Wedding Gift Registries - the good, the bad and the unwanted

Years before I was even interested in leaving my mothers’ house, I had thought that the idea of telling people what they should buy as a wedding gift was a little presumptuous. Maybe that’s why some people turn up empty-handed anyway. But when my turn came, I thought that it wasn’t so much forward as forward-thinking, because, face it. Who doesn’t need a little help getting her household together?...more

Wedding Planning: Lessons Learned Along the Way

{A guest post by Kaliwood Kontributor, Amanda} ...more

Sneak Peek at a simply elegant classic old Hollywood style Glamour Wedding!

A sneak peek at my blog about planning my daughter's wedding, a year and the half in the making.  So worth all the time, effort, and care to make Mandi and Dan's wedding just perfect. The Bride:...more
StealthMountain I do! Some times my I type too fast! lolmore

The Creative & Classy Bridal Shower

We recently attended the bridal shower for one of our matchmaking couples.  This event was so special to us because we really adore the bride and groom.  They are both great individuals and make a wonderful couple.  While the focus of such an event is on the bride, we have to mention the amazing food, décor and extras that went into making this party so memorable.  The warm color scheme set the tone for a lovely ladies lunch....more

My BIG FAT Spanish Wedding

-a special gift from the bride and groom for the couples next in line to be married....more

Name Changer Game Changer

I am one of those girls who has been planning my wedding since I was 11.  Seriously.  And when it came, it was exactly how I had wanted it for all of those years- perfect, sparkley and princess-worthy...even though I'm 28 and my coworkers describe me as "not that girly."...more

Reflections on 1 week of marriage

Well we did it.  My love and I got married in a historic church, with lots of DIY touches, and a handlebar moustache.  Well, he had the moustache.  But we enjoyed every single minute of it and I believe our friends and family did too, but more on the wedding itself later.  Today I wanted to focus on my marriage.  I have been married 1 week and 1 day, and already I've noticed a few things that have changed that nobody really told me about.  Maybe it's just me?...more

Byrds of a Feather

Lovey LouEmma Andrews was 13 when she married 15-year-old Henry Isom Byrd. I was 4 years old when she died. I don’t remember her, but folks say her name fit her. She was my mama’s mama’s mama. My mama told me she sat at Mama Byrd’s bedside after her stroke and prayed that she could be a woman like Mama Byrd....more

I'm Walking Down My Wedding Aisle... Alone

My dad and I have never been close. As far back as I can remember, we have always clashed and I have never really felt like we had a bond. It saddens me when I watch my friends get married and I see their dads holding their hands and doing the special father-daughter dances. I'm jealous. I only wish I had that with my own father. ...more
I had 4 gfs get married this year 2013.  I've thought about my wedding one day and who would ...more