Something Blogged: DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

Once I had my bridesmaids in mind, I wanted to ask them in a special and memorable way. So where do I go when I want to be inspired? Pinterest, of course. There are no shortage of ideas of ways to ask your bridesmaids on Pinterest. I ended up falling in love with this post and decided to try and recreate this concept with my poor crafting skills and lack of patience.  ...more

Our Over-Night Escape

Maybe escape sounds to harsh, because I would never want to escape from my kids in all reality. Once we started having children I turned into one of those moms who never wants to leave her babies. Seriously; we haven't even had our honey moon yet because I couldn't face the fact of leaving our daughter more than one night. Then we had only one daughter compared to three now....more

And then I stood naked in front of a stranger.

So, as you guys know, I went wedding dress shopping on Friday. And I totally didn’t cry, you guys! Though I did get a little sweaty and “Ingrid,” our helpful wedding consultant, casually was like “would you like me to turn on the fan?” Um, yes, and I’m sorry for my swamp-like tendencies. However, there were a few things I definitely didn’t anticipate when walking into the Bridal World....more
Hilarious! Love your writing and sense of humor. Corsets! Comfort is so overrated! :-)more

Tips For Choosing Your Bridesmaids

After getting engaged, I immediately began to think about the women I would pick to stand up next to me on my wedding day.  While about 20 women came to my mind, I knew a bridal party that big would be ridiculous to manage!  I decided to narrow my 20 down to 5 with the following criteria: The Family ...more

The Story Behind "Our Love Is As Real As Yours"

Forty year-old Sonia Knight and fifty-two year-old Sam Corprew, a couple in Virgina with developmental disabilities, met many years ago at a track and field event sponsored by Special Olympics.“On May 23,” Sam says, absolutely certain of the exact date....more

Making The Case Against Marriage

Editor's Note: This post is being featured along with a post that makes the case for marriage. We wanted to present two different opinions about whether or not marriage is still relevant, important, and valuable today. We hope it sparks engaging conversation. -Feminista Jones Marriage is one of the dumbest social institutions out there, and I can think of at least 11 good reasons why:1. I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I'm in love and/or committed....more
I think this article clearly states the fact that love and happiness is not determined by a ...more

My Disney Wedding

When I was younger I absolutely loved vacationing at Walt Disney World with my family.  I may or may not have remembered passing the Wedding pavilion as the monorail traveled past the Grand Floridian Resort, but it didn’t matter because I never gave it a thought that marrying there would ever become a possibility.  <...more

My realistic approach to marriage...

So. We've decided to take that step and commit to marriage.Hooray! Yay! Goody-Goody-Gum-Drops! ...more

To Be Or Not To Be A Bridezilla?

 I don't think it's in me to be a bridezilla. I've seen some of these zillas in my time and it's not a flattering way to act. Right now (and I say right now, as I've been engaged for only a month) I am able to keep the stress level low. It may be selfish, but I look at this wedding as "What do my fiancée and I want?" ...more
It really is a matter of what you and your fiancée want. I was ready to get married, but I was ...more