Jealousy Does Not Become You

I’ve spent a good part of this evening talking about the fact some of my long-standing male friends have recently gotten into relationships and how some of their girlfriends have felt moved to voice concerns about those guy’s friendships with me. They apparently perceive me to be some kind of a threat....more

Having Sex Is Nothing Like Playing Tennis

“Dylan (Justin Timberlake): Why can it not be like that? It’s a physical act. Like playing tennis. Two people should be able to have sex like they’re playing tennis.Jamie (Mila Kunis): Yeah! I mean, no one wants to go away for the weekend after they play tennis.Dylan: It’s just a game. You shake hands, you get on with your shit.Jamie: Yeah....more
I would hardly say somore

But You're Perfect For Me

We all want the best for ourselves. Whether its our dream job, that Porsche Panamera or that modern, chic house by the beach, we want to find the best option that is available. When it comes to cars, jobs and even a home, we tend to accept a few flaws as long as we obtain the majority of what it is that we are looking for....more

Divorced & Dating on the Main Line?

I've never met any of these fellows, but then It's a lot different after 50 :)more

Sex and things

 I am in the thralls of singledom. For the first six months of my singe life, I spent it moping about being depressed, there was zero action and everything was painful.Now is a little different....more

Does he really love me? His actions speak louder than his words.

I get a lot of questions from women trying to decipher how their partners feel. They wonder: Am I wasting my time? Can he/ she put more effort into taking care of my needs? Does he really love me? Maybe they want to take the relationship to the next level, but more often they are confused about exactly where they are.In my opinion, how your partner treats you says everything. His actions are most important, not his words....more

Any of you have boyfriends or husbands physically weaker than you?

My boyfriend and I joined a gym together recently. We both thought it'd be fun to take a free defense (wrestling and grappling) class together.  Well, sort of. My boyfriend has seem to lost his confidence after losing in wrestling to a twelve year old boy during the class at our gym who was shorter and smaller than him. And it has seem to affect our sex life a bit, I think.How would you feel about it if this happen to your partner? What is th eright way of going about it?...more

A Rulebook For Throwing Out The Dating Rulebook

No…these are not “The Swingers” rules but anything but. This blog is specifically tailored to our male clients and readers who never know what the “rules” are when you’re interested in a woman....more

Let Me Tell You A Secret About Relationships...

Having spent most of the last year watching some of my closest friends mercilessly flogging the dead horses of relationships they should never have been in in the first place I’m here to let you in on a little secret about successful, healthy relationships.They’re really not that hard.They really don’t take that much work....more