If only my cat was a man....

        I open the front door and he comes running.  Bright eye-d and happy to see me finally make it home.  He instantly begins communicating with me.  Asking me in his own way how my day was and welcomes me with love.  I plop down on the couch and he instantly runs over to sit beside me.  He nestles his head against my arm and begins purring loudly.  Yes, I am a single girl, and I have a cat.  One cat..no crazy cat lady here.  This cat is the most loveable creature that ever walked the Earth.  Sometimes I am s...more

Love Music: Songs as an aphrodisiac and using music to talk about healthy relationships

Every Valentine’s day, one of my dearest friends, also a music therapist, Darci Fontenot, puts together a list of love songs for her friends to listen to get in the “Lovin’” mood. As the day grew closer this time around, I found myself waiting with excited anticipation of what auditory aphrodisiacs the list would have on it this year. And, I thought it would be a cool way to share the love if I asked other friends about their favorite love songs....more

The IGA boy on Valentines Day

Red and pink construction paper, a bottle of Elmer’s glue and a shoe box sit on my school desk. Looking for my scissors I start to fold over the paper because making half a heart on a fold is so much easier than a whole one with lopsided halves. The night before my Mom had taken me to the store and bought me a box of conversation cards. They are just little Snoopy and Woodstock, Charlie Brown and Lucy cartoon valentines that I have to fill out from me to you. The catch is not to give a Charlie and Lucy to a boy that you don’t like or he will get the wrong idea....more

Texting on Valentine's Day


Life through a single girls eyes

It is the day before Valentine's Day, and here I sit thirty years old with no promising suitors even on the horizon. Trust me, I am not loathing in my single status, but as the wedding invitations and birth announcments roll in I have to wonder when it will be my turn, and most importantly...Where exactly do I fit in? I have many amazing things in my life which include a family who stands behind me and parents who would do absolutely anything for me. I also have the most amazing friends in the world....more

The Burning Question: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Our First Valentine's Day DH and I started dating right after Valentine's Day a long time ago....more

The Four Categories Of The Male Lover

I love men.  God knew exactly what he was doing when he created me to be a heterosexual woman.  Despite a long run in my life of making epically poor decisions in the men I choose to share my time with; I have no regrets as to the experiences I have had - or the lessons I have learned from such experiences.  Being consistent with my desperate need to tame the distracting thoughts in my mind, I have organized men into four different categories when it comes to his performance as a lover.  The categories ranging from best to worst are as ...more

Favorite Foreplay Technique?

Favorite Foreplay Technique? How about "monogamy"?   Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more

Male Multi-Tasking

Male version of multi-tasking: Thinking about sex while having sex. I'm just sayin'. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more

Dance Me to the End of Love

Monday is Valentine's Day, people! Here's a very late, but appropriately themed Friday dance!...more