Social Media, Social Pressure: Proms Are Not What They Used To Be

There was a time when going to the high school prom was a modest affair. Chivalry was highly-favored, and cute dresses and giggles was the height of excitement. However, today, with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, girls and boys are under more pressure than ever to look well, fabulous. ...more
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Dating a Married Man – Important Advices for Women

The best advice that anybody can give you about dating a man who’s already married is – ‘don’t do it’. However, love is a strange force, and can intensify anytime, without making discounts for whether the two people brought together by the invisible bond are socially or morally eligible for marriage or not. So, if you know for a fact that you are in love with a married man, and can’t help stay away from the relationship, it makes sense for you to know more about how you can survive through your dating period. No doubts, trusting an online dating service like Bridge of Love is infinitely better than getting involved with a man who’s already someone’s husband. Nonetheless, you’d want to use these tips to stay balanced through your dating period....more

A question about undressing

A question about undressing (photo credit:

Dating: A Contemplation of Self

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have had lots of horrendous luck in the dating and man attracting arena all of my life.  I am encroaching upon my 30th person in a few short months and I am truly curious about what I am projecting out into the universe to attract such horrible luck.  I had posed this question to my facebook friends and received a lot of wonderful perceptions and insights from others.  I wanted to share some of my thoughts and excerpts of some of those comments.Here is my original question:...more

How To Stop The Silent Treatment

Hi Sarah,   I recently went through a breakup after a two year relationship. I thought he was my soulmate. We went through a lot of things during our relationship, and I was very patient and supportive with him. Almost beyond belief....more

I Will Never Be That (Other) Woman

Sit down because I am about to get really personal.I loosely planned to talk running today but loosely is the keyword in this sentence.Just like I can't plan my meals in advance very well, I can't totally plan my posts either because I like to discuss what feels natural and what's on my mind at the moment....more
It’s hurt a lot when someone just broke your trust like a glass. You are strong women. I am just ...more

7 Reasons Why You'll Never Find Your Husband or Wife on Tinder

Sounds harsh right? Okay, let me explain....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am very confused and disillusioned

Dear Dr. Romance:I am a youthful and attractive woman, mid-fifties, who is so confused about online and ads for meeting men. i have been wounded by these men who, after some meetings with them and being promised by THEM that they want to take me for dinner within a few days,they set the time etc. and then BOOM, never do i hear from them again. also, even before meeting them, just via the phone, they ask me how thin i am, what my pension is, if i will have one and the like....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Everyone Thinks all truck drivers are perverts

Dear Dr. Romance:I'm in my forties, divorced, and debt free. I have a great credit score. My favorite hobby is Amatuer Radio. Other hobbies are listening to shortwave radio programs and studying maps.The down side is that I'm currently a truckdriver. Naturally, everyone thinks that ALL truckdrivers are perverts. Worng answer! Are all female bosses yuppies or control freaks?I think I'm a catch, but I'm having a difficult time meeting people.  Bars aren't working, and church doesn't seem to, either. ...more