Online Dating Is Way More Complicated for Women

If we're all honest with ourselves, online dating is the option of the future. It is niche and it is available, as we know so many people aren't. It is like going to a buffet where everything is laid out pretty and delicious for our choosing. ...more
Good read. You're right to say that online dating is a very real option today. It's a valid one, ...more

'Smart Love' - Love Secret #1: Ditch the Crazy Falling And Climb Intelligently Into Love

Everyone wants to fall in love. It is portrayed as an uncontrolled plummet into a spectrum of emotions that make us do crazy things – both good and bad. It is a cruel situation, for, if falling in love is uncontrollable then the one thing that everyone wants can’t be bought, won or even charmed with a magic potion....more

Why a 5 yr Marriage Plan Could Benefit Your Relationship

I remember telling my boyfriend, now fiance (and father to our child) that he had 5 years to propose. See, we were only 23 and 24 years old when we met, so there was no rush to get married anytime before that....more

Who's really writing the story? The fiction you or the non fiction you..

Can writers have relationships too? Of course they can. We see many writers who maintain healthy relationships that have become lifelong commitments with an added value of experience as well as excitement because of their creative abilities. At the same time, the trials that the writers face in relationships seem to be much of the same across the board. Not so much with regard to their need to stay up late and write during the times that everyone else is asleep or the mental/physical spaces that they need to go to in order to focus on their next masterpiece....more

10 Ideas Guaranteed to Improve 'Date Night'

Admittedly, some of the dates I've planned have not gone as well as intended.  Trust me, the art fair in the rain is less romantic than it sounds.  And camping was not a huge success with my resort-loving husband.  Occasionally, though, we hit it out of the park....more
I know what works..a Margaritsmore

I Want To Be Over My Ex

My ex and I have been officially broken-up for the past two months, and I'm still not completely over him. Some days I feel like I don't miss him at all, and other days I feel like I want to call him up to ask how we can make it work.I knew going into the relationship that it was not going to be forever, that was mistake number one. I thought I could handle it, it would be fun while it lasted and I would be ready and able to move on when it was done. Mistake number two, was letting it go for as long as I did 1 1/2 yrs.  This break-up was rough....more
runwithnoregrets  that is great advice actually. When I'm busy I don't think about him at all, ...more

Should we trust our men

dating what even is the word dating? How can we tell if our man is lying to us? he sends all the rights texts you know the ones... I love you.. Your the one for me.. Your the best thing thats ever happened to me..  Is this because we put up with there constant bullshit, the dirty underwear constantly left on the bedroom floor? Ever wonder what's really going through there mind.... I do.Maybe they just tell us what we want to hear..or maybe we just hear what we want to. ...more

The Downside to Online Dating

“Are you online?” If you’re single, chances are you’ve heard this.  When you aren’t in a relationship, everyone around you suddenly transforms into a relationship expert.  They all know what’s best.  They will tell you to try this, or stop doing that, or did-you-know-their-neighbor’

I Asked 6 Guys To Dinner and They All Said No

When I started my blog, I saw myself as Carrie Bradshaw. Reality check: I'm Bridget Jones.If a semi-attractive girl with a fun job, sparkling personality, and killer (or so I’m told) smile, asked you to be her date for a five-course wine pairing dinner at a “fancy” restaurant, what would you say?The answer wasn’t what I hoped…to say the least....more
Try not to feel so bad about this.  Maybe the dinner just wasn't the best idea for a first date? ...more

11 Guys Every Girl Will Meet On Tinder (With Real Hilarious Screenshots)

When you're a girl on Tinder... 1. Sometimes guys can be cute 2. But still, most just want to f*ck...more