I'm Walking Down My Wedding Aisle... Alone

My dad and I have never been close. As far back as I can remember, we have always clashed and I have never really felt like we had a bond. It saddens me when I watch my friends get married and I see their dads holding their hands and doing the special father-daughter dances. I'm jealous. I only wish I had that with my own father. ...more
I had 4 gfs get married this year 2013.  I've thought about my wedding one day and who would ...more

I Did Not Marry My Best Friend

    15 years ago today I did not marry my best friend.  You read that right. Read more:             http://suckathomemom.blogspot.com/2013/09/i-did-not-marry-my-best-friend.html?m=1...more

12 Tips For A Memorable Wedding

 As every bride to be knows, planning a wedding is no easy task. There's always something to consider, some minor detail that can't be forgotten....more

Trusting Enough To Love

Falling in love for the first time no matter how old you are, holds a special place in your heart forever. A feeling that fills your whole being. It doesn't make sense that this person shakes your world. You are no longer standing on familiar ground. You are unsure of what you're feeling because you are no longer thinking only of your own well being. How precious this moment is. To be in love, to share your life with someone who completes you. But whether this feeling lasts, is not important. For you are brave enough to take a chance on something that is bigger than yourself....more

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Marriage is A Giant Leap of Faith

Last year was hard. The hardest one of all. This month is our eighth wedding anniversary, and we have attended three weddings on three consecutive weekends. Fidelity is in the air, y’all. Surrounded by all this matrimony it’s hard not to pause and reflect on everything that has happened in my own marriage — then, now, since... ...more
My husband and I are facing the prospect of counseling. It's scary but I'm glad to know how well ...more

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A Forever Kind Of Love

There are so many kinds of love that you sometimes forget how special it is to truly love someone. It's opening yourself to another person in every way. Although it may leave you vulnerable to being so exposed, love survives all. When you give yourself permission to care for others, you experience unconditional love. Giving all and not expecting anything in return. This loving relationship happens between parents and children; friends; pets; and partners in life. It's wanting the best for others and willing to sacrifice in return for their happiness....more
@hearted Showing our love comes in so many different ways. Instead of getting upset, appreciate ...more

A Special Couple Makes Their Wish A Reality

Thirty-eight days ago, the newlyweds came to our house for a summer barbecue.  John cooked burgers on the Traeger wood pellet grill....more