Wedding Wednesday

 Last week I invited my lady friends to be in our wedding and they've all accepted.We have also found our officiant, who is...more

An ADHD Wedding

My husband and I were taking a walk with our dog this morning when we passed the old Orange County Courthouse, located in downtown Santa Ana, where we were married in May of 2005. “We’re crazy, you know,” I said. “I know we are, but why are you stating the obvious now?”  He responded. ...more

Wedding Planning - Part 2

Wedding plans are moving along. I don't know if it's moving along gracefully. We picked our date: June 16, 2012. We had picked a venue previously, Bellagio, but has since changed.  Wedding dress will take place in November when my mom is here. Venue:So we had originally chose Bellagio as the venue for a wedding. We both love that hotel. We chose a package to our liking and pockets. It would cost us $9,000.00 for the package....more

Wedding Wednesday: Cake and Treats Edition

 So, let's be real, I have a major sweet tooth, and my wedding will have to have a killer cake and treats....more

What Does Your Anniversary Say About You?

We recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We went to a great restaurant, had dinner by candlelight, went back to our hotel, and went to sleep. I slept for nine hours. It was glorious. By pre-kid standards, this anniversary was wholly lacking. By post-kid standards, it was…again…glorious. But it did make me think a little bit about how our anniversaries say a lot about where we are in our lives....more
@SarahKnight I need another anniversary right now -- I could really use another night of sleep ...more

And The Bride Wore Crazy....Why Bridezillas AREN'T cool

I do not like wedding or wedding shows. I know Bah! Hum Bug! But your advice is spot - on ...more

Whatever Happened to Just Throwing Rice?!

When she got married, people threw rice at the newly married couple as they left the reception. She didn't dwell on what rice symbolized at the time, but she knew its importance as part of tradition. These days, though, nothing is traditional. Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. As she helps to plan her daughter's wedding, she can't help but ask herself: has tradition been replaced by creativity or insanity? ...more
I have been to quite a few weddings and not once have I thrown rice or bird seed. I blew bubbles ...more

Wedding Reception for Joe and Leslie

It was perfect weather for an outdoor event. Our handsome videographer nephew, Joe, married gorgeous Leslie recently and her parents hosted a delightful party to celebrate on the grounds of their lovely home.   Uncle Lloyd, me and Bruce, Evan, Spenser, mom, and my sis and mama of the groom, Mary Lou (I call her "Teta"), represented Joe's side of the family and we all had a grand time.  ...more

How Do I Love Thee: Food For Thought Before You Say "I DO" - Lesson I

In This 21st century many marriages are ending in divorce. Many couples wait until they have reached the edge of their rope before they reach out for help. Or they reach out to someone other than their spouse to satisfy their emotional or physical desires outside of the marriage! Frustrated and at their wits end they now all too often seek divorce as an option....more