Who Are You Calling a Cougar?

"I’m too old for you and you’ re too young for me."I spent the last year thinking those words, but now I’m like "Hey! What’s up with this double standard?? Why am I labeled a 'cougar', while men who date younger women get pats on the back and told to make sure they get a script for Viagra?"  But who says the world is fair right?...more

The Lost and Found of Translation

He was such a nice guy, one of the first to make us feel comfortable when we moved to the village in central Turkey. Thus, it was a shock when he asked me to become his mistress.Because his store was on the main drag, on a corner our family passed whenever we walked home, we had a habit of exchanging daily hellos. “Merhaba, Murat!” I’d cry as we trudged to our house from the bus stop, backpacks and bags full of groceries from the neighboring town....more

Book Review: Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

I was recommended this book by my book whore sister from another mother. She kept telling me “JUST READ IT DAMMIT” and finally after dragging my feet, reading other books for indie authors and in general just procrastinating……I read it!...more

Sex-onomics: It's Not About How Much You Have But What It Is Worth

By Chana Goldstein and Leigh Arn#WhatItsWorthThe secret to amazing, incredible, mindblowing sex? It's not about how much you have but how much the sex is worth to you and to your partner....more

Speed Dating For Dummies Pt. I. – 50 First Dates.

When you’re single you have to think outside the box:...more

Illusions of Power

There are many illusions in the world of life and dating. One that I have been thinking about lately is the different power dynamics between men and women, specifically in the kinds of options and choices they have in regards to dating.From a man’s perspective I look at what it really takes to attract a woman of quality. It is a lot of work and effort that can be coupled with a lot of rejection. And then I look at a women’s perspective....more

What Personality Are You?

 I had the pleasure of watching a little Lifetime, as well as the Hallmark channels this weekend (just kidding, I watched a lot) and every movie that I watched w...more

Women Don’t Need Men, But Can We Admit We Want Them?

Comic by Tatsuya IshidaThis comic is sadly true....more
sarah.williams I am so happy that you found your dream guy :) I agree with you 100% everybody ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Does Friends with Benefits Work?

Dear Dr. Romance:I was browsing the net and came across one of your articles "No Strings Attached Sex" which I  found very interesting as it relates to a situation I am facing currently.   ...more


Before I get on to what this post is about, I want to tell you first about why I decided to write this post. I have went back and forth over the past 2 days over whether or not to write this post, and I am sure once it is written I will sit on it for a day or two before I get the courage to post it.First, this all came in the wake of the Duggar Scandal. If you haven't heard I will summarize it for you. Basically, Josh Duggar has admitted to molesting several young girls several years ago and his family helped cover it up. Enough on that....more