Wedding Gifts Should Be Fun!!

Buying a wedding gift isn't always easy. Everyone wants to be the gift-giver who sails in with a memorable, ever-so-thoughtful gift! A wedding gift seems so weighty; we always want them to be perfect. We're saying something with a wedding present and we're sending out our best wishes to the couple for a happy future together. Forget the nesting bowls and the napkin rings. Is there anything more depressing than wrapping silver-plated napkin rings that you know will languish in a drawer somewhere, slowly tarnishing? Let’s think about more personal options.  ...more
The experience gifts are a lovely idea, but would be waaaaay out of my budget. Do people give ...more

Something old something new

I watched the best television show yesterday.  It was about a bride who was trying to choose between her mother's wedding dress and buying a brand new dress.  To add a little drama, they had a wedding gown designer on hand to transform the mother's outdated dress into a dress worthy of a wedding in 2014.  It was really neat to see the old gowns change so drastically into something both the mother and daughter could enjoy. ...more

With This Ring

Image courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art ...more

Should Guests "Pay" To Attend Weddings?

It's that time of year again! June marks the traditional beginning of wedding and commitment ceremony season, and we're beginning to see the beautiful flowing gowns, the sharp tuxedoes and tuxedo dresses, the perfectly arranged flowers, and the long stretch limousines carrying nervously excited bridal parties to ceremonies across the country. Guests arrive, tissues tucked in pockets and sleeves, ready to celebrate the loving union of people the watched fall in love....more
Melissa Ford $150 for a gift???????????????? You have GOT to be kidding! The ONLY person I ...more

Wedding Invitation Without a Plus One

I understand why some of us call an ex-friend’s ex-boyfriend’s friend of a friend just to have a date: they need a human shield. Because weddings. Fuck.  The pleasure of your company is requested. Just yours. No Plus One. Though I go solo to weddings exclusively, this pisses me off. I’ve searched my soul for an explanation to my annoyance, one that rises above pettiness. A part of me must be jealous. Nah. ...more

Shopping For a Wedding Dress? Don't Make These Mistakes

One of the most important decisions a bride makes before she walks down the aisle is about her wedding gown. On this, one of the most special occasions of her life, a bride wants to look and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. She will call upon friends and family members for opinions and help with finding the perfect dress, and she should not settle until she has that “this is the one!” a-ha moment....more

Single and Singled Out! What NOT to do at Weddings

 When you get invited to a wedding and you're single, you panic. Period. Many visions of nightmare situations start bouncing around in your head. Where am I going to be seated? Will I be asked to bring a guest, if so should I bring one? What if I am not asked to bring a guest? Maybe I will be dating someone by then? The list goes on and on. ...more

The Singles Table Is Stupid

Weddings are sexy. It’s where many people meet their spouse or, at least, get lucky. Same goes for bar mitzvahs, in spite of DJs catering to the questionable musical tastes of thirteen-year-olds. But as I aged, I began to dread finding my place at the singles table, as far from the main table as possible and as close to the kitchen door, with a cast of characters who seemed to have escaped from a circus sideshow, including the Fat Lady, the Bearded Lady and the Fire Eater....more
Oh my word. The rudeness! Good for you for skipping. Wouldn't want to cost the host $60 with ...more

3 2014 Wedding Trends: Hot, Unique, and Totally Doable!

June is here, which means the wedding season is officially in full swing! Congratulations to you brides-to-be—and to all of you offering tons of support to those in your lives about to take that big step. Looking through a list of the 10 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2014 on The Knot, three of them really caught my eye. ...more

Brides Rethinking Extravagant Weddings

Many brides- to-be are beginning to function in the real world, trading extravagant credit card weddings for an event they can actually afford. These savvy brides are beginning to run their numbers , rearrange priorities and ask questions that really matter....more