Finding Mr. Right, again.

As a widow of 21/2 years having had the most amazing 34 love affair I wanted to die when my sweet man left me after 3 years with stage 4 lung cancer. I was devistated and  heart broken, however, I remember my husband and I discussing our wish not to stay alone after one another's passing....more

who cares

Back in college, keegan and i hung out alot until she left. I had decided to forgive her for her friend violation. We had talked it out and at the end of it all we both were manless. We adopted the same mind set. We thought, why is ok for me to have casual sex, why does society care who I share myself with. I mean, really, who cares what I do with my vagina, when it gets pounded it's not hurting you lol  ...more

Being single sucks

I called the only person I could think of, Woo. He didn't answer, which was understandable, it was about 4 in the morning. I later saw my roommates and told them what happened, that was the last time we talked about it. As the day went on I could feel the aches, there were bruises on my neck and arms. I had to work that night, I got lucky in a sense, there was banquet that I had to work. Which means instead of a short sleeved low collared pollo I got to wear a long sleeved button up shirt....and a bow tie lol But at least you couldn't see anything....more

Online Dating: Do's, Don'ts, and Maybes

Getting "back out there" is never easy.  Many of us marrieds become so thankful we don't have to be immersed in the dating scene.  It's one thing when you're 20 and the world is wide open to you, but it's a completely different ballgame when you're 40-something, have children, jobs, lives, and any suitable dating candidate has to fit into to all that, not the other way around.  Whatever your previous dating or marital experiences, chances are you're a bit jaded at this point....more

"that night"

I go over the details of that night all the time. Did I bring it on myself? Who really is to blame when an assault occurs in situations like mine? Both of us had been drinking......more

When It Comes to Dating, Twitter is the Best Place for Me

I never thought I’d be the girlfriend who called about tweets.  Yet there I was, sitting in front of my computer completely horrified and desperately searching for my phone.He wouldn’t have said that…he didn’t type that…not the guy who knew about my past. Not him.But there it was. The tweet that sent my entire timeline in a tizzy and he’d written it:"The women who say they want to be equal to men  would call the cops on a man for hitting them like his equal.”...more
FireinFreetown Great post! You hit on some of the same points I've been making recently.more

Whose got spirit!

I was a cheerleader in college and for the first couple of years of school I didn't really interact with basketball players outside of games. I dabbled my junior and senior year.  ...more

Family Violence Q&A

Q: My spouse and I often have arguments over the “small stuff.” How do we get past this so that we are not constantly bickering? ...more

the Hairy Situation

I wanted Guy A and I thought he wanted me.  At work we flirted all the time and it was the touchy feely kind of flirting.  And finally another opportunity arose. My friends and I were going out, his friends weren't old enough so I offered for him to join. He accepted and we planned on him staying the night at my house. I planned on the perfect outfit for that evening. A black one shoulder dress and heels. There was no way Guy A was going to be able to resist me....more

What I Want is the Perfect Man...and World Peace.

But before you meet “the one”, girlies, you must ask yourself this deceptively simple question: What do I want? BMX totally knew what he was looking for. He had his profile hidden and his search parameters set for a certain age range and ethnicity; he told me I was EXACTLY his type (until I wasn’t ) But for me back then, I just went through my inbox mail, cherry picking the most attractive choices. Random Ramona strikes again....more