Don’t Drag Your Old Relationship into the New!

You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, and this year you’re sticking to them, by gum! You’ve set new diet goals, fitness goals and spending – oops, make that budgeting  - goals. You even have a new relationship this year, or one that solidified as the New Year began. Oh happy day, all is well. You feel energize, thrilled to start the New Year with so many good things in place.   And then your new live-in Sweetheart or Spouse does something that reminds you of your ex...more

The Shallow Men

I work at 5:30 in the morning sometimes.  My main job at the moment is being a lifeguard at the local YMCA.  During the summer I work every morning at 5:30 but during the winter it's just too hard to get up.   I can't take to the cold. ...more

Are you really a Bad Boy?

Women fall for  bad boys, or so we've heard.  You know,  guys with a swagger in their walk, sporting a devil-may-care attitude like a badge on the sleeves of their black leather jackets.  Think John Travolta in Grease.  Read more Rachael R. LorenzShe Should have It

The "Repeat" offender...

The "repeat" offender… Back in August I signed up on POF. As soon as I opened my account, I had this guy, who looked normal, send me an email. His avatar was of him wearing a jersey holding up a parrot. In the body of the email, he introduced himself and began to tell me his experience rescuing a couple of parrots, you know the exotic one’s from Latin America, from a neighbor’s garage. Not too interest… I ignored his email and kept moving on to my search of a possible mate. Two weeks later… I get another email from this guy in a jersey holding up a parrot. The email was the same....more

Love Found Me

I search for you in my dreams—just waiting for a glimpse of you among the jumble of images, characters and abstract beings:~My Dream of You~Love.  What a beautiful thing...and it found me. Love found me when I wasn’t looking. It found me at just the right time. A time when my heart was open, my mind was clear and my emotions were ready. It found me at a time when it knew it would have the biggest impact, make the biggest impressions!...more

beautifully written. and i can totally relate to it!more

Bullet Vibrators - Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Most of the bullet vibrators are inexpensively priced and can compete with some of the larger vibes in terms of power. These types of vibrators can be used for external stimulation, such as on your clitoris, nipples, and even for testicular stimulation. Bullet vibrators are also a great adult toy that can be used with a partner in addition to self pleasure....more

Bitch? Part Two

So where did Lady B's suitor go wrong?  Was he not the perfect gentleman?  I mean, the thing about the rose. How utterly romantic!  Read more Rachael R. LorenzShe Should have It

Love's All-Encompassing Embrace

My heart is racing.Faster and faster it beats,And with every beat,I feel the heat of your love surrounding me.Surrounding me,engulfing me,grabbing me,hugging me,encompassing me…Til I’m free—Free of the burdens,...more


Once upon a time in a city much like yours there lived the beautiful Lady B.  Ah but looking back, truth be told, B really wasn't all that beautiful.  Yet there was something about her.  And this something  had men lining up outside her door, patiently waiting for the opportunity to ask her for her hand in marriage....more

Christmas in Prison (I'm in Love with a Prisoner/The Painted Line)

So this morning I woke up in my bed, and it started out like most other mornings. I turned my electric blanket on to take the chill off before I got up. I snuggled a bit with my kitten, who was fast asleep next to my head. I contemplated the thought of a cup of hot coffee, along with the yummy breakfast I knew my sister would make. But before my mind went to any of those things, I had two thoughts immediately go through my head upon waking: 1) It's Christmas. And 2) The man I love with all of my heart is waking up this morning in a prison cell....more