What a Mother teachers her daughter

I've always said that I don't want to be my daughter's friend. She's in college now, and nothing's changed. - We're never EVER gonna be club pals. Hellllllll nawwwwwwwwwww!- She's not gonna be able to be around me cussing up a storm. - We won't get matching tattoos.- Yes and No Ma'am will never become an outdated way of replying to my questions.- I'm not going to hit her up for money when I blow through mine, or expect her to cover me on my bills.- We will not date out of the same pool of guys....more

Someone Amazing and Chocolate Pudding

So I had gotten really good at being the Single Girl in the Big City.  I had just left a very high-stress job and was regrouping trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.  If I stayed working in restaurants either as a Chef or Manager I was sure it was going to kill me-I just had to get out, but didn't know how. What should I do with the rest of my life?  Be a Photographer? Writer? Go back to school? Yoga/Pilates Instructor?  Who knew-defiantly not me!...more

Meeting baby daddy.

I have been with my ex since I was 15 years old (I'm now 20). We split up in June of this year. It wasn't a very good ending, but was much needed. I was exhausted with all I had been through with him. When we first started dating, he was my dream come true. Then I felt like it was the right time to have sex, I was wrong. After having sex for a couple months, his true colors started to show. He usually lasted anywhere from an hour to two hours, it was a daily thing. Suddenly, he started working later and not returning my calls or texts, and the sex became less and less often....more

First Impressions

I like to think that I come by my spontaneous-travel-hungry spirit quite honestly. My mom has always had a knack for adventure. Another similarity would be my appreciation of having people around. Comparably to my post-secondary experiences, my mom had a roommate while attending college in the city. They lived in a small apartment, close to school, on the sketchy side of the tracks. My mom and her roommate shared a comfy space and were slowly getting to know their neighbors in the building. A friendly woman lived beside them and a bit of a shaggy fellow lived below....more

Do You See Me?

It’s not a question of “What are we doing?” or “Are we dating?” or even, “Are you sleeping with anyone else?” It’s only this: “Do you see me?”Because as much as I want to know him, I want to be known. Whether we drift apart in a few weeks or get married on some green hillside without shoes, my desire remains the same....more

Soul Mates: The myth of happily ever after

They told me after he rejected me that all my spiritual instincts were wrong.  They said that if we were really soul mates, it would be impossible for him to not recognize me as his soul mate, that if there really was what I sensed about him between us, that we would automatically live happily ever after, as if FINDING your soul mate were enough to make the Cinderella dream come true. ...more


Fab Friday Favorites: Lazy Beauty

I like the finished product, but not the necessary work to get there.  What I mean by this is that I want to look good, but I don't really like the beautifying process.  I like things easy.  So, the theme for this week's Fab Friday Favorites is Lazy Beauty...short-cutting the process to looking good. Hair...more

Calling All The Single Ladies! Enter to win the Date With Ryan Giveaway!

Yes - you read that headline correctly! And no my site did not get hacked again. I am actually doing a giveaway for a Date with Ryan! Stick with me ladies, I promise this will make sense once you read this whole post. This started as a simple idea this week. I have been wanting to work with more brands to do giveaways on my blog so I sent out at tweet reaching out to brands.The tweet went like this: Looking for more products to review on my website, any brands interested in reaching a female market, please contact me!...more

E sexy

E-Sexy Autumn. A time for hot mugs of coffee, pumpkin anything, lattes, whipped cream and for that matter, anything whipped.. So goes my observations of women and men, sitting with laptops, headsets, checking, forever checking their phones for that magical call, the superlative text message, rising above all other text messages. The one that brings smiles to the lips and eyes that glisten when they read the messages typed furiously while entering taxis, between trains stops and at traffic lights. A text is mastery of both dexterity, spontaneous thought and irreverent ideology....more