5 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding

Getting married is a huge step for any couple. Some are eager to tie the knot as quickly as possible, others have been together for a long time and have been letting things marinade before taking the big step (Sometimes, one member of the couple of eager to tie the knot while the other wants to wait – but that’s another story…) In any case, there are a lot of things you need to sort out before getting married, so we’ve put together this list of things to know before your wedding day. ...more

Weddings 2.0: Using Apps and Social Media to Plan Your Wedding

Oh how times have changed.  When I was out in the dating pool, most of my friends and family couldn’t comprehend the influence technology had on my love life.  Now that I’m preparing for my wedding, I am overwhelmed with the amount of technology available. ...more
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The Decision to Cancel the Wedding

Whew. This is a tough one to write.But so as not to try and “sensationalize” things, let me say up front that it does NOT mean that we’re not getting married or the engagement is off or any of that sort of thing.I’ve been sitting with this dilemma for a few months. I’ve actually become distant on here as part of it. It was certainly not an easy decision to come to. And I kept plugging away at planning and even met with a caterer two weeks ago, all while trying to decide if this is what we should do....more

Happy Birthday Dad! - 63 Years

Happy Birthday Dad! - 63 Years...more

Finding the Ideal Setup for Genealogy Research

In the Beginning There were a lot of negatives about operating in the early years of my genealogy research hobby (or should I say 'obsession'). Although the internet was beginning to open doors for researchers, there was not much data available online, whether free or paid. This meant As a result, a good portion of my research had to be done the old fashioned way using 'snail mail', the fax machine and the telephone. ...more

What To Do When Wedding Planning Hits A Snag

We've been engaged for almost a year (April). I keep seeing the advertising for the Wonderful Wedding Show here in Winnipeg on January 18th and 19th , wondering if I should attend or not.  I should be over the moon with wedding planning, reviewing bridal magazines, thinking about photographers, and attending the wedding show, right?Nope....more

Not motivated to plan a wedding?

www.TheFeministBride.comA Feminist Bride reader asks: "Looking for advice for a feminist bride that doesn't want to plan a wedding but her fiance wants the wedding...it's important to him..."...more

An evil wedding registry?

One thing I’ve realized from reading various wedding websites is that everything outside the norm is controversial.  And if you don’t have your etiquette down to a T, you’re an awful, awful person who probably kicks kittens for fun.Seriously, people need to calm the hell down....more

Not your traditional bridal stuff

Yes, I am a fiancee, a bride to be. The thing is, I hate weddings. I like the idea of being married, but the hub-bub necessary to get to that point freaks me out....more

10 Things We Learned About Love & Sex To Take Into The New Year

This has been a great year for BlogHer Love & Sex! Our wonderful BlogHers provided amazing relationship advice, shared cautionary tales, and bravely opened up their souls to readers.  I've enjoyed "meeting" you, reading your work, and sharing it with the world.  I decided to pull from some of our favorite posts of 2013, and help readers get things started off right....more
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