Deciding to Date Online

One of the many aspects of the Fit4Love coaching program that I like is that it's leading me to my goal at my own pace and it isn't one-size fits all dating advice. Joining Meetup groups might work for some but I just don't have time like that. I need to be more focused, more intentional and that's why I decided to start online dating. ...more

My Unusual Date

Last Wednesday, I skipped the usual Toastmaster meetings, instead I went on a date. Not the usual dates that I have with hubby where I would first visit a salon for a hairdo and dress in black. Instead, I was in Jeans (not even in my usual working dress code.)  We drove in one car that day and later that afternoon, he picked me up from work and off we went. Not to any restaurant, in fact, I had hot dog for a meal with garlic fries and lemonade. –Unusual for a date huh? Not when we bought it from the Stadium. That's it!...more
 @wdolderer Ha! LOL .. Garlic fries are good :-) Sound like you are going to have some fun date ...more

I miss the little things

Holidays! (with sex and hidden agendas) Part 2

The sooner I can get on a plane to Denver, the better. I originally thought perhaps September, but I am not certain my patience will endure. I need a swignificant dose of real North American debauchery ie. Alcohol, sex, shopping, half-litre cappuccinos,  and enormous weekend breakfast buffets... I'm thinking, at the latest August....more

What Exactly is Engaged Dating?

According to Ben and Courtney, the newest engaged couple from The Bachelor, it's the current status of their relationship. Believe me when I say I only care about these two lovebirds (a match only possible in hell Hollywood) because I'm concerned about future implications in my love life....more

Holidays! (with a side of sex and hidden agendas)

I make no secret over the fact my poor, broke-ass can't afford a real vacation. Ok, I do live in Italy - a dream holiday for many, but I don't consider Naples at one hour away, Amalfi at 45 minutes away, or pretentious Capri at 2 hours away - as actual holidays. No, what I consider a real holiday is getting the hell out of Italy. Unless of course, it's Milan, and I'm shopping with my 2 -gay crew. Otherwise I need to be far away from the Italian masses - especially the Southern ones (friends excluded of course)....more

Six guys you don't want to commit to

 Sometimes in life, we fall for the types of guys who we really shouldn't fall for: guys who are anti-relationship, serial cheaters, the keg stand king, etc. And then when they hurt us we sit on the computer blogging about it asking "Whyyyy???!!" and reading our horoscope searching for an answer. Don't lie....more

Dear Dr. Romance: He Spends More Time with His Friends Than Me

Dear Dr. Romance: My boyfriend spends more time with his friends than me by a long shot. My boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months now and he all of a sudden started spending way more time with them than me. I've tried talking to him about it and he said "i need two days per week when i don't have to speak to or hang out with you". it's really frustrating because our schedules only work where we have a few days together and i feel like he's taking that time away from me. I know he cares about me, but i forget sometimes....more

The Irony in dating

Well what else can I say, but on the path to modifying old models and establishing new ones, I find that there is an irony, a funny one at that, with the whole laws of attraction! And this really  baffles me!! Very much…....more