A high-seas engagement tale

In honor of our little three-month wedding anniversary today I wanted to share our engagement tale here....more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

 I love surprises and getting ready for Valentines Day always gets me excited because it’s such a fun and love filled holiday that’s perfect for a surprise. Valentines Day is one of those holidays where the gifts are fun to buy because they really highlight the emotion someone has for you or you have for your special someone. I’ve compiled a list of some items that would be great to give or get!...more

Kindle Book Release - FREE Amazon Download - "How Do I Love Thee:Food For Thought Before You Say I DO" By DeBorrah K. Ogans

Author DeBorrah K. Ogans announces the release of the Kindle Edition of  her premarital guide  How Do I Love Thee: Food For Thought Before You Say "I DO"....more

Fascinating and Unique Wedding Photographs:

1.) Something that most couples don't do is have their entire weddings, photographs and all, be styled after a certain theme. Not only could this be very interesting and fun, but it would be unique - fiances could decide between many different themes of their liking, several examples being the epic Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Divergent, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. This way, they could live inside a fantasy during one of the most special moments of their lives!...more

My Things to Do List

 My friends make fun of me. My husband makes fun of me.Do you know why?Because I make a “Things To Do” list.ALL THE TIME....more

Bridesmaid Remix.

If you missed Tuesday's post, I styled...more

Our First Date

Four years ago… today.I can remember the day like it was yesterday.It was a Thursday. I could barely concentrate during the day, thinking about what I would wear and how the night would pan out.I remember racing home, jumping in the shower, blow-drying my hair and carefully setting my outfit out for very our first date....more

Bridesmaid Styling.

During the inevitable, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" speeches of your twenties, the topic of repeat wearability will surface....more

A Quick Care Package for the Bride-to-Be

This holiday season, I got a pretty spectacular phone call. I was standing in my living room, packing up some things for our family trip to see my parents for Christmas, and on the caller ID was my best friend Dani....more