Learning to Flirt Again

During the second week of my ten-week Fit4Love coaching program my assignment was to practice flirting. That sounded kind of a big jump, to go from nothing to flirting but then my Fit4Love coach, Sheila Paxton explained all she wanted me to do was to make eye contact and smile. I didn't even have to say a word. ...more
@isthisthemiddle I think that's the key - it makes you more approachable and that applies ...more

Really facebook...bite me.

It's a funny thing. The advertising on facebook. The very day that I changed my relationship status to single I was inundated with pictures of gorgeous, rich, single men that just wanted to date mature women. No young women wanted. First off, just bite me because. Not only are you pissing me off by saying I am old, you are false advertising by saying that the gorgeous guys you put in those pictures for the mature dating sights actually exist. Well my friends...I am calling BULLLLLSHIT. Seriously look at these guys... ...more

How One Break Up Defined My Entire Year

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to write this post. Actually that's a lie. I know exactly why it's been so hard to write this post and why I've been avoiding it forever. For me, 2011 was a bi-polar year. I had a lot of really amazing highs -- won a work award, was honored at a fancy pants gala, got my face on the cover of a magazine,...more


Things I Need to Know, Things I Found

Things I Need to Look Up to Keep up with My Date:1. Stuff on government deregulation 2. Where if, the U.S has stationed troops against China 3. Artichoke Haircut Readings4. The difference between UMBC and Univeristy of Baltimore5. Why Marilyn Monroe kept forgetting her lines (was it drugs or was she just forgetful)6. And what was Marilyn Monroe's mentor's name?7. Newt Gingrich8. Mit Romney as governor of MassachusettsThings I found out:...more

Banana Peel

Blog DirectoryI opened my lip and had a good look at it in the mirror after I told Alex that I'd be right back in five minutes, but really I took longer than that cause I got a drink of water, washed my face, sprayed bath and body works spray on, and checked my voicemail to see if a crush had called....more

What We Bought A Zoo Teaches About Dating

With around 50 percent of first marriages ending in divorce, and human nature being what it is, most of us will face the dating game more than once in our lifetimes. However, anytime you stop playing means important skills can become rusty or they may even have been lacking to begin with. Guidance for refreshing those skills can come from many sources … friends and family, coaching programs and even the movies. ...more

Walking in a Winter Wonderland - Snowshoeing Date!

Living in Canada, we have to deal with more than our fair share of the cold and long winter months. In the past, our instinct has been to bundle up and hibernate but this year we decided to use our frozen playground as inspiration for some winter date ideas. Our first adventure – snowshoeing!While snowshoeing may not come to the top of most people’s list for a winter date – after trying it, I have to say that it was a lot of fun and a really great experience....more

I Met My Husband On The Internet

Ok, I have just about heard it all so anything that is rolling around in your mind that is sarcastic, judgmental, or slightly insulting in regards to the title of this article is just fine.  And it's probably true, too....more

Thick skulls and those damn healthy brownies... Happy New Year!

2 days ago in a blogpost, I made a comment in jest:"No more stalkers or chronic masturbators, tongue-rapes in fiats, nor run-ins with exes...."Before that one:"The presence of said (wedding) rings actually function to help to keep the diabolical creeps,  à la our friend ‘Roberto’ at bay. (ie. “Hey, I’m married to a cop, so leave me alone a'hole.”)...more