All About That Wedding


I'm Getting Married Next Week...And The One Reason I Almost Called It Off

The Spaniard and I are getting married. Not in the let’s-get-married-someday kind of way, but in the it’s-happening-in a-week-or-so kind of way. Because of our multi-year engagement, we’ve been asked countless times, “So, are you guys ever going to do this, or what?” My fallback answer? “I don’t know.” And that was the truth. I didn’t know. ...more

A Stormy Wedding Story-Literally

This past weekend I met up with some dear family members that I’m not in touch with very often…except via social media. They were asking me about my daughter’s recent wedding, which made me realize that I never really wrote about it or shared any photos! So, three months later ( boy, how time flies…) here is the beginning of the story…...more

First Anniversary Gift

I can't believe we're almost a year into marriage. I'll save all of the cheesy time-flies-when-you're-having-fun sentiments for another post (I know you're anxiously awaiting that one! ha!).  Instead, I'll give you the rundown of our anniversary gift to each other and the story behind it. ...more

A Humanist DIY wedding on the cheap in our backyard!

There never was a day in my life, not even as a little girl, where I dreamed of the big, frilly, white wedding. A girly dress? Yuck! Spend a fortune on one day!? I wouldn’t be able to respect myself after such foolishness! After all the time, effort and money we already spent on the house (where I was as frugal as humanly possible) I just could not, in good conscious, spend a fortune on our wedding day as well and, besides, that just would never have been our style....more

Reflections from the MOTG

A wedding takes months of planning. There are details upon details to put together from the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses to the seating arrangements at the reception. As the mother of the groom, however, I escaped most of the decision making. My son’s fiancé, her mother, and her sister had it covered. There was also the cold hard fact I was over 2000 miles away from all of the lists that were being checked off day after day....more

Our anniversary/birthday/big celebration just turned to shit

We went out tonight celebrating our 8th anniversary, 12 years together! We were having a wonderful time, we laughed, we kissed and we appreciated each other’s company. I love my life with him. I love him. I love us. I love everything that makes us us. But today our big celebration just turned to shit. I don’t know how. I don’t know why....more
We do not have big fights on special occasions. However, this is not unusual. People often have ...more

What's the secret to a long-lasting marriage?

If you married young, like I did and married your best friend and the first man you fell in love with like I did, chances are you learned how to be married through trial and error. You learned how to cohabit simply by moving in together after marriage and learning, rather quickly, what annoyed your partner and what annoyed you. By being thrown together into your adult life as barely-out-of-your-teens adults, there's a good chance you messed up quite a few things in your life as you attempted to "adult" while still being fairly young-minded. ...more

Bridal Showers 101: What To Do When It's Not Your Turn

As an avid Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter scroller, it is almost daily that I come across another engagement or sonogram picture. Of course, I deem these congratulatory moments as they are typically people that I know and I am thoroughly happy for their upcoming wedding or baby. Here come the baby/bridal shower invites and save the dates, taking up all space on my refrigerator next to my daughter’s artwork....more
Great post! I love how you addressed the resentment many women feel when its not their turn. ...more

Stories in Photographs

As the mother-of-the-groom, there isn’t much on the list of responsibilities. A wedding is traditionally planned and orchestrated by the bride and her family, but I have been doing my part. My jobs: Bought dress and shoes. Check. Booked flights. Check. Rented a house for the family. Check. Keep sending bossy and annoying reminder texts to siblings. Check. Check. Make sure everyone is showered, dressed, and on time for the events. Check and double check....more