Pre-Marital Counseling

This post is to encourage you to avail yourself to pre-marital counseling if you are planning on getting married.  If you are already married, it’s never too late to discuss topics that you haven’t discussed and to have someone help you in discussing those topics or maybe topics you have discussed but just don’t see eye to eye on, that IS when you want a third party involved to assist.  If you are already married share this with someone you know who is going to get married or has a desire to get married in the future. We had pre-marital counseling thro...more

The Love Language of Words

We started out as friends. There were a handful of us who would hang out together, a group of young adults trying to make it in the world, uncertain of anything except for the fact that the world was our oyster. Slowly, those around us faded and we found ourselves spending time alone together, you know, as "friends" often do. Little note cards would be exchanged, at first as simple platonic gestures of good wishes, whether it was for safe travels or good luck on an exam. As our relationship developed, so did the written notes, focusing not exclusively on me or him, but us. Those words on the cards became road signs indicating that we were both headed in the same direction....more

Where My Heart Is

14 years ago my husband and I were married.  Drumroll....more
This is a very touching post. Love definitely takes time. Sending blessings to you and your husband.more

Army Family and an Autumn Wedding

Sometimes family is more than just DNA - it is the family the army gives you. This weekend, our extended family joined us to celebrate our daughter's wedding and we had a "family" reunion.See the post HERE...more

Don't miss the journey rushing to the destination

When I was younger, I was like most girls who had dreams of finding the man of my dreams, getting married, having children, living in a house with a white picket fence and having this carefree fabulous life without stress and worry.Dream on, hooker! Dream on!!!But I also always thought when I met ‘the man of my dreams’ that there would be this moment of clarity when the stars aligned, time stood still and everything just seemed right with the world. But I can’t really say that it was that clear at first, but I do admit it’s seems pretty transparent now....more
And what... there are no perfection men, there are no dukes on beautiful horses. But there are ...more

Planning a Bachelorette Party? Check out my three tips!

I have been on my fair share of bachelorette parties. I’ve been to the wineries for the day, Hampton’s for the night, Atlantic City for the weekend. I’ve been bar-hopping in New York City and I’ve line-danced in Nashville. Every bachelorette party was unique to the bride. They were all fun in their own special way, and when it came time for my bachelorette, I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered. My matrons of honor (yes, I had three) were set on planning something for me, but I wanted to take the reins on this one....more

My Wedding Speech...That I Won't Be Giving at The Wedding

My son is getting married next week.That's Younger Son.My baby.This is the child who always made me feel as though my youth was a foregone conclusion.A mendacity for certain, but one with which I felt I could easily live.My youngest child is getting married.I keep repeating it over and over to myself in the hope that the reality will sink in, but instead I find that it is the source of my latest bout with insomnia....more

Tunnel Vision: Our Wedding Day 9/27/14

All I saw that day was my husband. All the anticipatory nervousness about being in front of everyone completely dissipated; nothing mattered besides marrying my love.I don't know if it was because he and I had no expectations or concerns over details going into our wedding day, (besides getting married of course), but afterwards, we marveled at how we both felt so perfectly zen, so completely at peace and happy. My husband told me that when someone had asked him if he was nervous, he replied,"No. It's so easy to marry her." I felt the same way....more