We've Had Five Years of Wedded Bliss!

How do five years fly by quickly?When you have a partner in life who loves you completely, that you love as much in return.When you have someone beside you giving you support when the rough times happen....more
jayhawkmommy Of course! It really touched me and your love for your family and your husband was ...more

Seven Years Hitched: Married on July 7, 2007

Denise!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! (Heck, I know how busy you are...just ...more

And Then They Were Married

Yesterday was full.Full of emotion. Full of family. Full of travel. Full of tears. Full of joy....more


Being back at work has been easier than expected emotionally, but so much harder than expected in terms of time.  I spend most of my non-V time getting things ready for the next day, so I've had very little time to knit or blog this month.  So, you get a post about a blanket square.  One sad, solitary blanket square.  The good news?  It's a cute square that was a pleasure to make!...more

Creating Your Own Wedding Ceremony? Try These Helpful Tips

Many couples are moved to write their own wedding ceremonies because they aren’t comfortable with the traditional ones, they don’t belong to a tradition that has a ceremony, or they just want to create something unique that expresses their love and commitment....more
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How to create a wedding video with a vintage feel.

There are hundreds of video and photo editing apps all designed to apply filters and effects to give your images the perfect vintage feel....more

Divorced? Try These Tips to Get Through the Wedding Season

Tis the season…for weddings.  Yay. Sometimes, the last thing we feel like doing is attending a wedding as a single divorcée. The romance, the dancing, the ‘love’ in the air is enough to choke the bitterness right out of us.My first post-divorce wedding was a strange affair. I remember coming home afterwards and flopping on the couch with a deep sigh. “That was one of the worst weddings I’ve ever been to,” I said to the wall no one in particular. I just wanted to take my dress off, put some sweat pants on, and forget it happened. ...more

Something old something new

I watched the best television show yesterday.  It was about a bride who was trying to choose between her mother's wedding dress and buying a brand new dress.  To add a little drama, they had a wedding gown designer on hand to transform the mother's outdated dress into a dress worthy of a wedding in 2014.  It was really neat to see the old gowns change so drastically into something both the mother and daughter could enjoy. ...more

With This Ring

Image courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art ...more