My Things to Do List

 My friends make fun of me. My husband makes fun of me.Do you know why?Because I make a “Things To Do” list.ALL THE TIME....more

Bridesmaid Remix.

If you missed Tuesday's post, I styled...more

Our First Date

Four years ago… today.I can remember the day like it was yesterday.It was a Thursday. I could barely concentrate during the day, thinking about what I would wear and how the night would pan out.I remember racing home, jumping in the shower, blow-drying my hair and carefully setting my outfit out for very our first date....more

Bridesmaid Styling.

During the inevitable, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" speeches of your twenties, the topic of repeat wearability will surface....more

Loving Your Bridal Body at Any Size

In the months leading up to my engagement I did what many thirtysomething pre-engaged ladies do-- I obsessively watched wedding shows about brides searching for the perfect gown. Sometimes, I enjoyed seeing the different dress styles and getting a peek into what it’s like to go wedding gown shopping. Other times, I would see a bride go into a shop with their whole family creating a hot mess created by having to deal with other people’s opinions and expectations about which dress was best....more
I find it always a little sad when I see photos of friends on their wedding day looking like ...more

A Quick Care Package for the Bride-to-Be

This holiday season, I got a pretty spectacular phone call. I was standing in my living room, packing up some things for our family trip to see my parents for Christmas, and on the caller ID was my best friend Dani....more

our wedding: the BRIDAL party + groomsmen

Good morning! Check out my blog for my most recent post and wedding inspiration! Mismatched bridesmaids dresses, neutral tones, lace and chiffon! Here is a recap of beautiful photos of our bridal party and groomsmen on our wedding day!  ...more

Five Magnificent Flower Wedding Trends for 2015

It’s officially 2015! You’re wedding isn’t that far away—it’ll be here before you know it!—and you really need to decide what you’re going to do about flowers. There’s so many ways to decorate weddings with flowers and the array of colors are never in short supply. Maybe it would help you make a decision if you explored a few flower wedding trends for 2015....more

12 Things We Learned About Love & Sex

One would hope that the older we get, the more mature we grow in ourselves and in our understanding of "Love." ...more
I learned several: 1) Love people for who they are. 2) Sometimes people who love you, will not ...more

Wedding Wednesday! Wedding Registry

I was set on not having a wedding registry. I don't like to be greedy, but dammit, we need stuff..hehe. Jon is leaving everything up to me. Thank you very much.Since we are not having a reception ( just dinner at our favorite restaurant) I will have to plan a small party for April a week or 2 before the wedding. We have a small apartment so I hope the weather will be nice and warm by April.  Thinking about it, that little outside party ( not a cookout) can be the reception. I really want to shove cake up Jon's nose :)...more