Don't Go to Bed Angry, Just Go to Bed

When my best friend was married a few years ago, she passed around the most beautiful little book to her guests. I watched as it made its way around the room, stopping at every table. It was passed from person to person, bringing wistful smiles and more than a few shared glances. Each person that handled it slowly flipped through the pages, and then paused thoughtfully before choosing a new page and beginning to write.By the time the book made its way to me, I was overcome with curiosity. What little piece of magic was this, that everyone had something to write in it?...more

Eat, Drink and Be Married: A DIY Engagement Basket!

One of my best girlfriends got engaged over the weekend and I couldn’t be happier for her and her fiancé! Her fiancé not only surprised her with a gorgeous ring, but he also surprised her by inviting all their family and friends to celebrate at a local restaurant later that night! She was so surprised and couldn’t stop smiling all night long! We are beyond thrilled for the two of them!...more

Planning a Bridal Shower? Five Fantastic Ideas for the Bride-To-Be!

Are you in charge of planning a bridal shower? It can get overwhelming, especially with too many chiefs and not enough indians. Below, I listed a couple of great ideas that any bride-to-be would love and appreciate!...more

Saying I do at Parador Resort and Spa in Costa Rica

 When it comes time to planning the big day, do you create a plan down to the last detail and hope everything turns out as you hope it should (and deal with the stress associated to it) or would you prefer leaving this monumental task in the hands of a professional who will take care of it all while you stay calm and composed and focus on being in your best shape for the big day?...more


Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlace

Being married to a combat veteran means....

Being married to a combat veteran means I'm married to a hero.  A man who was, (and still is), willing to risk his life to protect people he's never even met....more

I may never be mother of the bride, but....

I’m not the kind of woman who gets her nails done once a week. I’ve never gone crazy over expensive shoes and purses. I’m more about utility – black shoes and black purse (once I went a little crazy and bought a red handbag). And rather than worshiping at the counters of Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder, I usually pick up some pressed powder and a lip gloss at Target....more
Ann Guidera good to hear from you Ann and thanks for the kind words. Hope all is well. You may ...more

A high-seas engagement tale

In honor of our little three-month wedding anniversary today I wanted to share our engagement tale here....more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

 I love surprises and getting ready for Valentines Day always gets me excited because it’s such a fun and love filled holiday that’s perfect for a surprise. Valentines Day is one of those holidays where the gifts are fun to buy because they really highlight the emotion someone has for you or you have for your special someone. I’ve compiled a list of some items that would be great to give or get!...more