5 Things College Has Taught Me About Life

As a recent college grad spending her summer in down time before starting my first big girl job in August, I have had plenty of time to reflect on not only the fun times I had at college, but what college has truly taught me (both inside and out of the class room). These lessons took place within several major aspects of my life.Within my sorority...more

Half a Moon

There’s half a moon at the top of the tree...more

Soon Enough Gone

One day, and soon enough I think, these eyes will close one last time.Until then, they’ll see only beauty, for choice alone is mine.One day, and soon enough, this heart will beat one last sweet rhythm,but until then I will love this life, for courage leads to wisdom. Though now is truly all there is and time is but illusion,It seems like days and years are passing, which leads to confusion.So in this moment, as it is, I’ll rest without protectionLoving me is love enough, with kindness and affection. ...more

Emotional Self-Control

One of the most powerful ways I found to stop being a doormat in relationships was to learn emotional self-control. When you’re too reactive to your partner, he or she can easily draw you into a fight that stops you both from focusing on fixing the problem. Self-control is not easy. In the face of your partner’s actions, it’s difficult not to react. But learning to stop and think, to respond thoughtfully and carefully rather than quickly and automatically, is hard....more

Fool Me Twice

By the time I sat down to write this blog I had already cried my eyes out, ate a carton of ice cream, and allowed myself on full day laying in my bed. I don't allow myself small acts of sadness like this often. I've always believed to move on you need to go through your day as you normally would. But this time I just didn't have the energy to pretend....more
snoopy87  That is exactly what I told him. I have to agree with you; people need to grieve but ...more

Are You and Your Partner On The Same Financial Page?

Let’s face it, relationships are tough.  They require constant attention, great communication, and massive compromise.  And while the old adage, "Opposites attract" may make for an exciting, passionate relationship, it can also be the downfall of your financial dreams.  When committing to a major goal, like early retirement, it is crucial that you and your partner are on the same money page....more
That's great that you've made it work out! Just keep those lines of communication open. Thanks ...more

Summer Lovin' Date Ideas

These long summer days coupled with the warm summer weather makes it the perfect setting for romantic dates with that special someone.  You can create a special atmosphere indoors or outdoors without having to do much planning or spend a fortune.  The important part is connecting and sharing some quality time while enjoying these long summer days and nights!...more


Have you ever met someone and just clicked. It doesn't make sense and it's confusing and it throws you off. For someone like me it's very hard to get along with people and even harder to like people. I have always embraced solitude and liked being alone. I have never met someone who is interested in the calm hobbies I indulge in. Such as reading, learning, Harry Potter, and getting to know other's without the pressure of moving forward lingering over your heads....more
Gee, he sounds like a great guy!  I think you are frightened because you're looking for his ...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 3 - Cold Hearted

It's always sad to lose a friendship, and worse when it's over something stupid like a man.   I went to college in San Diego, and I had a close circle of friends;  in particular, two friends that I had made while living in the residence halls....more
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