Laissez les bon temps roulez!

"Laissez le bon temps roulez!"...LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!  That's what we say down here in Louisiana.  Hmmm...Good Times?!  I'm not sure that's what I would call my day today. ...more

Is this what it's like to be a model?

So, a couple of weeks ago Kevin and I got to be models for a day. In other words, we had our engagement photos taken. I really do love engagement photos in general. Sure they can be a little cheesy and disgustingly lovey-dovey, but overall I am a huge fan. Naturally, Chicago is a great place for pictures. We've got a stunning skyline, a fantastic downtown area and dozens of unique and wonderful neighborhoods. We chose to have our pictures taken in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area, known for its artsy appeal and a plethora of restaurants and bars....more
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If He Doesn't Build It, Maybe She Won't Go

Here we are, FOUR DAYS until Caitlin's wedding.  WOW!  These 8 months have flown by.  Robby has officially admitted to "surrendering" to whatever we want or need to finish this event up.  I have completed all of the tasks that were set before me and I must say that, although, I am a bit weary, it feels good to have accomplished everything I was given.  Robby, however, still has not completed the few "important" tasks he was given. ...more

The Problem With Lists Is...

There is one thing for certain I know...Just because you make lists, does NOT mean that you are an organized person.  Oh, sure the organized person makes "a" list.  And they keep that "one" list with them in a place they can easily access.  The unorganized person, however, strives to keep up with the MANY lists they have. ...more

Wedding Planning - Save Your Guests Money on Travel

I got engaged this February and am getting married this June - that's a 4-month engagement! Needless to say, wedding planning has been quite a challenge. Given the time constraint, I just wanted to do the bare minimum. However, when it came to family and friends traveling across the country, I wanted to do the research to help my guests save as much as possible. Here's what I found. I hope it will help other engaged couples. ...more

Olivia the flowergirl

You see we went to the wedding. I was an outdoors wedding in Washington State, in April so you know how much we prayed.  It was such a celebration. But during the ceremony, even though my own dear husband was the celebrant and the groom especially dear, and I would add we were surrounded by fantastic friends Olivia caught my eye. I hope you will flip through the show to see why.  ...more
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How do you start planning a wedding on a tight budget??

How do you plan a dream wedding on a very limited budget? Since getting engaged in March, most of my free time has been in relation to the BIG DAY! The ideas are all circling my head. Something I've dreamt about forever is finally going to become a reality!  What I thought would be a great time quickly turned into the worst version of 20(thousand) questions EVER!  And everyone has questions for things I just can't answer yet.  ...more
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30 Years Of Marriage...Oh, What A Ride!

Today my sweet hubby and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.  WOW!  30 YEARS?!  I have been married for way over half of my life. ...more