The Date Rape Story I'll Some Day Share with My Daughters

When I awoke that bright spring morning of March 21st, 1986, in a pensione in Venice, Italy, I didn’t expect the day to end on a dark, deserted beach with a boy I'd just met pinning me to the ground hissing in my ear that he had "un coltello" (a knife) and that "ho intenzione di ucciderti" (he'd kill me) if I didn't "f--k" him. ...more
Thank-you for your story. Here is mine : http://truefeminismnaphtali.blogspot.commore

Turn-ons, must-haves(?), and dealmakers for the future Mr. Magnet

My favoritest animated movie of all timeI have several friends that have been asking me for about a year to do a post on d...more

Single Abroad: I Don't Want to Be Your Fantasy Tour Guide

Is the ex-pat's life ideal? Italy is beautiful but the men aren't really cutting it. They're too aggressive and have a generic idea of romance. And the foreigners aren't much better -- all they want is a no-strings, no-pressure fantasy tour guide who'll show them the ruins in eight-inch heels, engage them in witty conversation and generally tend to their entertainment. It's enough to make you want to give up on dating altogether! ...more

From We To Me

I have discovered a horrible truth about myself: I'm just not ready to date. Not that it's devastating me to realize that, you understand. This "dating" thing is uncharted territory for me. I met my soon-to-be-ex husband at the tender age of nineteen, and we were inseparable shortly after. I never did the bar scene, never really dated around much, and now here I am, adrift....more

New Prostitu… I mean Travel website

I came to notice a really fucked up website, through the Jezebel blog. A website called “misstravel” where sexy beautiful woman can be asked to go on a trip for free, together with a rich man. So you either sign up to the website as an “attractive traveler”: a beautiful person who wants to travel for free. Or a “generous traveler”: some rich person seeking to travel with a beautiful companion, who are willing to pay for the travel expenses....more

is it wrong to snoop? even if you have found stuff in the past?

is it wrong to snoop onto their conversations on FB even if you have found him hising stuff in the past? i have found him sexualy messaging before but is it wrong for me to feel like i need to check every once and a while just as a reasurance? ...more

Deciding to Date Online

One of the many aspects of the Fit4Love coaching program that I like is that it's leading me to my goal at my own pace and it isn't one-size fits all dating advice. Joining Meetup groups might work for some but I just don't have time like that. I need to be more focused, more intentional and that's why I decided to start online dating. ...more

My Unusual Date

Last Wednesday, I skipped the usual Toastmaster meetings, instead I went on a date. Not the usual dates that I have with hubby where I would first visit a salon for a hairdo and dress in black. Instead, I was in Jeans (not even in my usual working dress code.)  We drove in one car that day and later that afternoon, he picked me up from work and off we went. Not to any restaurant, in fact, I had hot dog for a meal with garlic fries and lemonade. –Unusual for a date huh? Not when we bought it from the Stadium. That's it!...more
 @wdolderer Ha! LOL .. Garlic fries are good :-) Sound like you are going to have some fun date ...more

I miss the little things