Wedding Planning 101: DIY Wedding Programs

When it came to our wedding programs, I did not want anything fancy. I wanted something super simple....more

Should You Do a Wedding First Look?

As many of you know, Dave and I chose to do a first look at our wedding. We went back and forth on the issue several times, and originally planned not to do one, but changed our minds just a week before the wedding. The first look, for those who don’t know, is when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. Typically the photographer attends and photographs the moment. Some couples choose to include their bridal party or parents, while others (including Dave and I) prefer to have just the two of them and the photographer....more
What a great testimony about the benefits of a first look! Not only does a first look free up ...more



I Need To Start Dating Again

 I need to start dating again. I really do. I need the break from reality, the getting dressed up, the company, the attention, time to stop being “mom” and get back to being me… all of it! I want to go out and get to know someone better.But I don’t want to get back in to the dating scene. I want to date my husband....more

Why My Wedding Day Was Not the Happiest Day of My Life

 “Happiness has little to do with what is going on around you, and a lot to do with what is going on inside you.” - Alan Cohen   ...more
I wouldn't describe my wedding day as the happiest day of my life, although I was happy that ...more

The Importance of Premarital Counseling: What We Got Out of It

When Dave and I were planning our wedding, we went back and forth a lot on whether we would do premarital counseling. I had spoken with other women who really enjoyed it and felt they got a lot out of it, so I suggested to Dave that we give it a shot. Dave wasn’t quite as excited at the prospect and felt it might be a waste of time. Not that he’s opposed to working out improving our relationship. He just wasn’t convinced that a stranger would be the best person to advise us on it....more
I couldn't agree more. I grew up in the Catholic Church and wanted to get married in the church ...more

What I would tell my younger self about marriage

Tomorrow, September 26th, Will and I will celebrate our 6th marriage anniversary. In some ways, the years flew by in a flash and other times I feel like we've been married forever. (not in the bad sense but in every good way). You can read about how we met here....more