Stop Telling Me to Get Married!

“When you’re young, everything seems so black and white,” I say to my friend. “As you get older, grey areas become more and more frequent.”Later, when the third person in two weeks tells me that I should get married, I find myself returning to this conversation. Did I ever dream, when I was young, of being married? I’m sure that I did, I mean, all little girls do, don’t they? And yet I don’t remember thinking much about it....more
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Oh Honey, Momma Wants a Motorcycle Cop.

There are a lot of bikers in my group of friends, I love them, they are fantastic and wonderful people. However, I am attracted to NONE of them. I hate the leathers, I hate the tattoos and I hate the beards. I went out of my way to go to Port Dover for one of the Friday the 13thparties. I was expecting (and planning) to find a hot biker guy so I can FINALLY fit in with my group. Out of the 150 thousand bikers there, the only guys I thought were attractive were security guards....more

Online Dating Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

So, I’ve been thinking of maybe joining an online dating site, which makes me laugh. I wouldn’t join because I can’t find guys on my own, I’m just not finding the right guys (this is’s commercial) teehee. I have had MANY online dating profiles over the years. Some were serious, in that I actually wanted to meet people, and some were just for fun. My personal favorite had a tagline that said “all you young hot studs make my toes curl”, but I was looking for attention more than a date. That was a really fun couple of days, I remember them fondly....more

An Experiment With My Insanity – Broken Gas Tank Door

A month ago I broke the gas tank cover on my car, and worse, I barely touched it and it snapped right off. Awesome, right? You may think I look confused all the time, but look at me holding the gas tank door. I look at the car, look at the broken door, the car, the door. Bewildered is the word of the day, sexy right? Sexier than hell.The best part of this story is that it’s actually true, I have to do this whenever I get gas.It’s funny, married, single, ALL men are willing to help a damsel in distress. Bless these hunks....more

5 Types of Guys at Bars

In today's post, I will talk about a fun, and interesting topic. I will point out and examine the 5 types of men that we all see at bars/nightclubs who approach girls.  Since I usually go out with my girl friends on the weekends, we always notice the reoccurring types of guys who are trying to pick up girls. I will start listing these types of guys by defining them and how they approach girls using their own "techniques" that are most of the time not very successful.   1) The Classic Jerk  ...more

His Name Was Devin ( Love Gone Wrong ) Part 4 and The End

Kary is a short, blonde, and three times divorced and has 4 kids. Now who has time to mess around? She did and let me tell you it was truly shocking to know she had stopped to all new low. I am still wondering how they exchanged numbers. Had to be the lunch we all had together in Chicago. Had to be while was not at the table. I swear she was one to make sure if she was not happy no one was happy. How can I be so blind to her bullshit? Because I am soft, forgiving, and I give everyone too many chances. ...more

Making Long Distance Work

I have been inquired by multiple people on how I "made long distance work".(I realize some people blog and say "multiple people have been asking…" when in all reality no one has been asking, but I promise, multiple people really have contacted me asking for advice on what worked in my LDR.)As some of you, most of you, know I dated my now fiancé for over two years long distance.It was the easiest thing I've ever done, we never fought, and I never cried and asked God if this was really the plan he had ...more
writergal2014 love it! Don't listen to your friends, they have no clue (at least mine didn't)! ...more

Found Love in a Hopeless Place – Church Social

As previously discussed, last night there was a church social in my town. Now I’m not a church goer, and I also don’t technically believe in God. However, the meet up website suggested this as a great place to meet people. Yes, I’m a member of a meet up group, you should also get involved in these things, many different events for the single crowd....more

An Ode to the Married Man to My Right

A friend of mine recently told me that she had an affair with a married man. Gasp!!! Meh, get over your shock, people are human. There are handsome and vital men out there, and maybe their wives refuse to touch them. Perhaps it’s been ten years since his wife touched him. People need love, affection and warmth. Now, now, I am NOT an advocate for cheating, but I really try not to judge. More importantly, I’m not perfect, so why would anyone else have to be?...more
Also, the other woman dreams of the day that he leaves the wife and marries her, the real woman ...more

Do You Put Out For Poutine?

Of course, who wouldn’t? Four bucks worth of fries, cheese and gravy has Canadian girls dropping their pants faster than you can say “Where you going with my zamboni?”Forget tequila, that’s a rich man’s gig, all you need is four bucks.Welcome to Canada, come for the poutine and stay for the crazy, beautiful, wonderful people in this land I call home.