The best age to start dating

The other night at dinner my son asked me to tell him a story. So I told him about how one day he would be a teenager and how he would be moody all the time, and hair would sprout on his face and that he would want to have a girlfriend. He treated the tale like it was a horror story, because in his words "girls are DISGUSTING!"...more

Believe It Or NOT, Verbal Abuse Is A Planned Event

Covert verbal abuse is subtle aggression. It's aim is to control and dominate you without you knowing. If you’ve never been exposed to the insidious nuances of a covert verbal abuser, you may not realize what is happening to you....more

Fun Birthday Gifts for Female Friends and Family

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a woman in your life but stuck for ideas? Whether the woman is a relative, a friend or a romantic partner, you can find inspiration for her big day below.Jewelry...more

Compromise at First Click

Warning: if you’ve never had the unique and exceptional pleasure of personally experiencing online dating for any length of time, this phenomenon maybe a tad surprising for you. Or not. FYI, living in a PlentyOfFish(POF) world, it’s a pretty big fucking bummer to write about but then, that’s my job as Lucy – to breathe and bleed intel from the front lines, just for you. You're welcome.To be on the same page, some definitions of compromise are:...more
Welcome to the world of dating after marriage, kids and divorce. Starting over ONLINE is whack, ...more

The Beginning of Intentional Dating

 I know so little about football, but I LOVE reading the sports section!  It is like the men’s version of a soap opera with the personalities, egos, bravado and s#$%-talking.  So, my home team, the Redskins, have had some major drama.  They brought in this young man a couple of years ago with all the pageantry the Pope is getting today.  And what happens, the first season, he gets injured and he has been that way off and on for the last two seasons.  Well, this young man made a faux pas and said he was the best quarterback in the League. (Hang in with me.  I am getting to my point.)...more

I Saved Men to Give Them a Reason to Love Me 

Steve and I walked along the boardwalk, stopping at an outdoor café for mimosas. We breezed through the typically awkward first-date conversations. He was charming. Smart. Funny. Handsome. And, at eight years my senior, he even owned his own company. The perfect catch, I mused. Credit: Pixaby...more

Let's Talk About Sex

My friend Tiffany recently shared a post she wrote on her blog about losing her virginity. Go read it; Tiffany is a phenomenal writer and just a wonderful person but I gush....more

Why Do We Always Settle For Less

Why is it that us woman ALWAYS settle for less than what we are actually worth... Man says "I love you...but" Those have to be the most hurtful words under the sun... yet we still stick around in hopes that they will "change" Reality is THEY NEVER WILL! ...more

What if We Thought About the Potential Answers to our Questions Before We Asked Them?

What if we thought about the potential answers to our questions before we asked them?What if we really thought about our questions and how personal or intrusive they could be if asked?What if we took a moment to conjure or imagine the responses that our questions could elicit, even though they may be asked with good-intentions and the best of wishes?...more

If you wouldn't put up with physical abuse in a relationship, why unknowingly put up with emotional abuse?

Dear readers,...more
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