What I would tell my younger self about marriage

Tomorrow, September 26th, Will and I will celebrate our 6th marriage anniversary. In some ways, the years flew by in a flash and other times I feel like we've been married forever. (not in the bad sense but in every good way). You can read about how we met here....more

How to Reduce Stress While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be stressful. Any woman who has planned a wedding can tell you that no truer words have ever been spoken. It’s an amazing experience. It can be fun. It can be special to share it with your fiance, your mom, or your bridesmaids. And it can also cause you to cry and throw things and contemplate calling off the wedding. All of the above. I know wedding planning takes a lot of energy, but it’s also important to devote some time to your mental health and relieving the stress that planning your wedding has caused you....more

Nautical Bachelorette Party // Activities & Decorations

The bachelorette party I attended last weekend was so amazing, that I had to split all the amazing ideas into two posts! If you missed the first, which was all about the Sweets and Swag, check it out here.This post is dedicated to all the activities that went on during the week, as well as the decorations that adorned the house. If you are planning on throwing a nautical bachelorette party, make sure to check some of these great ideas out!...more

There's No Such Thing as a Fairytale Wedding

Put down that copy of “Cinderella,” or whatever other Disney princess story you’re reading, brides-to-be, because there is no such thing as a “perfect” wedding or, at the very least, the odds are stacked against you....more

I Had A Beautiful Wedding & You Should Too!

So, I don't know when this fad started of hating on brides that are actually excited about their wedding day, but it needs to stop pronto! It just gets under my skin and makes me so mad. So, I just wanna take a moment and tell the HATERS........more

5 Things I Learned While Planning My Dream Wedding

My wedding day was everything I imagined it would be: fun, terribly romantic, Art Deco-inspired, and even magical. In an earlier post I talked about my fear of being a fat bride – but I can say without pause that I looked and felt beautiful and that my weight was the farthest thing from my mind....more
I second the notion of getting married on another day besides Saturday. I got married last year ...more

My 9/11 Anniversary Love Story

In 1992, I went on a "blind date" with my department manager's son. She was against it but her daughter insisted. Boyd was unlike any man I had ever known. He was a bit wild. Slightly flamboyant and 100% sweet. I remember my sisters commenting on how tight his jeans were and how tight his black shirt was. I liked it....more
I am so happy you enjoyed my blog. Thank you.more

It’s Perfectly Okay to Have a Kid-Free Wedding

When you get engaged and start planning a wedding, you inadvertently open yourself up the opinions of others…whether or not you ask for them. People will have opinions on everything from your dress to whether or not it’s acceptable to have a kid-free wedding. I found the best course of action to be a nod and a smile. But when I read this post last week about why it’s selfish to have a kid-free wedding, I felt compelled to respond....more
I am a fan of the child free wedding. Weddings are generally a time for adults to celebrate and ...more

Engagement Anniversary: My Husband's Surprising Proposal

I don’t know about you, but I hate public marriage proposals. I find them kind of awkward. Yeah, they’re incredibly sweet and the person has to be the most courageous person ever in order to accomplish that. The thought of being proposed to in public, though, was enough to make my introverted self go crazy....more


The other day my Tiny Human came up to me clutching a book; it was our wedding album. “Can we look at this, mommy?” We did. I sat next to her on the couch as she held the book in her lap, flipping through the bright memories. “You look like a princess, mommy,” she said. “And look, Daddy has hair.”As we neared the end of the album, she seemed to be growing upset. She was flipping through the pages quickly and a lip jutted out. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to look at the rest of the pictures?”“I can’t find a picture of me.” Oh dear. ...more