Mixed Signals in Relationships- But You Say You're Just A Friend

 Have you ever had a platonic friend  you had no romantic feelings for but you knew they had feelings for you?  Perhaps right now they have expressed to you or hinted and flirted and you know they are interested in you.  Maybe you flirt back by laughing at their suggestive jokes, or touching their hand, arm, hugging from time to time, or give that little innocent kiss on the cheek....more

The Path Out of and through Emotional Abuse

“But even when I stop crying, even when we fall asleep…this will leave another scar. No one will see it. No one will know. But it will be there. And eventually, all of the scars will have scars, and that’s all I’ll be – one big scar of a love gone wrong.”   Amanda Grace, But I Love Him...more

You Have Two Minutes To Make A Good First Date Impression

“All dating, is speed dating” – reads the Time Out infographic from their recent the world of dating survey.According to the survey, 41% of respondents said it only took them 2-3 minutes into a first date to decide if they wanted a second one. Cities like Chicago, LA and London fared even worse with over 50% deciding that quickly....more

Baby, Love Me Harder

Love is not for the faint of heart.  When you’re in a relationship and you pass that “honeymoon phase,”  it takes work.  You have to choose your person every day in order to make a relationship last.  You have to make compromises.  You have to consider the other person and place that person first. You’ve heard it said.  You’ve seen it written.  What people don’t tell you is that when you’re single, the thought of love takes work, too. The idea of love can be clouded, damaged or even forgotten....more


Have you ever been out on a date with a guy and you thought that he was into you, when in fact he likes because he can place you in his friend zone. Misinterpreting body language and believing he is flirting with you can create awkward situations. In order to help you decode these messages we have come up with a very helpful guide below that’s going to help you realize whether the guy you are on a date with is actually into you or not. These are the signs of flirting you should be looking for:#1 His eyes sparkle...more

4 Practical Ways To Clear Your Mind After A Fight

Your significant other did something you didn’t like or you got into a fight and you’re ready to call it quits. You know you are being emotional and are trying not to make any rash decisions, but if you don’t do something, like right now, you’re going to blow this up.So you try to talk about it with your partner, but the conversation doesn’t get very far. It’s one of those moments where you just can’t seem to understand each other and you can’t figure out how to solve the issue at hand....more

God's Valentine (a.k.a. the Creation)

Many Valentine's days ago I was very focused on Lord Rama as my face of God. I had read the Ramayana, the story of the incarnation of the god Vishnu as the benevolent ideal king of Ayodhya, the ideal brother to Lakshmana and the ideal husband to Sita. ...more

You're always dating online, you just don't realize it

Social media has changed the relationship world as we know it. It’s like a double-edged sword. It can lead to introductions and may serve as a casual way to build a relationship – a good way to avoid those awkward moments at first. But, it also causes problems. ...more

When Love is Kind: Mutuality in Relationships

Many people ask me, “How will I know if I'm in love?” Answer: Anyone who's in love usually knows it; the real question should be are we mutually in love, or am I wasting my time? If you want to be secure in your primary relationship, knowing how to create mutuality and work together greatly increases the chance that you'll make it as a couple. When I’m counseling couples on the verge of divorce, it’s amazing how establishing mutuality allows the love to come back....more

Dear Dr. Romance: What I fear has happened the second time round

Dear Dr. Romance:I hope you can help me. My boyfriend passed away two years back... We were pretty much engaged, living together and everything. I thought i was over the whole thing, but now I know I'm not.A month back, or so.. i was seeing a man, and today i found out he had passed away. He reminded me so much of my late, they shared the same name, just second name being different. In the grieving process, I'm feeling the loss of both. And my late especially....more