Independent woman and break up fruit loop - turns out the two aren't mutually exclusive after all

Why you shouldn't feel embarrassed about being hit hard by a break up You know those girls who ever since school have had serial boyfriends? The kind of person for whom being out of a relationship for more than a couple of months signals the start of a life crisis? I’ve never been one of those girls, in fact I’ve always treated such people and their relationship dramas with something amounting to scorn....more

How To Get The Guy: Don't do THIS on a first date!

One of the first rules of dating is to not bring up the subject of your ex-boyfriend on your first few dates with a guy (and vice-versa for you guys reading this).  However I've noticed that if the conversation starts flowing well on your date, many girls are throwing caution to the wind and bringing up the topic anyway.  PLEASE. STOP. NOW....more

Movie Review: "When Strangers Click" (2011)

Many different people from many different walks of life talk about their experiences with online dating and the relationships they formed on the internet. ...more

The seed of a secret......

Sixteen.  I had just turned sixteen the month I “lost” my virginity.  I look back now and cringe at how young I was.  How naïve I was.  What was I thinking?...more

There Are No "Benefits" of Being the Other Woman

“I’ve heard that relationships with married men are the most fulfilling,” a single woman said in response to a married man’s claim that all married men eventually consider an affair. I grumbled and rolled my eyes, so she asked, “Have you ever dated a married man, Stephanie?”...more
I'm partly with DrSarah - men (and women) who cheat should take responsibility for their ...more

A question about undressing

So I turned 30. And I hear you ask, what on EARTH have I learnt about MEN?

I never expected to be single in my 30s. Not because I am fabulous (I am) but because the only bit of my 20s that made me like myself was a 6 year relationship that I was certain would lead to marriage - because no one could have told where I ended and he began. Because we were each other's first loves. Because we were two peas in a peaceful pod. But there was a beginning in me where there was no him. And when I left him I felt like I was unravelling, and yet getting closer to myself. And now the single-ness. And now the learnings. Here are 9 of them....more

Are You Working Too Hard in Your Relationship?

For those who are fans of Sex and the City, do you remember when Samantha asked Charlotte how often she was happy in her relationship?  Well, do you remember Charlotte’s answer?  If not, here it is: “Every day. Well, not all day every day but yes, every day.”...more
Great post indeed.more

Relationship Advice from a Foodie

 "Darling, Just because you feed me crap and I eat it, it does not mean that I do not know it is crap"!86ing a Relationship. When to know it's the end of the line....more