To Say or Not to Say? Creating an Online Dating Profile

Crap. Now what do I do?I had already found the guy of my childhood dreams; tall, handsome, and scruffy. He worked with his hands and could fix anything. He was social and affectionate. And those shoulders. Oh, those shoulders. My knees completely disappear over a pair of good shoulders....more
Hahaha are you in my head? Great post!more

I love who you are

You became everything to me but we didn't start out that way.  You were never in my future because you were dating someone else.  My friend.  We were flirting a lot !  I never stopped liking you though I wasn't sure I would have a chance but I didn't let you go.  We started talking more the winter of 2013 we talked everyday more and more.  I used going to dinner as an excuse to get your number because we were talking over social media and I didn't have a smart phone.  It was a smart move on my part :) we started talking even more....more

Bridal Showers 101: What To Do When It's Not Your Turn

As an avid Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter scroller, it is almost daily that I come across another engagement or sonogram picture. Of course, I deem these congratulatory moments as they are typically people that I know and I am thoroughly happy for their upcoming wedding or baby. Here come the baby/bridal shower invites and save the dates, taking up all space on my refrigerator next to my daughter’s artwork....more
Great post! I love how you addressed the resentment many women feel when its not their turn. ...more

The 3 Reasons Women Cheat

Have you ever cheated? Be honest. If you have I bet I know why. We’ve already talked about why men cheat but lets talk about the 3 reasons women cheat....more

5 Things Stopping You From Getting Married

Sometimes Love is just unnecessarily weird.It seems as if when we’re in desperate search of it we can’t find it and when we’ve finally learned to live without it, love knocks on our door unannounced, heart-in-hand with a box of chocolates like it never left. If you’ve ever truly loved then you know just how amazing it feels and to want that feeling forever is completely understandable. If you’ve been dating FOR-EV-ER and you’ve wondered why you’re not married here are five important things to consider:1.You’re dating the wrong person....more

The Hook-Up Culture: Why a Tinderella Rarely Becomes a Cinderella

 Mating in the 21st Century appears to be like something right out of a horror Sci-Fi flick or a Twilight Zone episode in which humans have forgotten how to be intimate or even how to communicate face-to-face; therefore, they need a handheld electronic device to point them in the direction of other nearby humans eager to swipe their way to a hit-and-run hook-up. ...more

He never listen!!!

I get so frustrated that my boyfriend can't help me with our daughter. I ask him all the time to help so I can get some homework done because I don't want to fail any classes or I even just ask so I can have a little break. I just feel like I'm doing it all alone. I tell him everyday the same thing over and over again but it seems like he just doesn't understand. Maybe he is not listening to me and its just going from one ear out the other. I really don't know what else I can do. He barely listens to me when I ask.......more

Take A Gamble On Love

Take A Gamble On Love ❤️ Love finds you when you least expect it. I went on a last minute vacation to the trendy El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico with my parents. I had just moved back to there home in Roslyn on the North Shore of Long Island after I left my first husband after 14 months of newlywed hell. I was barely 26 years old when my divorce was final and was suddenly single for the first time in my life since I was seventeen....more

Take A Gamble On Love

Plenty of Fish