Yes I was on Four Weddings !

Hey Guys!  Since this is my first blog on here I will introduce myself quickly. My name is Concetta. I was born & raised in Brooklyn. I come from a big Sicilian (Italian) family. My father is a musician "Angelo Venuto" and had several hits on the radio....more

My Guide to a Happy Marriage

My sweet husband and I recently celebrated our 11th anniversary. While I know this doesn't sound like a lot to some of you, in this age of quickie divorces I'm pretty thrilled to have made it this far. So, I got thinking, what advice could I give a newlywed or someone thinking about getting married?Well, here it is (in no particular order):My Guide to a Happy Marriage1. Make Sure You Like the Person You Marry...more

One Year Blogiversary!

My one year blogiversary was this past weekend. That means the blog has been alive and (mostly) well for one full year! Apparently that's a pretty big accomplishment. As I reflect on this past year, I see how much I've changed, my life has changed, the blog has changed and the resulting feelings I have about these changes. It hasn't been easy, yet it hasn't been the hardest thing either. Harder things that blogging have happened in my life, blogging helped me to have a place for those harder things to be heard, to get sorted out, and even to overcome....more

why i had my engagement ring re-set

Happy Monday everyone - how was the weekend? Mine went too fast and I feel like I didn't even get anything done really. Isn't that how it always is? So last week I finally got my engagement ring back after it was at the jeweler's for over 3 weeks. Not having my ring for that long was the worst but it was worth it because I got a new setting. So today I'm sharing exactly why I had my engagement ring re-set....more

Who's the happiest one at a Wedding?

Nobody has more reason to enjoy a wedding than Sylvia Weinstock, at 84 still personally delivering cakes that cost thousands, even tens of thousands. Among her clients have been Michael Douglas, Mariah Carey, the Saudi royal family and Donald Trump, whose loyalty card surely has enough punches to qualify him for a freebie....more

Doing More with Wedding Flowers

It is the height of wedding season and there are brides everywhere trying to decide how to make their wedding look phenomenal. One easy way to get the most bang for your buck and create a dramatic look is flowers. There is so much more you can do with flowers than your own bouquet. Check out these ideas for incorporating flowers into all aspects of your special day....more

It's no hot dog anniversary but four years is still fun

 Yes, I really fell down on my weddi...more

Wednesday Whereabouts: Happy Anniversary!

This past Monday, the hubs and I celebrated our seventh anniversary! Man, I was young, blonde and sooo skinny! Seven years later, we have a cat, a dog and a sweet boy! We’ve moved into our forever home (forever as in, we’ll forever be making changes–isn’t that what owning a home looks like). I can’t say that every day has been easy, but every day has been a blessing. It’s been a fabulous and fun seven years. I am so grateful for our marriage and our life together. I’m grateful that the hubs is a wonderful father to E and a fabulous husband to me....more

A Bridal Shower at Home

A Bridal Shower at Home  By Amy “Foodie” S | Appetizers, Cocktails, ...more

365 days Until Wedded Bliss

In one year I will be getting married....more