while I'm trying to work.  Do you have anything in your arsenal to send me to get this jumpstarted?...more

Win a One Year Birchbox Subscription!

What better way to  celebrate the last months of summer than with a reading a book by the pool and winning a ONE YEAR subscription to Birchbox?  Birchbox delivers high-end beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples once a month, customized just for you. (Birchbox is not at all affiliated with me or the book and this is not a paid promotion. I just love their boxes and thought it would be a cool prize to give.)...more

I Don't "Owe" You Sex

Sex is not something that is “owed” to you, or anyone for that matter. Sex should be enthusiastically offered and exchanged in a mutually consenting manner; if people are reluctant or unwilling, that should be the end of it, at least at that point in time. Unfortunately, the idea that some people may owe other people sex—or any kind of attention—is pervasive and rather dangerous. ...more
Great post.Teaching our teens that they never owe someone sex is important. In fact, 63% of ...more

Finding a guy who didn't mention my father's name

In 2002, my father "Angelo Venuto" had a hit song come out on wKTU radio.  Dance Remix - L'Italiano.  I was 17 turning 18 at the time (I am now 29).  We would take a limo to all of the local clubs every weekend and watch him perform. My sister, cousins, and my friends loved it too. I was 17 going to clubs that were 21 and over.  He had  about a good 10 yr run singing at clubs. He had about 3 or 4 dance songs out on the radio. It was great. I felt awesome. But then I started DATING....more

Not Quite Healed: Repost from Celibacy Diaries

This is a repost from my blog: Celibacy Diaries. I wrote this after listening to two conference calls on Monday, July 30, 2014,  about celibacy, dating, and relationships. ...more

How to Make First Impressions Count

You only have a few seconds to create a first impression when meeting a prospective partner so don’t waste it.In the online dating world where we can all scroll through hundreds of potential partners we make that initial judgement in even less time.The first hurdle is your online dating photo. While you have no control over the likes and dislikes of the person viewing you, how you present yourself can increase your chances....more

Should You Try To Change Your Man?

Statistically speaking, the odds of you finding someone who is exactly what you are looking for is non existant.Trying to change someone's personality is a difficult endeavor because, in essence, you're asking them to go against who they are. So before you start, the most important question you have to ask yourself, is: why am I trying to change them? Are you doing it for their own good, or for yours? Do you have a personal stake in this and, if so, what is it?...more