Childfree Wedding Etiquette

Wedding season is officially upon us, and you know what that means. Drunk uncles trying to dance with your friends, the bartender saying clever things like “you again?” when you order another top-shelf cosmo, doing the Y.M.C.A. against your will and better judgment, waiting for grandparents to go to bed so the DJ can play “On a Boat”. Sounds like a child-friendly scene, right?[insert record scratch]...more

Planning Your Wedding Is Important, But So Is Your Marriage!

This is an amazing article. I'm in the beginning phases of planning my wedding and a lot of what ...more

I Can't "GIVE" My Daughter Away...

With less than a month to go until Caitlin's wedding, I could tell that Robby was becoming very introspective about the whole affair.  Although he wasn't saying much about the wedding or her moving to Cleveland, I could just tell that this was not going to be easy for him..."giving" his daughter away to another man. ...more

The Next Five

We survived that road trip & many more journeys that we partook over the years. Some journeys were well planned and then there were some that we were forced upon us unexpectedly.These years following our 5 year anniversary road trip are a bit if a blur. We busied ourselves with doing what most young couples do: we focused on advancing in our careers; we became first time home owners, travelled and worked feverishly on trying to start a family.This is when my descent into hell began....more

"V" is for Vows, Sweet Vows.

Ever since beginning the A to Z Blogging Challenge I have wanted to do an article on the Weddings/Celebrations section of The New York Times. Years ago (when I was in primary marriage mode) we used to refer to it as The Women’s Sports Pages. The Times' <...more

Nine Years and Counting

Who would have thought the couple who began a whirlwind office romance, had a baby, bought a house then married would be celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary today? Surprise! We did it. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, Mr. C....more
 @victorias_view AWW. Thank You!more

What Happens At The Bachelorette Party...

This past week had been a rough one for me.  Friday found me trying to rest and recoup from having some dental surgery.  Caitlin had her Bachelorette/Lingerie Shower party planned in New Orleans on Saturday and I was supposed to attend. ...more

We Are Not Getting Married!

 You thought everything was fine!  But in the back of your mind you had  some lingering doubt!   You could not quite put your finger on it but  there was this little voice saying; “Hmmm I’m not sure!”  You had some  reservations!...more

April Flowers: A Wedding/Party Favor Giveaway!

I'm not a big fan of trinkets that collect dust, and have no idea where any favor I have ever received at a wedding might be today, which is why I decided to skip that expense at my own wedding. Discussion boards reveal that I'm not alone. Lot's of couples on a tight budget are cutting back on the things they think nobody will miss so they can afford the food/music/venue they really want and the things that really make a party memorable....more