Dear Angry Feminist Alpha Lady

Dear AngryFeminist Alpha Lady,   I read your blog, about how not to date an alpha female. I was shocked at some parts of it. I think that there are so few good men to go around and if you keep acting masculine, you will be single for a long time.  ...more

Confusing the Neighbourhood

 A very dirty Milo as he was delivered back to me this afternoon!...more

5 Memorable Spring Fling Movies by Andrew Pryor from Cupid's Pulse

It’s true that movies take inspiration from real life, but real life can also take inspiration from a good movie. So if you’re not looking forward to this summer because you think the passion’s gone away, get inspired by these five movies about summer romance. These tales of fair-weather flings are sure to raise your temperature and make you want to go looking for your own co-star – or create a love scene with the one you already have:...more

Beware--the Lazy Dater...

I met the lazy dater six months ago at a friend's party. I distinctly got a vibe that he was interested, but I also got a vibe that his interest was for all the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, fast forward six months after some playful Facebook banter, he somehow invited himself over to my house with a couple of six packs to give me some vacation tips. He had the nerve to term it "a date" which I quickly corrected to "face to face interview." ...more

I Think They Told Me

Here is installment 4 of "Once More With Feeling", my story about a woman facing her husband's infidelity.)I Think They Told Me This is sick.  I can’t turn my mind off from trying to replay our lives over the last year.  Events and the uneventful, it all matters.  Every moment has become crucial, critical.   What am I searching for exactly? I’m obsessed, literally, with remembering anything that might have been a clue to what was going on between Geoff and this woman.  Again, why is this important?...more

Our Trip is Finally Upon Us!

This week's installment of my blog on is up!  It talks about the first few days of our wedding trip!  Check it out and leave some love...if you are so inclined :) the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi...more

Thanks Denise! I personally LOVE this story....stay tuned, it gets even BETTER! :)

Be the ...more

The Childfree's Stereotyped & Stigmatized Cousin: Singlism

Bella DePaulo has an interesting new book out titled, Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It. DePaulo defines "singlism" as "the pervasive discrimination single people face in politics and everyday life" and looks at "society's immediate associations-conscious and otherwise-with the word 'single,' including the implication of loneliness, homosexuality and/or a personal defect ...more

Yes, would love to hear more about this!

Laura Carroll

Childfree author of ...more

A touch of the devil

Every woman who has ever been attracted to a man knows that unspoken quality that turns her on: some call it an edge, some call it a touch of the devil, some call it bad boy behavior, but whatever it's called, it's got to be there to ignite chemistry. – Steve Santagati,  The Manual ...more

Feminism, Masculinity, and the Mystique of the Asian Woman

Feminism, Masculinity, and the Mystique of the Asian Woman   In The Asian Mystique, by Sheridan Prasso, Prasso discusses the stereotypes, expectations, and fantasies the Western world has of Asia and, especially, of Asian women....more

Forgiveness is a four-letter word.

Her name was a four-letter word; it was fitting. It was the same length as her counterparts: hate, fear, lust. I didn't hate her and I didn't fear her. In fact, I wanted to be her. I wanted her in my life regardless of the sacrifice it would take on my behalf. I needed her in my life regardless of how weak I would become....more