Online Dating: Dealbreakers

Everybody’s different, but we all have some situations that are dealbreakers when meeting and evaluating a potential boyfriend or girlfriend in person after we’ve connected with him or her online....more

Sleeping with a Boyfriend: The Truth

After being in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend for a year, I couldn’t wait to sleep with him anytime I wanted. I don’t mean in that way either, but to actually sleep-sleep with him in the same bed every night. I couldn’t wait to snuggle. I couldn’t wait to have pillow talk. I couldn’t wait to fall asleep next to the person who meant the world to me....more

The Truth Behind..He's Just Not That Into You.

One thing that I have learned earning my degree in School Counseling is some of the funny conversations we have with students. I was talking to one of my classmates, a male who is in his early 20's while I am in my middle 20's.  We were talking about interviewing which than lead to conversations with students. ...more

What Do You Bring to the Table?

Let me start this post off by saying I am all about people striving f...more

Paper Bag Speed Dating -- Would You Do It?

A hot new trend in dating, which began in England, is a variation on speed dating — where an equal number of men and women come to an event and are each paired off with a person of the opposite sex and given a short amount of time to talk and get to know each other....more

Dr. Romance on Domestic Violence

As a Psychologist, Dr. Romance knows that when we're surrounded by images of violence, it becomes "normalized" and we stop seeing it as unusual.Anyone who watches the news is becoming aware that we live in a violent society: According to the Peace Alliance: ...more

From Struggling to Solving

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation, or infrastructure, of clear thinking, problem solving, and mutual support. Any willing couple can learn to build a happy relationship, if they stop reacting and learn to respond thoughtfully. As an individual you have ideas and beliefs about how certain things in life should be handled, and so does your partner; and we all tend to assume everyone, especially a person who loves us, will see it our way. ...more

Put the 'Meet' in Car Meet

Can you meet a guy at a car meet? I say, why the heck not? Think about it: A guy goes to a bar...why? To meet a girl. But there are 25 guys and 238,978,274,893 girls, most of whom want a husband. The competition alone is enough to make you want to set your extensions on fire. BUT a car meet is made up of 99% guys and only 1% girls! That’s virtually no competition at all. Aka the best place in the entire world to meet someone!What you need to do:(1) Look ...more
If a girl shows up to those, it's definitely a buyers market for her. Getting dolled up and ...more

How To Know If You're Ready: Pre First Date Checklist.

Well, there’s different levels of readiness obviously and if you’ve gotten to this, the “pre-first date list” stage, I’m going to suppose that you’ve actually joined a dating site and have been actively messaging with  men. SCORE!But now you’re having to get off your computer and meet real live specimens which is the point and a GOOD THING…keep reminding yourself…breathe…breathe…...more
MissWendy Hahahaha....WOW. I think I've been on that same fucking date, Wendy. More than once! ...more

5 Steps Toward Healing a Broken Heart

“God pulls us through life by the heart.”  - Martha BeckAs I’ve been building my life coaching practice, I’ve become very clear on who it is I want to serve. The truth is that the people I can help the most are people who are going through something in their lives that I’ve also experienced and come through myself.That’s why I have a special place in my heart for people with a broken heart....more
i agree with your points! broken hearts are such a feeling of loss. in my experience, time is ...more