It says a lot about your life when the guy that you've been dexting can predict what you are doing on your night "off" from life.I should take a minute to explain. My night off is when Luc takes Summer for the day or overnight or both. I typically could use this time to reinvent myself or go out and live the life that a twenty something girl should be living. Instead, I decide to just uncork a bottle of wine, put on some sweats and veg out while watching Vampire Diaries. Total waste of time, but hey, we all have our things. Right?...more

ReWriting The Rules

                So Tom, is a great guy I met, he’s sweet, smart, well read, uses correct grammar, and he’s opening an art gallery.  Perfect!  The only thing about Tom is he’s not the best communicator.  Now to be fair we’ve only been talking about 2 weeks and we haven’t even had a real date yet.  Both of us are busy, me with writing, working, and a child; him with looking for spaces for the gallery and he also has a real job and a social life.  I was talking to a friend of mine and telling her how he’s great he just isn’t...more

6 Important Lessons You Can Learn from Prison Wives

Society is so endlessly curious about prison culture that millions of us tune in to shows like Prison Wives and Orange Is the New Black. Life in prison is a mystery to many, and it’s human nature to want to peer into this unknown world, reflect on the darker sides of our personalities, and wonder how we would cope with the deprivation of prison life.   ...more

Are you a picky dater? Or is it just high standards?

Are you a picky dater? Or is it high standards?   ...more

10 Dating Mistakes We Need To Stop Making

Every so often, I like to lament on the challenges of dating as a twenty-something.For women and men alike, finding a partner is difficult. Historically for me, the most taxing part of dating has been putting myself out there again and again, only to be disappointed. As a woman in her late twenties, finding someone who is on the same page as me has been frustratingly elusive. Either they want absolutely nothing to do with commitment, or they want the wedding planned by June....more

Our First Date

Four years ago… today.I can remember the day like it was yesterday.It was a Thursday. I could barely concentrate during the day, thinking about what I would wear and how the night would pan out.I remember racing home, jumping in the shower, blow-drying my hair and carefully setting my outfit out for very our first date....more

How To Deal With Acts of Random Dating.

First of all, let me publicly acknowledge that I am as fucking random as the day is long. Like totally. I’m the equivalent of a human non sequitur in my own life…it’s just how I roll, dude. I could attempt to connect the dots but it may or may not form a coherent picture to myself let alone anyone else so I don’t even try anymore. If you love me anyway, awesome possum! and if you’re simply confounded, join the club. ...more

The Story Of How I'm Learning To Embrace My Inner Megan

 I have the best friends....more

Plenty of Fish

So, baby step number one, I actually signed up and subscribed to an online dating site.  NEVER in my life have I actually paid money to be on those sites, I generally just went on for free and saw what was out there but never really pursued anything on there.  ...more

Will I lose my boyfriend if I don't clean my closet?

I really have to finish cleaning out my closet. My boyfriend, whom I shall lovingly refer to as "Mr. X" is a go-getter. He is currently remodeling his entire unfinsihed basement by himself.  Mudding, taping, plumbing, electrical. He's a little bit like Superman in my eyes. Meanwhile in a tiny apartment three hours away, I can't seem to get my closet clean. In comparison to Mr. X, I feel like an abysmal failure. ...more