Take Control of Your Dating Life With Singled Out App

Let me paint a picture for you. You finally decide to sign up for that internet dating site at the behest of your friends and family. Or maybe you did it in spite of their misgivings. In any case you did it. You uploaded your best selfies. You cropped your friends out of that photo of you in your favorite outfit. You wrote a pithy about me section so your potential suitors know that you’re funny and smart. You answered all the questions and you clicked all the boxes. You click “save” and your profile is now live....more

So Tired Of Looking For Red Flags

   Divorce was never a word in my vocabulary.The concept of my marriage not working out never once crossed my mind.I never gave thought to not trusting my husband, not trusting our vows.I never imagined I would become a single mother or have a reason to read the entire collection of Mars vs. Venus books, keeping them in my nightstand drawer for easy access reference in order to understand men. Not man, we are talking plural here, men....more

The Art of Stupid

Many might wonder what this blog could be about since the title is what it is and the subject it is shown is under dating. I assure my readers that it will make sense and everything will come together once I get rolling on this....more

I'm Head Over Heels In Love (...For the 4th Time)

I've been IN love about three times... until now. This is the fourth and probably the scariest of them all! Whenever I date someone, I normally wait on them to drop the 'L' bomb and if I feel it is right, I say it too. The thing that many people do not realise, is that there is a HUGE difference between loving someone, and being in love with them....more
That's a beautiful post Sam. Very personal and deeply touching. And thanks for the advice, ...more

Loving the Friendship

What am I doing here? Why do I lay in the same bed every night and just wonder about what there could be? Why do I stay? Why am I waiting for the impossible to happen when I know he will never want me? Why do I waste my time...?My life in a nutshell. Every single night. Same thing. Love ...more

41 Reasons the World is Lucky to have Single Ladies Over 41

In case you ever wondered... Single Women on the Sweet Side of 40 are God's Gift to the World.    1. We are Great Aunts, literally and figuratively, to offspring with or without biological ties. We are the fun aunts, the aunts nieces love to hang out with. Every girl needs an Aunt Beth. Even me.   2. We let Big Sisters boss us around and Little Sisters pester us (except me, I was never a pest). We love them and they love us in a way only someone you shared a room with can.   3. We are able-bodied babysitters....more
This is me. SINGLE and almost 43. Cool aunt to my best friends kids. Love this post.more

"I'm Talking to Someone"- What Does that Mean?

I think its safe to say today’s dating world is more complex than ever. Despite the countless means of communication available at our fingertips, it seems that communication is at an all time low. Every day there seem to be new terms and phrases created around relationships, dating, and sex, yet there is little to no clarification of what they actually mean. This is complicated for people like myself because I believe that dating should be very simple. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they get together, etc....more

How to Win the Online Dating Game

I met my husband on Match.com.  I joke around all the time saying I ordered him online.  So, I’m a fan of online dating.  A lot of people want to know how I did it.How did I win the online dating game?The answer is simple.I didn’t quit....more

Falling in love 101

When my son sees two people kissing, he often says, "Those two people are kissing and then they will go and get married." Evidently my sex talks with him have paid off. (Just kidding.) When I ask him about the leap from kissing to married, he shows me the various wedding pictures of my husband and I kissing right before we tied the knot....more

400 Days

A friend of mine just got deployed to Afghanistan. I am not quite sure how to feel. I have several friends who are in the military. None are quite like him. A guy I met in college one night while "studying" (a friend and I were actually dancing rather freely) in the student union, we formed an interesting bond.  We talked, and flirted, among other things, and eventually admitted we were more than friends. Yet, we were not together, and we occupied that gray area (much to my dismay) for quite some time....more