Correction: Opposites Don't Attract...

Ever since you were old enough to date, someone was telling you tidbits about how attraction works. By the time of your first crush, someone had already pulled you over at your locker and told you that “opposites attract.”  Makes sense in theory, right? Find someone with opposite traits and two perfect halves come together to make a perfect whole. The ole “you complete me.”  Well, guess what? It’s not true....more

5 other things

Blog Directory1. I drove through the Shopper’s parking lot like I was Heath Ledger trying to dodge the policeman on the bleachers in that movie.That was back before he shaved his head, did drugs, and when he was in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You.”2. The first thing I read in Megan Boyle’s book was “I could never be a sports writer , unless my assignment was to write’ sports sports sports sports sports sports sports’ for three pages.”...more

Friendly Husband, Chilly Wife. Now What?

There's a couple I've known for a few years.  We have lots of mutual friends and see each often at various social events.  We're also neighbors.  In theory, we could get together on our own, and not just rely on others to get us together.  Except there's one problem.  I don't think the wife likes me.  It's awkward. ...more

Special Orders Don't Upset Us

For dinner the other night, we had wheat pita pockets with shredded sandwich steaks, mushrooms, onions, peppers and American cheese. I remarked to Daughter-Only's boyfriend, A.M. that they were our (admittedly pale) imitation of the "Number 9 Pokket" from D'Angelo--a New England sandwich chain where, at the Loudon Rd., Concord, NH location, Hubby and I had our first (and only "official") date in 1987. ...more

Secrets About Beekeepers

The cold February night  I walked into my first beekeeping course, I wasn’t sure I would actually become a beekeeper. But being a single woman who genuinely likes men, on the first night of class when I saw that the majority of the sixty-plus course registrants were men, it was a very pleasant surprise. I simply hadn’t thought about this possibility beforehand. I decided to become a beekeeper. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Am I Single?

Dear Dr.Romance:  My friends were joking that I have never been single, and I argued that I have - but they said my definition of being single was wrong! true, I tend to have long term relationships, but before I met my last boyfriend I was "single" for nearly a year. I define this as not exclusively being in a committed relationship with any one person, but yes I dated a few guys. they say that because I was dating, I wasn't single.... what is your view on this??...more

My Online Dating Profile

Well, hello. Nice to e-meet you!I am a 32 female seeking a man who is capable of telling the truth at all times. Must be willing to answer straightforward questions and remember what I do for a living.A little more about me: - I am a vegetarian. - I think people who take buggy rides in Central Park should be forced to carry the same horse on their back for an hour. - The quickest way to escalate my temper is to tell me to “relax.” Similarly, suggesting that I smile makes me frown....more
LOL! It's a definite deal breaker if he wears any Ed Hardy whatsoever and drives hummer! All I ...more

...if I built this fortress around my heart...

I think sometimes that I have the ability to drive myself completely crazy....more

Dating Online as a Boomer

    Here is the scoop. After years sitting on my ass alone and not having enough fun, even after all the segments of  Hulu have passed my sleepy eyes and lulled me to sleep, my friends and family have finally convinced me to accept the fact that I am getting older and not having enough sex. I really didn't miss it much for the longest time. I told my brother in law, that the  cave has grown cobwebs and anyone entering would have to have the magic sword that brandished all evil spells from past relationships to get in....more
@Kim Pearson Thanks for the comment. Dating is hard at my age but it still has some attraction. ...more

I Am No Longer Giving it Away for Free

I have made it no secret around here that I love me some Carrie Bradshaw.  I own Seasons 1-4 of Sex and the City, oh and The Movie. (Not SatC 2, nobodyowns SatC 2). I love Carrie and the girls....more
I totally agree. I have blogged for years in the Occult field and have written much content for ...more